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The tutorial above is for those of you who prefer cool toned eyeshadow looks. Not everyone likes or suits warm eyeshadow - which we have come to associate with Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials nowadays. So this halo effect eyeshadow is perfect for those of you that love a smoky eye with more of a sombre finish. 

My latest tutorial uses the exact same technique as the tutorial above except I’ve swapped the colours from cool to warm, and added in an accent colour.

This tutorial is still one of my favourites! If you’re a fan of colour then definitely check out this tutorial, it will not disappoint. Who says you have to sport Red this Valentine’s Day?

If you prefer something more subtle then take a look at this makeup tutorial. Simplicity at it’s best… but still on trend for Valentine’s! 

Another favourite of mine. This is a look I get a lot of requests for from my clients. If you love to sport a sexy feline eye then you need to try out these techniques! 

I can’t stop thinking how much of a gorgeous and regal pair Percy and Vex looked when they go to Zephra for Keyleth’s coronation. Vex in her Whitestone dress, flowing silvers, blues, lavender and gold. Standing elated and overjoyed for Keyleth. Feeling noble and confident and at ease as the cherry blossoms flow on the eddies catching in the folds of her dress.

And Percy too wearing similar colours accented in his coat of blue - because he always wears them and always has - gazing fondly at her with pride in his heart.

About the galran stranger they met in the alien’s belly! (THEORY)

Please read this lovely post theorising about female galras because I might be refering to it

My theory is this, though:

The galran stranger has been in that belly for a looooong time.

If you look at the armour of the galran stranger, it looks very different to what we’ve seen so far! It’s usually completely gray with purple accents or completely gray/black with coloured accents in the chest area, I believe. But I don’t recall having seen orange used, either. I dunno, it just strikes me like a different uniform/armour the galra we’ve seen so far used.

The part of the galaxy with all the destroyed planets also doesn’t seem to have been destroyed recently but even looks very old (yet again, this is only MY impression, though). 

We also know that the energy source the altean castle uses -those blue plates- are actually rather old, it’s hard to get a grip of them nowadays, hell the guy at the space mall that sold them to Coran didn’t even know what he had, those plates looked like dishes to him! But the galran stranger took one of the bags filled with them without hesitation.
(How the hell did the galran stranger even leave if their ship had exploded before?! THAT is truly confusing!) Anyway, this is another thing that suggests that the galran stranger has been there for quite a long time, though, I don’t think it’s been 10 000 years, but certainly long enough to come from a time when those energy sources for wormholes were more known. 

So, yeah, end of theory. 

BUT thinking about it, my brain wildly guesses that this might be Keith’s mother, (because this galra has quite the pointy chest there, making them appear quite more female, which I explain in this post) but this is also just very random with little to no proof at all. Which leads me again to the post about galran females.

This season honestly left me with more questions than answers! I’m SO looking forward to season 3, though!



This intense smoky eye is suitable for a night out with girls, date night, Prom or any other evening event.

I’ve used Peach as my accent colour, but you can change it up to suit the colour of your outfit.
Just use the same principle whereby you blend a lighter transition shade (in your chosen colour scheme) through the socket, and build it up using deeper versions of that colour until you’re ready add in Charcoal / Black at the very outer edge for dimension.

All the products used have been linked in the description bar - please note that the Sweet Peach Palette is currently sold out online but should be back soon.

If you have any tutorial requests please leave a comment below.

Colour Bandits by PJ Liguori

This is my little contribution to the Booshlr poetry project! I’m sorry my voice isn’t very nice, plus I think you can hear kids laughing in the background but I hope someone likes it. :) I haven’t done the original reading justice at all, but I love this poem so I thought I would share it.

ciarasia  asked:

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Aaaaaaah!! This makes my heart warm, thank youuuuuuu! 

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  1. my eye colour
  2. my accent 
  3. my personality 
  4. my sense of style
  5. I don’t think there is a 5th thing so 

The Dark Family

These set of cards come under the Dark card. Notice the characteristic emerald green accent colour of the cards.

(The anime didn’t create family colours. Each card had it’s own personal accent colour. I decided to do it this way to identify the families easily.)


Clow Cards
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Book of Clow Project

So, which is your favorite Dark Clow Card?