and when i see dumb english speakers make fun of mads´ adorable accent idk if i should get mad or feel sorry for them bc here we have a man that fluently speaks 3 languages and can speak a bit of two more languages and those english speakers that DARE to make fun of his accent can barely speak and write in ENGLISH let alone learn a new language lmfao petty a**holes

Star on Top

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Character: Queenie Goldstein

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: Ack, sorry imagines are coming out so late. I’m working on a writing thing for school and it’s draining my energy. Hopefully I’ll have more time tomorrow :)

“Sugar? Do you think ya could pass me that ornament?” Queenie said from her place beside the Christmas tree you all had picked up earlier that week.

You were currently sitting on the floor, writing out Christmas cards for your family back home since they lived to far away for you to vist.

Looking off to the side, you peered over your reading glasses to see the ornament she was talking about, shuffling on your knees and handing it to her.

“Don’t ya just love Christmas?” She said with a blinding smile, placing the ornament just so on the branchc. “All the colorful lights and music, just makes me feel all warm inside.”

You didn’t know anyone who loved the holiday like Queenie did, every year she turned the whole apartment into Santa’s village. She also did it all by hand, saying that traditions such as these ones require a bit more precision.

“You don’t think I overdid it do ya?” She asked, stepping back to observe all the decorations she had gotten through today.

She had gotten the tree decorations put up, lights and garland along all the windows, she even put the poinsettias and candles on the dining table.

“It’s looks lovely, darling.” You said, standing up from your place on the floor and placing a kiss on her cheek.

Queenie perked up immediately, running over to the closet. “I forgot the mistletoe!” She called, rummaging through some boxes until she found it.

You smiled and turned to the tree again. “You didn’t put the star up either.”

She nodded. “Oh I know, I wanted you to do it.” She said, smiling as she placed the plant on the coffee table and handing you the star topper.

“You sure? I thought this was your favorite part?”

“Course it is, but you’re my favorite person so it would only make sense for you to do my favorite part.” Queenie explained, now placing the star into your hand.

You smiled, taking it from her and reaching up and placing the star just so on the top. “There.”

Queenie laughed and wrapped her arms around you in a tight hug. “Merry Christmas!”

You smiled, returning her embrace. “Merry Christmas.”

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Why do you find the accents cringe-worthy? They're from different countries - of course they're going to have accents. Heaven forbid a native-Russian character have -le gasp- a Russian freaking accent.

Uh anon if you actually read my entire answer to those asks you would recall that I said the accents are cringey because they’re “fake af.” They’re obviously not native accents, Viktor’s voice actor is literally from the midwest US if you look him up. It sounds super forced and fake (a previous comparison was Gru from Despicable Me) so it makes everyone sound cartoonish, not to mention a lot of the dubbed lines are just awkward/funny which doesn’t help. I actually really like legit Russian accents and would’ve loved it if they had ACTUAL RUSSIAN VAs (or at least people who didn’t suck at faking Russian accents!!!!!) voice it. And before you say it, I actually have nothing against dubs or fake accents when they’re done well, for example I really really enjoyed the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) dub and their well done fake English accents.

tfc accent challenge
  • tfc accent challenge
  • i'm sorry

i am so sorry for this my voice….. yikes yall i know!! lauren @jeansmoreau tagged me for this n i am sorry. i always get nervous speaking english so u might not understand me sometimes byee this is cringeworthy. anyway,

  • Name and username
  • Where are you from?
  • Pronounce the following words: Exy, Palmetto State University, Minyard, Eden’s Twilight, Renee, Excites, Tetsuji Moriyama, Jean, Racquet, Rebound, Bodycheck, Match, Riko, Yakuza, Butcher, Stadium, Foxhole court, Sakavic, Easthaven, Nathaniel Wesninski, Andreil, Blood, Wymack, Cuts, Dashboard Lighter, Cracker Dust, Binghamton, Baltimore.  
  • When did you read the series?
  • How did you find out about it?
  • Read a passage from the books
  • Favourite quote
  • Favourite scene
  • Favourite character
  • Name one headcanon you’re invested in
  • Choose one AU
  • The scene that destroyed you the most
  • How fast did you guess the main ship of the story?
  • Have you made friends in the fandom?
  • End with the team you’d like to play for + position

i’m tagging @drownedpoet @rhyesand @wylenvaneck @tsarrkoschei but only if u girls want to!! also, anyone else who wants to do it and tag me in this i love hearing ur accents its so cute

British English vs American English: /ʤ/ or /d/

British English vs American English: this lesson explores pronunciation differences at the beginning of a small selection of words:

/d/ as in do

/ʤ/ as in joke

Due                        /duː/ (AmE) /dʒuː/ (BrE)

Dew                       /duː/ (AmE) /dʒuː/ (BrE)

Duty                      /ˈduː.t̬i/ (AmE) /ˈdʒuː.ti/ (BrE)

Dubious               /ˈduː.bi.əs/ (AmE) /ˈdʒuː.bi.əs/ (BrE)