accelerating out of a turn

the bread post is one of the weirdest microcosms of like tumblr sociology in action bc i have seen, in real time, the discourse morph from accusing people of being abuse apologists to being rap/e apologists to being p*edophilia apologists to now, where i guess anyone making fandom jokes is a straight up p*edophile, even if the jokes are clearly about character related discourse. fascinating. can’t wait for the next turn in discourse.

who wants to take a whack at predicting the next turn? 


“It’s not only for you, my popularity has successfully risen.”

» everybody’s favourite tsundere idol Acchan

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Can you do a hc for Peter meeting your parents?

My sweet sweet baby Peter, is scared as shit when you suggest meeting your parents.

Parents are a big deal, and he knows it, and what if they hate him???? He can’t handle the parents of person he loves hating him!!!

He definitely freaks out right then an there. “If they hate me what do I do?! How am I gonna live the rest of my life with you if I know they hate me? What’s our wedding going to be like if I have to stand at the alter with your parents glaring at me as I marry you?! And now I’m that guy whose in-laws hate him. And they want to have separate holidays so you and the kids go to their house and I have to stay alone sad and lonely. I crack under pressure like that Y/N, I can’t do it.”

You having to calm him down, “Peter! Calm down, Jesus Christ we’re in high school why are you talking about marriage and children????”

“I’m just thinking of the future.” he’d mumble.

You’d roll your eyes and assure him that your parents are not going to hate him. He’s a straight A student, with a bright future. He’s respectful and kind, so he can’t possibly fail. Plus he looks like a nerd so nobody’s gonna think he’s out here breaking hearts left and right.

“Hey! I do not look like a nerd.” 

“Pete look in the mirror at yourself. You’re wearing a shirt that says ‘May the Mass x Acceleration be with you.’“

Everything turns out alright just like you said it would though. Your parents like him, he’s a good kid, with a bright future, he treats you well. There’s not much to be mad about.

~Mod Lillian

Bloodstone II

Itasaku for Uchisaku week 2016 @madasakuweek

Sakura made herself an eyesore where she knew she would be seen; lounging across the hood of the sleek, midnight black 1972 Dodge Charger. Autumn break had the temperatures in the valley dropping and for a native such as herself, the heat of the metal frame warmed her like a lizard on asphalt.  

When the owner of the vehicle emerged from the office building to see who decorated his hood Sakura couldn’t help but grin at the look of utter disgust that overtook the stiff’s face. His face was hardly ever expressive, but she could tell by the tightness of his eyes and the shadow of a curl in his lips. He didn’t look happy to see her and that thrilled her.

“Ah,” he began in a monotone. “The pariah is back. I had thought you left for good. Did they kick you out so soon?” He stopped in front of his car and stared down at her, refusing to approach any further in his perfectly pressed navy suit.

“It’s called fall break, and it’s nice to see you too, Uchiha. You’ve missed me.”

Itachi Uchiha would have rolled his eyes if he were any other person, but instead he huffed a breath and frowned. “Hardly. Please remove yourself, least you wish to be flung from my windshield at sixty five miles an hour.”


“Those are the speed limits and I intend to take advantage of them.”

“Where do you intend to throw me off the road?” She leans forward. “It wouldn’t be anywhere near the Iron Rails?”

Itachi hisses. “You’re a gnat in the wind.”

“And you’re an outsider to this valley.” When his stare narrows she leans forward. “We all you Uchiha are mesa invaders, you know.” She pauses. “And…other things, but the mesa invader title is the kindest I think.”  

“I’ll call you your names to your face.”

“Warms my heart when a boy gives me pet names.”

“Get off my car.”

Sakura pouts. “I thought you wanted to throw me from your windshield. That not the plan anymore?”

“I need to leave, make up your mind and be done with it.” Itachi reaches into the pocket of his trousers and removes his keys. He rolls them over in his hand once more letting them slip partway between his fingers before catching them. He turns his wrist over and angels his chin at her. “Are you going to move or must I lay hands on you?”

Sakura grins and it’s a feral twist of her lips. “Wow, you’re not making it difficult for me to twist your words at all, you know. By all means, lay hands.”

