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In Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, the EX version of Dizzy has a counter-super that ends with her grim reaper wing shooting a bunch of arrows. The entire super is supposed to be guaranteed to connect if the counter is triggered, but if Dizzy throws a projectile beforehand it’s possible for the opponent to escape.

Should this happen, the arrows will continue to chase the opponent around indefinitely, even after all of their hits are depleted. 

So I started recording for a shitpost that will prob be out in a day or two and I forgot to change my language back to English. (I was playing in Spanish because I’m learning Spanish and I figured since I’ve heard all the dialog 1000s of times it might help)  So like… I’m waiting for the game to patch back to English but I just gotta say Spanish space core is best space core I wish I could keep him in Spanish and bring back wheat’s accent.

Set Me Free

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 2,188 (without lyrics)
Warnings: Violence. Cussword or Two. Smut. Unprotected Sex. Fingering. Slightly Dark Themes.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @steppenwolfofslytherinhouse Prompt: Thunderstorm / Quote: “Dance With Me.”
Challenge: This was written for @luciisthebest’s 400 Followers Song Challenge. My quote was “Got any vodka?” and my song was “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado

Thank you @lucis-unicorn for reading this over and helping me figure things out.

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anonymous asked:

Does anyone has interest in omega-Obi-Wan who lived in ground level of Coruscant and never meet a jedi in his life.

He’d never let his designation stop him.


Obi-Wan knew that humans took one look at him, got his scent and had preconceptions about him.

He was not what they expected.

He was never going to let that part of him stop him.

Obi-Wan took his heat suppressors like clockwork and did his job. His job being bounty hunting and he was good at it, very good. He was distantly aware that he was Force sensitive and that attributed quite a bit to his skills.

A little niggle in the back of his mind about a bad deal. A shrill cry that told him to dodge. A whistle about poisoned drinks.

His reflexes just a bit quicker, just a bit sharper then the rest.

Obi-Wan knew he was an omega and knew he was Force sensitive.

And honestly? The former didn’t matter because Obi-Wan could kick ass.

“Damn it Fett, I’ve told you a million times, I’m not teaming up with you.” Obi-Wan growled quietly even as he pulled his winnings towards him.

“Come on Kenobi, you know we’d do well.” The Mando chuckled as everyone else grumbled over Obi-Wan winning the sabacc table.

“I know you’re trying to get into my pants.” Obi-Wan snapped his teeth at the alpha who gave a wider smirk and held up his hands, leering a bit at that point. “I’d rather team up with Bane, at least he’s not fascinated with the content of my clothes.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that Kenobi.” The Duro sniggered quietly before holding up his hands. “But if the gent says no, the gent says no.”

Obi-Wan muttered as he swept the rest of his winnings into his pockets. And then he tensed, a familiar itching in the back of his mind making itself known. He swept his hood up instantly and then shifted enough to look at the entrance of the club.


“Shh.” Obi-Wan hissed before slowly standing. “Something’s coming.”

That something made Fett curse as a dark skinned man in tunics and robes stepped into the club. “Jetii. Its fucking Windu.” He slowly got to his feet too along with the rest of their table, everyone steadily making their ways to escape routes.

Another Jedi followed the second one in, this one long haired with stormy blue eyes.

Clearly both were alphas and Obi-Wan wanted to curse his luck even as he made his way to the bar, gesturing for a drink.

He was pretty sure, sans the beard, that his poster no longer looked like him. If he could just play the role a bit, he could get out of this bar without the Jedi noticing him. And if wishes were fishes he’d be swimming in an ocean.

“Excuse me?” Obi-Wan looked up in surprise, raising an eyebrow under his hood at the tall Jedi standing beside him, wearing what Obi-Wan assumed to be his best harmless smile.

“Yea’? Wha’ can Ah help ya wit’ ser?” Obi-Wan put on his best rough core accent.

He didn’t want to be singled out anymore then he had and could already feel a space beside him where the wookie patron had just been.

