Tech Talk

with Nate Sukonik

Ever wanted to design a website in realtime on your mobile device? 

Find yourself wishing no coding was involved to create a website of beauty, simplicity and of a natural feel? Well I certainly have! One day Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens decided to take these questions, find a solution and make it a  plausible reality. In my interview via OoVoO, with Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens I discovered how two young men are creating the next big technology invention.

Two strapping entrepreneurs: Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens, with a history of being entrepreneurial gave me the scoop on their next big project called Accelsor. This is a website (currently beta) that will allow for codeless efficient web design on the part of the consumer. Using drag and drop images from the desktop, the Keyboard-Shortcut techniques & Mouse or TouchScreen compatibilty they have developed a quick and efficent way to make attractive websites- and have taken the guess work out of the webdesign experience, which is they hope a good thing. That the beautiful sites can be created without being 

Cluttered is the biggest advantage of this software. Take a look at the Hofstra website, compare it to NYUs  website: do you see the problem with Hofstra’s website?–it is too cluttered— Accelsor can change the way a website looks in minutes let alone seconds (see the Wall Street Journal’s review of accelsor)- these two boys are revolutionizing the industry and I  would hope they can help some of the universities (Hofstra included), sort out their website inefficiencies.

 Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens,  are both from San Diego and they liked how the community was centralized and advanced technologically, but they were disheartened by lack of investors for tech in San Diego. Mark Nadal and Hunter Owens both went to SoCal ( University and discovered that they shared the same desire, to create a website software dedicated to making websites in a simplified and human nature manner. Hunter studied numerous areas of scholastics from business to computer Science and even Interior Design. Mark, is a self-described Math Geek, he took calculus (warning: yes it is difficult) and math theory, in addition to being a liberal arts major. They both studied   numerous codes outside of school, according to Mark: in school coding was  too old fashioned- it only helped us to get into the industry. Today  Mark spends nearly 18 hours a day coding the new software - while  Hunter edits and markets the software. Together they scored an interview with the WSJ and have met with countless other young entrepreneurs who support their idea 100%. Currently they are focusing on finishing the software, marketing it and finding a strong investor – possibly a venture capitalist.

On another note I got to know what gadgets they love! Mark loves the Motorola Atrix and Hunter adores his Ipad 2. They only differ in opinion on software preference it seems they both agree mobile touch software is  the way to go ( I totaly agree). Hunter had a cool gadget called the FitBit (, see next addition for more).

They believe what separates their software most from the competition is:

1. All major browsers compatibility

2.  in browser design.

3. Real time design

5. Cloud software format

6. Innovative simple keyboard shortcut web design is a revolutionary idea

The best way to reach them is via the site