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Bruce Wayne Imagine Part 1

Part Two

Requested: “ Can i get one where the reader is saved by batman?”

Reader saved by Batman, but doesn’t know it’s Bruce Wayne.(Long)

*A/N at the end as always.

You had decided to leave the extravagant walls painted white; that hung diamond chandeliers like bats in a cave, in an effort to have an early night. The crowd had grown drunken and loud, the noise like a violation to your ears. You had tirelessly decided to leave, scared of overstaying your welcome. And of course it was no lie too that indeed the party was not what you expected. You thought there would be laughter, singing, dancing, socialisation, but instead, the laughing turned into drunken burps, singing turned into yelling, dancing turned into trying to stand right on two feet, and socialising turned into drunken slander and showing off. You were surprised you were even invited in the first place, as it was an invitation of which you never expected.

So leaving the premises, you really didn’t mind the shocking cold chill of the air, in fact it was more pleasant and calm than inside. The air inside was hot and smelly, whereas outside was fresh and tranquil. Cars littered the streets, and only a few specs of people walked past the streets, eager to get home. You pulled your coat tighter, shuffled it on your shoulders, and began waiting. You could see your breath in the air and the navy black sky, and you watched it float into thin air. Your eyes watched the street, eager to spot the yellow taxi that would come by. You were not stupid. It was in the middle of winter and midnight. And plus, this was Gotham, so of course you wouldn’t walk home.

So you waited, until the yellow car pulled up outside the party and let you in. You slid in the back seat, the car smelling of old air freshener and deodorant.

“16 Neil street, please.” You ask, your voice surprisingly a little horse from the champagne you had.

So the taxi driver started moving, the car jolting slightly at every gear shift he made. The lights outside slid past like lines of neon streaks, and your eyes grew tired as your body rested in the soft furry seat.

“Hey!” The taxi man yelled. Your eyes moved to the front as the car slowed to a stop. You watched, as a man walked onto the road.


You screamed.

 A man had slammed his hands-on the boot (trunk of the car).  You heard him laugh. Then, on both sides of you,  the doors opened. A woman slid in and sat next to you pushing you to the middle, whilst a man slid in from the other side, squishing your body. The man who walked on the road sat at the front and smiled at the taxi driver.

“I’ll tell you where to go, just keep going.” He said. He smiled almost wickedly, and it made you uneasy. He pulled a knife to the poor taxi driver.

The woman looked at you, rubbing your warm trench coat,

“I guess you’ll just come along for the ride too hun,” And then she laughed.

“Should we put her out, so she doesn’t see where we’re going?” The man at the front asks,

“yeah!” The man next to you yells.

“Wait-! No no!-”

You thought by now you’d be at home, sleeping safely in bed with the heater; but you were wrong.

You’d never been so cold in your life. Your hands were like ice, numb and freezing to the touch. Your eyes fluttered awake, and you found yourself on the ground in a fetal position. You sat up, pushing yourself up with your hands of which were tied. You were in a warehouse, with sheets of metal walls and concrete floors. You checked your watch.

Three in the morning.

“She’s awake!” The man yelled, throwing his hands in the air (like he just didn’t care).

“You were out for a while! You okay hun?” The woman teased. You stared at her, you head standing tall and eyes strong. She laughed,

“I guess so,” She mumbled.

They stood in a group in front of you. Your throat was horribly dry, and your forehead was beginning to sweat in the tense situation. You were scared but you weren’t going to let them see that. You looked around, observing that the warehouse was to big to make a run for it.

“Now look, I’m awfully sorry but, I don’t need you,“ he pointed to you, "nor you!” and then he pointed to the taxi man who was next to you. You turned and saw the old man barely awake in a fetal position on the ground, his head bleeding.

“We just needed the taxi!”

The man walked towards him, and lifted his leg to kick him in the stomach,

“Hey!-” You yelled, face twitching in regret after. The man stopped, mid swing of his leg. He looked to you,

“Yes?” He asked with a smile on his face.

You looked up, and back to the taxi driver. You looked down in your lap, your lips unable to form any words. You were nervous, and scared, and now he was giving you his full attention.

