Four Days- Chapter 1.1
  • Four Days- Chapter 1.1
  • written by starscry, read by sksninja

Chapter one, part one of “Four Days” by starscry (author blog here).

Author Summary:  

“I have an embarrassin’ favor to ask of you,” Jesse says.

Hanzo stares at him expectantly, a single brow arched. “And what is that?” he asks.

“Y’see, my family might currently be under the impression that I’m bringin’ home a date for a few days next week. And, the thing is, I don’t really have one. So, I’m currently S-O-L and would really, really appreciate it if you came home with me for a few days and, uh. Pretended. To be my boyfriend.”

He stares down at his plate and jabs a fry into the enormous puddle of ketchup gathered in the center of it. If only the fry could be his hypothetical four-day boyfriend, he thinks; it would save him an enormous amount of embarrassment. It would be tastier, too.

[Or - McCree desperately needs a fake date to bring home to his family, and Hanzo never does anything half-assed.]

Fic Rating: Mature    Length:  15:44

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Horray for recording stuff again! 

This was actually the first Overwatch fic I read.  I’d gotten into the world a bit, but this story was the threshold beyond the point of no return. 

I happily embrace the chaos.

  men  snoop  too  you  know.    let  me  know  what  you  find   –––––––       i’m  very  curious  myself.  


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