accents. architecture

the sarchensey road trip has me emotional for a lot of reasons, but this one sticks out above the others:

gansey and henry have seen so much of the world already, but blue hasn’t

blue has only ever left henrietta through the yellowing pages of national geographic magazines in the school library, through clicking around google street view on the flickering 300 fox way desktop computer, through the disjointed and surely exaggerated tales of distant half-cousins stopping by for a few nights

blue has been in love with the world for as long as she can remember, and she’s finally going to get the chance to know it

to get acquainted with the way sunsets look over the open ocean, the soft sound of sea against sand, the taste of salt air, the shape of seashells pressed into her palms,

to learn the smell of air that hasn’t seen rain in months, and the feeling of swamp water around her ankles, and the vastness of the sky when there are no mountains or hills to contain it,

to meet city after city of new architecture, new accents, new people, new magic


with trees in her eyes and stars in her heart, with excitement in the tips of her fingers and longing in her bones, with restlessness in the arches of her feet and curiosity in the tip of her tongue,

with a best friend on either side of her and a wellspring of support pouring out of henrietta,

is finally going to get to live in the great big world she always dreamed of.