His eyes were piercing.

The man shrugged, and re-swung his leg,

“Alright then.” And then he kicked the taxi driver.  You flinched as the old man failed to make any noise.

The man bent down to look into his face, their noses almost touching. He looked back at his group, pointed in the taxi driver’s face and began laughing

“I think he’s gone!” The group laughed, and you sat still, your breathing beginning to quicken. Your mouth was slightly agape and your heart was heavy.

But then, as they were all laughing, the lights above and throughout the warehouse had blown out. Your breath was caught in your chest, and your eyes desperately tried to look for any visible light. Your hands held each other tight, but then released. You gasped lightly upon seeing the glowing eyes of a Bat.

You’d never encountered him before, and you never thought you would. You had imagined what it would be like, and it wasn’t like this.

You heard the running of men and their grunts, as the sound of his suit and their skin hitting each other echoed throughout the warehouse. You sat there, listening, trying to pinpoint the sounds.

But then you heard the flick of a lighter, and saw an orange glow.Alit by the flame, you saw the man who kicked the taxi driver before. He lit a piece of string which sparked up like fireworks.  You weren’t a specialist in weapons, but you knew what that was. Your breathing picked up, and you scooted back, your body frantic.

“If i’m going down, you’re going down with me Batman!” He yelled. He threw the bomb into the sea of black, and all you heard was it hit the concrete floor.


You then saw the Bat’s eyes speeding faster towards you. His eyes like streaks of lines. You gasped and grunted as his body ran into yours and his hands gripped you tight. His cape wrapped around you as he ran.

The bomb exploded.

The rushing push of force from the fire urged him to run faster. You heard the growl of an engine as you exited the warehouse and you looked up.

It was his ride.

The door opened, and he placed you in the passenger seat fast, shutting the door down with force. He looked back, where he spotted gas bottles ready to explode. He then ran to his side, sipped in, started the engine and accelerated like it was light speed. You turned around and looked out the window, watching as the warehouse exploded into oblivion. The explosion was muffled, the ‘car’ blocking out the noise through it’s thick material. You watched, as the fire blew up in clouds or orange and yellow.

You sat back down, your hands in your lap, thumbs playing with each other.

“Are you okay?” His voice was gruff, and low. Much lower than you thought. You looked at him, as if wondering is he was talking to you.

You nodded frantically,

“yes-um-yes. Thank you so much uh-Mr Batman.” You stuttered. You looked straight down.

You then felt the car stop.

You looked out the window and your mouth fell slightly agape. You were outside your house.

“how did you-?”

He grabbed your wrists and cut them loose.

“Get some rest. And make sure you clean your wrists.” You looked down. Your wrists were bleeding from the pressure of the rope.

You nodded as the door popped open. You looked at batman, his eyes no longer glowing, and his chin very visible. What a lovely chin.

“Thank you, Batman.” You say, getting out. You turn to him, “I really mean it.”

And Batman, like the gentleman he is, waited for you to get inside, before speeding off into the night.


Your head whipped towards the voice, a biscuit in your mouth. You smiled, clutching your clipboard to your chest, your heart slightly intensifying at the sudden attention from Bruce Wayne. You swallowed the biscuit and stood up straight.  It was the next day, and you were at work  like always, as if nothing happened, being talked to by your boss, the one and only Bruce Wayne.

“Yes Mr. Wayne?” He looked at you, eyes peering into yours. Wait, Bruce Wayne? Why is Bruce Wayne talking to yo-

“How are you today?” He asks.

“I’m good, a little tired, but who isn’t right?” You laughed awkwardly, scratching your arm. Bruce raises an eyebrow and hides a smile, hand going into the pockets of his suit pants.

“Are you sure?” His eyes look to your wrists, where large bruises formed. Your eye widened and you looked up.  You turned your head side to side, then walked up to Bruce, making sure no one was around to listen.

“Alright,” You begin, “…but you’re not going to believe me…” you whisper more to yourself.

“You can tell me.” Bruce says, his black and white suit fitting him well. You let out a breath.

