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I know autistic people tend to have accents that are not native to their region, but I feel like my accent changes very often.

Well, from some research on this subject, it seems to be a pretty common thing for us to be told we have an accent or get asked where we’re from.

I know I also get asked it A LOT and have to explain that my accent is a result of being HoH, audio processing problems, speech impediments, problems controlling the muscles/movements of my mouth, problems with controlling the tone and volume of my voice, and having non-standard pauses and inflections.  I also over enunciate a lot of letters. 

All of those things on their own can affect the way you speak. The more factors you have, the more you’re going to appear to have an accent.

Additionally, accents, the actual tone and rhythm of words, is a non-verbal aspect of language and communication. (The only actual verbal part is the word itself and the agreed upon definition. Well, at least according to my oral comm class I took a few years ago.) Nonverbal communication is one of the areas where as autistics, we tend to have problems. So, it would make sense for us to have non-standard accents.

Another factor in this is/can be echolalia. As well as mimicking the words of people, mimicking the way they say the words is pretty common. I know I will pick up an accent from someone I’m speaking with and I can’t really stop it. And I can’t do an accent at will either.

Sometimes though, in what is likely tied to delayed echolalia, the accent will come out at a later time. The longer I’m exposed to an accent, the longer it sticks around. I had a Spain-Spanish accent for a couple of weeks after I came back from camp one summer because my counselor had been from Spain. People who know me well can tell when I’ve been watching the BBC or the Walking Dead, or a Western, because I’ll start talking like the characters.

When I’m tired or low on spoons, the accents come out even more. It’s like accent roulette for me.

There’s also Foreign Accent Syndrome, which is a rare disorder that results in a person speaking in a non-native accent or an accent that isn’t from anywhere. It is generally caused by something such as a brain injury, a stroke, or a migraine. There is a developmental Foreign Accent Syndrome, but again, it is very rare. Both of these (grouped together in terms of being FAS) are rare as in less than 100 reported cases.  However, there is an awareness in the studies that the developmental Foreign Accent Syndrome may be significantly more common in individuals with developmental delays (ie ASD and other developmental disorders) than the current data suggest.

It’s also well documented that there is a high rate of comorbidity between ASD and speech disorders, along with motor-muscle disorders which can affect speech. Dyspraxia (of speech) is one common one. Which, of course, can all cause non-standard accents.

TL:DR This seems to be a really really common thing with a lot of possible causes/explanations that may or may not be applicable to different individuals, but having an autistic accent is totally a thing.

And, in case anyone was wondering if the distinctive speech patterns of autistic individuals (whether or not they are similar to each other) can be counted as an accent, I present you the definition turned up by google



1. A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, especially one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class.

So, it may be that we don’t have an accent native to our geographic location, but we have one native to our neurotype: the autie/autistic accent.

 - Os

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What kind of accent does Scott have? ^^

I could not decide for a long time, but then I saw that post about Suvi writing her mails as scottish people tweet, yeah, and I could totally see Scott doing that. 

So, I guess he has scottish accent. I’d say Ellen’s family was from Glasgow and because she spent all of her time with twins, they both have her accent, instead of Alec’s. Obviously their accent is a bit toned down. :-)

Maybe it’s why Scott and Suvi are such great friends lol. Accent buddies.

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