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Bedroom Headcanon [Pevensies]

Requested by @hevcia

Peter Pevensie:

  • Peter’s room is messy yet organized
  • It looks messy to a stranger, but he has his way of finding things when he needs them
  • Lucy is the only other person who knows how to find things
  • “Ed, can you get me my fountain pen?”
  • “Where is it?”
  • “It’s in that black box!”
  • “Where’s the box?!”
  • “You know what, never mind. Get Lu!”
  • Clothes are sorted in a way only Peter understands
  • His bed is the only thing that is neat every day
  • Lots of red; red blankets, red photographs, red pillowcases
  • With gold accents; gold stitching, gold photo frames, gold engravings on chairs
  • Peter has lots of family photos on his desk
  • He likes to look at them when taking a break from homework
  • His desk has lots of drawers
  • One is for writing utensils; pens, pencils, ink, erasers
  • There’s papers and assignments in other drawers
  • But one drawer at the very top contains an odd assortment of items
  • It has a miniature sword, a white unicorn model, a sketch of a centaur ripped from a book, a beautifully pressed flower, and a soft square of fake golden fur
  • They’re things that remind Peter of Narnia
  • Occasionally, on bad days, Peter pulls out the items, laying them out on his desk
  • He’ll touch each item softly
  • The fake fur is last, and it is the item that seems to give him the most energy to continue on

Susan Pevensie:

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First Look: The Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition

The 2018 Ford GT will be available in a new limited-edition Heritage theme honoring the GT40 Mark IV race car driven to victory by the all-American team of Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt at Le Mans in 1967. The car will feature unique interior and exterior color themes, and an exclusive wheel finish.

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The Signs as Heels

Aries: Dark blue satin slingback stilettos, 5 inches

Blue-black faux alligator platform stilettos, 5 inches

Platform blue and white leather slingbacks with a bow, 4 inches

Delicate pale pink t-strap peep-toes, 3.5 inches

Bright blue fabric peep-toe stilettos with stitching accents, 4.5 inches

Black patent leather cage stilettos, 6 inches

 Twined emerald green silk peep-toe, 5.5 inches

Scorpio: Red lace cut-out platform peep-toe, 5.5 inches

Neon yellow strappy platform espadrilles, 4 inches

Strappy gold stilettos with crystal accents, 3.5 inches

 Faded brown leather lace-up ankle booties, 5 inches

Pisces: Peep-toe pastel floral print t-straps, 4 inches


Fancy meetin’ you here, friend!
I’m proud to announce that I’ll now be taking commissions on vault suits in any size, number and style (from Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas). Preparing for a nuclear winter has never been so easy!

To get started, shoot me an email at irradiatedlady(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know what state/country you’re in and if you need your suit by a certain date.
Next, you’ll need to snag one of these jumpsuits in your preferred size and color. I recommend the color “postman blue”. You’re welcome to check if someone on ebay/wherever has it cheaper, but it needs to be the same style as the linked suit. No zippered pockets, please.
Have it ship to your house and when it arrives make sure it fits the way you would like it to. Once you’re sure it’s perfect, snap front and back pics of you in it (that way I know where to add all the detailing so it’s custom to your body) and ship it over to me. I’ll take care of the rest!

Pricing is as follows;
•  Base modifications - $75 free shipping in the US!
(includes detail stitching, yellow accents, collar/back numbers, removal of unnecessary pockets and sewing up openings/vents/etc)
•  Weathering - additional $35
(includes sanding, softening, sun fading and “grime”)

I only accept paypal, but I would be happy to discuss setting up a payment plan. I’ve made several suits for other people and can provide photos and contact info if needed. My fiance and I also make all our own props - check out our Fallout cosplays! - so if there’s anything else Fallout or post-apocalyptic related you’re hankering for (caps, headgear, pouches/belts, weapons, etc) just let me know! Thanks!