“Alright, so-so last night i was saved by…” You lean in closer,


He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, and then you sigh, stepping away and swinging your arms down in despair.

“I knew you wou-!”

“(y/n)” Bruce says.

“It was stupi-”

“(y/n)” he says again. You stop and look at him, a smile forming on his face. You watch him confused, waiting for him to talk.

“It’s okay,” He says, and you smile softly, almost laughing at the situation,

“I believe you.”

- I feel like if you guys like this i could make a second part? or like a small series? maybe? let me no if you like the idea through ask!

-Tis was long…probably too long. Sorry!!!

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When I first heard we're getting the Elongated Man, I kept thinking: "Did anyone *at all* actually die when the particle accelerator blew up?" Now that it turns out that Barry and totally alive Ralph had some unpleasant past together, I wonder why didn't Barry react at all when Eowells was reciting the names of people who died. Did he hate Ralph so much that he blocked him from his memories entirely? Did he just never know his name?

By this point the particle accelerator explosion has absolutely become a net positive force. Several people who “died” actually turned out fine, the heroes it directly or indirectly created have saved hundreds of lives, and Stein now has a family that would never have existed if he hadn’t become Firestorm. Pfft no one gives Eo any credit. 

If we’re assuming that Eo’s list of names in 1x07 is actually still canon, I think it’s fair to say Barry would’ve read who died after he woke up in 1x01, and while he recognized Ralph’s name it wasn’t a major blow to him. “Omg Iris did you see Ralph died?” “Yeah, I sent a card to his mom.” “Oh okay. Anyway, so what do you think of this super-cool new speedster in town? He must be so handsome under that mask…”

It also looks like Ralph is among those protesting STAR Labs in the new promo (presumably a flashback) so Barry may have known Ralph was in a potentially dangerous location at the time of the blast.

Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone

In the damaged building around him; Bataar Jr. opened his eyes. The woman he had loved had done all of this; had tried to kill him, along with everybody else in the building.

Watching each person, somehow recover one by one as they stood, shaking off the effects of the attack; He searched for his mother in the dust of the debris.“ Mom.”

“Suyin.” He heard his Aunt Lin call out for her sister.

Troubled by the lack of response, her eyes became frantic as she walked faster through the dust. “Suyi-…No!”

Lin had found something.

Following the chief’s voice, Bataar walked through the dust beginning to clear, as the rest of the room and its inhabitants came into view. He slowed to a stop; looking up through the partially destroyed ceiling, as he watched Kuvira’s mech, with its back to them, blasting everyone in sight.

He stood and hung his head in shame; hearing the agonizing sound of peoples screams around him, over the terrifying noise of the gun.

He was going to marry that woman…No…they were right, she was nothing now but a monster.

How could the woman, who he had just told hours ago he loved, turn into a remorseless killer in an instant?

Breaking him from his thoughts was an ear shattering scream.

“Suyin, I have to get this out; you are going to die if I don’t.”

“Leave it alone Lin…I am going to die…either way. You pulling it out…is just…going to accelerate that.”

Recognizing the voices, he turned around to see Lin sitting on the ground holding Suyin; supporting her head, as she tried to bend the rod that had lodged itself deep within the matriarch’s side.

“Mom?” Bataar quickly moved closer to them, taking a spot on the opposite side of Suyin, as he looked up into Lin’s angry eyes.

She had every right to direct some of her anger at him. Hours ago, he was an extension of Kuvira; her right- hand man, even though now he was just another pawn. “No no…I didn’t mean for this to happen, I promise.”

“It’s ok sweetie, I just feel….a little….light-headed, that’s all.”

Bataar had heard everything she had told Lin, and knew she was only lying to make him feel better.

 After everything he had put her through, she didn’t want him to feel guilty, knowing he had only made a mistake out of love and anger.

Suyin coughed a few labored coughs drawing his attention back to her.

Lin looked down at her sister in hopeless despair. “shit, you’re coughing up blood…we have to get you out of here.”

Lin quickly glanced around for an exit out of their predicament…but they were trapped; and it didn’t help that Kuvira’s mech was right above them. The Great Uniter probably thought they were all dead; but Lin knew as soon as they started running, she’d follow and finish the job the second time.

