Old friends are the best of friends because unlike new friends they don’t treat you like a new toy, they see you as a part of them and you can sit in complete silence, watch each other do your hobbies and speak freely without feeling the need of acceptance, because already, they love you for you.
—  indiakemp

Welcome to New Quinton, Mila! We hope you enjoy your stay in our lovely little town.
Now that you’ve been accepted as Melody Powers please be sure to send in your account in 24 hours, or I’m sadly going to have to reopen you. Be sure to check out this page for your welcome message, and thanks for applying!

Hi, Mila! First of all, thank you for the little compliment about this being a well-written bio. That’s very kind of you to say! Melody is a really special character to me, as the girl who inspired her just seemed downright infallible. Human, yes, but like no matter who or what could get in her way, it would never bring her down completely. Losing Melody’s mother was extremely difficult for her. Worse than difficult. It was devastating. She never expected something like that to happen to her, and life without her mom has just been an uphill battle. You picked up on things about her that I really wanted to be seen, and I love that you called her a ‘ticking time bomb’. That’s so true. I think eventually, if something doesn’t step in, Melody might find herself falling too far to be caught. I’m so glad to have you here, Mila! I can’t wait to see what you do with Mel!

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