Here’s my Accent Challenge Video! Tagged for an open invite by @stargazershiro because I felt like getting to know everyone! Questions are under the cut if you’d like to do it as well! 

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This stupid thing took me like 2 hrs to make for some reason and I hate that.

Kravitz: [in a Cockney accent] Well, Taako, this is a pretty unconventional place to have an argument about sort of the fate of a whole community, but… I do like wine, so… [dropping the accent] I’m sorry, do you mind if I drop the accent, it’s like, it’s really hard to keep it up, and when I’m not on the job it just feels weird doing it, is that okay?

Taako: Yeah, of course. [in a really deep voice] As long as I can drop my accent too.

There are 3 steps to having a good accent in a different language I think

1. Realise you must develop a new voice, you will not seamlessly switch from language to language. You must feel like you are speaking in a new voice, you can’t cling onto your own language.

2. LISTEN TO NATIVE SPEAKERS. Just listen to them over and over again, listen to songs, radio, tv anything. Listen carefully, make sure you are commit to memory the way they move their mouth and where the stress is placed etc…

3. IMITATE!!! Arguably the most important step, but after you hear something you must imitate it. Get the general feel for a word, then practice, make sure you’re getting the accent down. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t let yourself be lazy, stay in your different voice. Don’t slip back into your native tongue, stay in it and keep working at it.


Harry + Barack, a friendship

Prince Harry’s guest editorship of BBC Radio 4 Today programme on the 27th of December will feature an interview with former US President Barack Obama. The interview focuses on their shared interest in building platforms for the next generation of young leaders.