Seeing his mother struggle was harder to watch than Bataar thought.

How could he have ever been ok with this?

Yes, Bataar had been angry; but it wasn’t worth this. He looked down at his aunt’s hands, as Suyin’s blood began to pour out faster between her fingers. Enraged, he shot up from the floor; looking around for the radio they had used to let him talk to Kuvira.

Finding it next to the Avatar, he stormed over, ripping it up from the ground. Holding it to his mouth he yelled into the receiver. “ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? IS THIS WHAT YOUR STUPID EMPIRE IS WORTH?

Watching the mech stop as it charged another shot pointed at a building, told Bataar she could hear him.

Stopping mid-stance as her arm prepared the next shot; Kuvira listened to him with a furrowed brow.

“YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING.” She continued to listen to his accusations. “ I LOVED YOU, BUT THIS IS TOO FAR.”

Raising a nonchalant eyebrow, Kuvira ignored the angry words, focusing back on the view point. ‘hmph’


The Battlefield went into an eerie dead silence, as they all watched the mech’s gun arm slowly fall down to its side.

Standing in the middle of the control area, Kuvira froze, as her eyes focused on nothing.

“Great Uniter?”

And for the first time, Kuvira didn’t want to hear that name. “Take us down.”

“Great Uniter Ar-”

“Just do it”

The guards shared a look before complying with her order, as they maneuvered the mech down.

Kuvira made her way to the door, looking down as she waited for it to open. Watching the first cracks of light shine on her shoes as the door opened; Kuvira didn’t bother to put on the mask of the Great Uniter.

Once fully opened, the door allowed the wind to blow across her face, disturbing the loose strands of her hair. Squinting her eyes at the bright intrusion of the evening sun, Kuvira walked down the ramp, letting the burning smell of her destruction linger in her nose.

Stepping into where the others were held up, Kuvira’s hollow eyes searched for Suyin.

Moving her head slowly from side to side, she took in the silence, looking at the angry stares surrounding her.

Stepping out from the group, Bataar came towards her with a quickened pace, before grabbing the collar of her uniform. “Is this what you wanted?” He pointed at Suyin, angrily yelling in Kuvira’s face. “Is this what your empire is worth?”

Standing in place, she heard Suyin’s screams of pain, as Lin tried her best to slowly bend out the metal rod.

The muscles around The Great Uniter’s eyes twitched, as she continued to listen to the matriarch’s cries of agony.

Kuvira pushed forward towards Suyin, despite Bataar standing in front of her. “NO, you’ve done enough. It’s because of you that she might not live…Because of you th-“


At his mother’s weak voice he turned around, letting go of Kuvira.  “I want…”

Suyin swallowed down the metallic taste in her mouth, as she turned her head to Kuvira. “…to talk to her.” Reaching her arm out for the guard she once knew, she tried to smile through tired reddened eyes of anguish. “Come here…Kuvira.”

The Great Uniter resumed her slow pace, as she neared Lin and Suyin.

She spared a short glance to Lin, who stared back at her with absolute hate in her eyes; the kind of hate you couldn’t resolve.

Stopping beside Suyin, Kuvira didn’t reach for the matriarch’s hand; but instead stood, staring at the blood that covered it with numb eyes.

Kuvira listened to Suyin inhale an unsteady breath, as she watched the matriarch reach out further to grab the finger of one of her gloved hands. She could feel the life draining out of Suyin’s weak touch.

After slowly entwining her fingers with Suyin’s frail ones, she did the one thing nobody would have expected. Dropping to her knees beside the matriarch, her eyes ran over the wound she had created.

The inhabitants of the room all shared a look of shock; never imagining they would see something able to bring the Great Uniter to her knees. Even Lin, sitting opposite her on Suyin’s other side, allowed a shocked look to also pass over her face.

“What should I do to fix this boss? Tell me…what I need to do?” Kuvira said in a hushed tone, her head falling down.

Taking her hand from Kuvira’s grip, Suyin reached up to touch the Great Uniter’s face, as she lifted Kuvira’s head.