“I was wondering if you’ve seen this man.” The Jedi held out a pad with Fett’s image on it.

“Think Ah saw ‘im earlier. Could hae been ‘im at least.” Obi-Wan shrugged, accepting the drink from the bartender and paying for it. He’d have to be a fool if he didn’t see the Jedi from the corner of his eyes sniff the air and the surprise on his face.

“You…are you safe here?”

Was that concern?

Obi-Wan certainly didn’t need that from some alpha Jedi. “Yup.” He shrugged and stepped back from the bar, leaving his glass behind. “And Ah’m also headin’ of, Ah got work in th’ mornin’.” He kept his steps measured even as the other Jedi moved to the long haired one.

“Qui-Gon, he’s was here but he left. However he was here with Bane and Kenobi.” The dark skinned Jedi, Windu as Fett had said, growled quietly.


Run.’ Obi-Wan didn’t hesitate the impulse in his bones, he legged it, throwing himself the last few steps out the door and moving down the street. Behind him he heard a crash even as he reached for his wrist comm.

“Oi, Fett, remember that favor you owe me? I need it now. Because I got Jedi tails.”

“If you got Jedi tails, you’re on your own. I’m not going back to prison yet, I got a job!”

“Kriff you Fett, you OWE me.”

“Oh for…fine! Get to the roof of the Upper Echelon, be there or I’m leaving you behind and be prepared to jump.”

Obi-Wan would have answered but at that moment he had to dodge into an alley when Windu landed in front of him. His lungs were screaming at him but adrenaline and the want not to end up in jail again was keeping him going.

Up.’ Obi-Wan cursed at the voice but followed it, jumping a ladder and scaling it as quickly as he could when the other Jedi came down the other side of the alley. Now he was running roof tops, great, just fucking great.

He didn’t have a kriffing jet backpack like certain people!

But low be that stop him. He put on speed and started jumping as he continued towards Upper Echelon. It was one of the taller clubs of the area and if Jango was fixing to do what he thought he was going to do then Obi-Wan was going to need all the energy he could conserve.

Behind him he could hear one or perhaps both Jedi getting up the ladder and he cursed out loud. Looked like he had no choice. He reached out into a power he barely understood and felt his feet become lighter, making his running easier. And behind him he could hear exclamation of surprise.

‘Now that’s going in my records.’ He thought sourly even as the Force helped him move with the required speed to stay one step ahead of the Jedi.

You could think about one Jedi, you could think about two Jedi’s even…but sometimes you couldn’t account for the third one.

Mid-jump towards Upper Echelon roof, a thin wire wrapped around Obi-Wan’s leg and dragged him down, slamming him onto the street and promptly knocking the breath out of him. There was a telltale humming sound and when Obi-Wan looked up, a blue saber was in his face as he meet the eyes of a blond teenager with a long braid laying against his shoulder.

“Sorry Kenobi, but you’re on your own.” Obi-Wan glanced to see Slave 1 pull out where it had been hiding and fly away and with it, Obi-Wan’s best way of escape.

He growled and rolled away and onto his feet, hands going for his blasters even as the two other Jedi’s landed.

“Well done Anakin.” The tall one offered with a half smile before focusing on Obi-Wan, the copper haired bounty hunters hood long since fallen back to expose his features. “Obi-Wan Kenobi, I’m rather sure you’re already aware that you’re wanted by the Judaical forces of the Republic. Will you come peacefully?”

Obi-Wan looked between the teenager in front of him and the two adults behind him before growling deeply. “Kriiiiff…fine.” He spat, dropping his blasters and holding up his hands. “Fine…”

Friends With Benefits

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 1,030
Warnings: Smut. Oral Sex (Male)
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: Wished to remain anonymous Prompt: Friends with Benefits / Quote: “You are adorable first thing in the morning”
Requested by @youre-fuckinbulletproof Reader and Mick Davies have a secret relationship and basically have to wait until the boys are out of the bunker to do anything…up to you if they get caught.”

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