 “…. You can’t…fix everything…Kuvira…” Suyin took a ragged deep breath. “ I-I told you that…before you left..Zaofu.”

Taking Suyin’s wrist into her hand, Kuvira pulled it down; shifting her eyes to stare straight ahead, as a trail of blood was left on her face.

Kuvira gazed down at the wound, not particularly paying attention to it, as her mind failed to grasp the reality of Suyin dying. “I-I-I d-did a g-good job, right boss?” Kuvira looked over, smiling at the matriarch, like she used to back at Zaofu.

Except this eerie smile broke Suyin’s heart, as she looked into the eyes of a person who was breaking and fading away.

The matriarch sadly smiled back, watching as the Great Uniter began to lose the sanity keeping her grounded to the earth. Suyin placed her hand back onto Kuvira’s cheek, as tears fell from her eyes. “Yes..You did…and I’d…be even more proud…if you stopped this…” Suyin let her eyes search Kuvira’s empty ones. “Can you do that….for me?”

Kuvira opened her mouth, trying to push her words out, as she nodded at Suyin. “I-I can do that for you. And then we can go back to Zaofu. Just like old times…right boss? She reached her hands out to pick up Suyin, only to be blocked by Lin.

Turning her head to her sister, Suyin watched her stare at Kuvira. “It’s ok Lin…let her do it.”

Respecting her sister’s wishes, Lin moved away hesitantly, watching the exchange between her and Kuvira.

Placing an arm under Suyin’s knees, and another around her back, Kuvira lifted her up watching the matriarch wince. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just take me…out of here.” Suyin said burying her head into Kuvira’s uniform.

The onlookers split like the sea, as Kuvira slowly made her way through with a dying Suyin. She ignored the looks of confusion placed on each face, continuing to walk with her death march like pace.

“Kuvira…?” Suyin asked, not looking to the woman’s face above her.


“There’s….one more thing.”

Kuvira stepped out of the building she destroyed, standing as she held Suyin, looking over the damage she had done.

Buildings were crippled as the steel supports jutted out from the piles of rubble. People were dying and a city was crumbling because of her. But through it all, Kuvira closed her eyes as she took in a deep breath, amazed by the silence in the chaos she had created. “What do you need me to do?”

“I…want to…see the sun set…before I die…” Suyin looked up at the Great Uniter’s eyes staring out into the distance. “…just like…we used to…in Zaofu.”

Looking out to one of the piles of rubble; Kuvira picked the “best” spot.

“I can do that too.” She said, walking over to a vantage point near the sea. “And what do you mean ‘die’?” Kuvira smiled, as she chuckled to the woman below, whose breaths were getting shallower with each inhale. “You’re not going to die.”

Climbing to the top of the pile, Kuvira sat down; still holding Suyin in her arms, as the evening sun shined over them both, tinting them and the world in an orange glow.

Feeling her warmth fading, the matriarch grabbed the Great Uniter’s uniform with a weak grip, pulling herself in closer to Kuvira.

“I don’t want to die, Kuvira.” Suyin admitted, as she missed the tears falling from Kuvira’s eyes. “But if…I have to, then…I’m where I need to be.”

The Great Uniter stayed silent, finally processing Suyin’s imminent death.

What was she supposed to stay, when the woman dying below her was a causation of her own hands?

Kuvira looked out at the Sun as she listened to Suyin speak. She didn’t want to look into the matriarch’s pained eyes, and watch her take her last breaths; it was all too hard for her to grasp. And for the first time in her life, she felt truly defeated.

“I want…….you to know…….that I did……..always….love you.” Suyin slowly moved a hand to Kuvira’s cheek, as the Great Uniter gathered her courage to finally look down, connecting their eyes for the last time.

“I love you..too.”

Tears fell freely from the Great Uniter’s eyes, as she leaned down to kiss Suyin’s forehead. This would be the only time she’d ever let Suyin see her cry.

Resting her chin on the top of Suyin’s head, Kuvira held her closer, moving the arm from underneath Suyin’s knees to wrap around the matriarch; believing for second, that she could keep the last bit of Suyin’s life from escaping away if she held her tight enough.

“I’m sorry” Kuvira said it, knowing it would do nothing in their last moments together. But if anything, it would be the last consolation to the matriarch before her death.

Wrenching her head out from underneath Kuvira, Suyin turned to watch the setting sun with heavy lidded eyes. “Thank you.” She said, her voice barely a whisper; as the last of her life drained with the sun.

Feeling the fist that had gripped her uniform go limp; Kuvira sat up straight. “Suyin?”

“Suyin?” She moved her arm, noticing how the material of her uniform had been darkened by the other woman’s blood; and how the white glove of the hand she used to move Suyin’s face from side to side, was stained red as well.

“I need you…” Kuvira’s deep voice shook with desperation. “ Please…don’t leave me, behind.” She took a deep breath, crying as she pulled Suyin’s body to her. “You’re all I have.”

The rest of the group watched in silence from afar; knowing the exact moment of Suyin’s death, as told by the actions of the Great Uniter.


Author’s note:

I feel too guilty to even leave a note…sorry guys. But I still hope it was good writing. Yes, don’t worry I’m working on other stuff to redeem myself from this. lol. But I had to do it. I did Suyin killing Kuvira already…so now it’s only fair that I do this.

Wanna make it sadder? Wanna really feel it? lol. Read this while listening to lord of the rings- Evenstar…I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Hello, I was wondering if you guys could give me any sort of explanation why certain Pokemon seem to evolve sooner in the wild? For example; dratini evolves into dragonair at level 30, but in the safari zone in yellow version, dragonair can be caught at level 15. I've only noticed stuff like that in safari zones, so maybe that plays a role in it? Thank you so much for your time!

Hello! This is an interesting observation; it’s not exclusive to the older generations, either. Pyroar can be found in Friend safaris at level 30, even though it doesn’t normally evolve until level 35!

There’s no real analogy for “leveling” in our world, but evolution seems fairly straightforward: It’s the animal’s (or pokemon’s) growth rate, its natural life cycle as it matures.

And, as it turns out, animals that are captive or domesticated tend to have higher growth rates and maturity rates. One study showed that captive chimpanzees, for example, enter menopause at the same age that their wild counterparts just start reproducing. Another study showed that salmon hatched and raised in captivity smolted (grew their adult scales) almost an entire year earlier than their wild siblings from the same egg group.

So why do animals mature faster in captivity? Short answer is their lives are easier. They don’t need to hunt or actively search for food, and as a result they always have plenty to eat with plenty of nutrition. They don’t need to invest that energy into running from predators or staying alive, so the energy can be put into growing up and maturing. Therefore, they mature faster.

So the Safari Zones in pokémon take good care of their animals: they make sure they have enough to eat, a good environment, that all of them stay healthy, and so on. As a result of that, the pokémon mature more quickly: therefore you find mature or evolved pokémon at lower levels.

It could have something to do with the environment, too. The location of the Safari might be a better climate for a particular pokémon than wherever it is found in the wild. Similarly, while one pokemon is found in a Safari, it’s predators or competitors aren’t. These factors also influence the comfort, happiness, and energy expenditure of these animals, resulting in faster growth rates.

Okay, but there’s a problem with our logic here. We’ve been referring to Safari pokémon as “captive” and wild pokémon as “wild”: Where does this leave captured pokémon owned by trainers? Surely, you would expect them to behave and mature quickly like the Safari pokémon, if they’re cared for by their trainers.

Well, turns out accelerated growth rates aren’t always beneficial. In fact, usually it ends in problems. The captive salmon mentioned earlier were much smaller than their wild siblings when they reached maturity. Hand-raised domesticated cranes develop leg problems if they grow too fast. Not only that, it’s difficult to teach important survival skills when the animals don’t have predators, so captive animals are slower, lazier, and often weaker than their wild counterparts.

And, well, most captured pokémon are raised for battle. So it makes sense that a trainer wouldn’t want a slower, lazier, and weaker pokémon. In fact, it’s the training itself that mirrors what a pokémon’s life in the wild would be like. A captured pokêmon has to exercise, has to fight, has to learn new tricks and techniques constantly. So sure, it may not be in danger and it always has plenty to eat, but because of the training it’s not going to mature as quickly as Safari pokémon. The pokémon’s energy is going into training and battling, not into growing up and maturing. 

In some ways this is healthier for the pokémon: they grow up at a more “natural” rate, they learn important skills, they won’t develop health problems as a result of their captivity. Training pokémon benefits them: it adds just enough stress into their lives to keep them in prime shape.

Not that pokémon Safaris are doing anything wrong: I suppose pokémon are just better off when they battle.

Hope that helps!

-Professor Julie

“I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital” AU [ao3]


Being angry with personal matters and being on a chase for some asshole apparently do not go hand in hand.

It’s bad enough that Walsh won’t stop bugging her even after weeks of their breakup, mixed in with that ridiculous friend request from Neal Cassidy who’s changed his status from single to in a relationship she’d received yesterday that’s still bugging her, but add those with a very persistent perp who’s extremely intent on not being caught – and this day might just win top spot in her Worst Day Ever shortlist.

And so now, she’s chasing down some stolen identity case that happens to be riding some Kawasaki crap, in her yellow bug, which mind you is not made for chases. Giving credit where it’s due, the guy’s smart. He uses back routes she’s never known of, making ridiculous turns on every corner, which says something, given that this is considered her ground.

He takes a left, and then a right, and a right again, dodging through the alleys and fuck, she’s lost him. She’d been searching for him for almost two weeks, and now she’s back to square one.

She’s filled with frustration and annoyance and this is not a good day as she accelerates her way out of the tight alleyway, spinning the wheel to turn into the main road and—


Oh fuck.

So, just when she thought her day couldn’t get any worse – she runs over a human being.

She rushes out of her car and finds a dark haired man lying by the foot the hood of her car, clutching his side as he squeezes his eyes shut in pain.

Fuck! Shit, shit, shit – what the hell?” she curses, pacing around him as her hands run through her hair in attempt to busy herself with something given she has no clue what on earth she should even do. “What- what were you thinking!”

Me?” he yells back accusingly, his eyes snapping open, only to be squinted when he furrows his eyebrows at her. “You ran over me!

“You ran into my car!”

“I don’t see your car on the bloody ground!”

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This is my first fanfic, go easy on me xD 


I’ve a new fanfic blog for dan and Phil @coconutcoffeeme. Add me if you’re interested. Loads of new stuff coming :)♥___________________________________________________________________________

The night sky was shimmering with tiny little diamonds, they were scattered everywhere like someone grabbed a handful and threw them across the sky. It was silent, expect for Dan’s light breathing that echoed through the crisp air. I didn’t have to look over to see that his eyes were closed.

“Y/N,” He said, so quietly I could barely make out. My heart accelerated, as I turned to a side, giving me a view of his breathtaking, brown eyes. They reminded me of nights tucked away in corner street cafes, staring at swirling coffee as his voice took up the background. 

“Promise me, we’ll be together when we’re old?  When we’re wrinkly and grey and barely able to pronounce our own names.”

I cocked a half smile. “Dan, you sell axes to twelve year old’s. You honestly think you’re gonna make it that far?” 

He looked at me then, with a look I couldn’t quite decipher. “Seems like I’m doing something right.”

I blinked, for some reason feeling daring as I pushed myself forward, the lush, dark grass scratching against my bare legs. “Would you like to elaborate on that?”

He grinned, his eyes lighting up. It was almost as if they reflected the stars. “Not with words.”

Then he matched my stance, leaning over so softly brush his lips against mine. They were soft, and held a grace I didn’t know Dan held, considering how graceful he is on escalators. His lips moved against mine, sending butterflies off in my stomach. No, scratch that, a thousand. A thousand having a seizure, on steroids. My head span, overwhelmed by the sheer bliss of having him here with me, under a thousand stars with an ever brighter future up ahead.

Then he pulled away, gazing at me earnestly like I put the stars in the sky. Little did he know, I felt the exact same way. “He wasn’t just a star to me, he was my whole damn sky.”