accelerating out of a turn


“It’s not only for you, my popularity has successfully risen.”

» everybody’s favourite tsundere idol Acchan



This is my first fanfic, go easy on me xD 


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The night sky was shimmering with tiny little diamonds, they were scattered everywhere like someone grabbed a handful and threw them across the sky. It was silent, expect for Dan’s light breathing that echoed through the crisp air. I didn’t have to look over to see that his eyes were closed.

“Y/N,” He said, so quietly I could barely make out. My heart accelerated, as I turned to a side, giving me a view of his breathtaking, brown eyes. They reminded me of nights tucked away in corner street cafes, staring at swirling coffee as his voice took up the background. 

“Promise me, we’ll be together when we’re old?  When we’re wrinkly and grey and barely able to pronounce our own names.”

I cocked a half smile. “Dan, you sell axes to twelve year old’s. You honestly think you’re gonna make it that far?” 

He looked at me then, with a look I couldn’t quite decipher. “Seems like I’m doing something right.”

I blinked, for some reason feeling daring as I pushed myself forward, the lush, dark grass scratching against my bare legs. “Would you like to elaborate on that?”

He grinned, his eyes lighting up. It was almost as if they reflected the stars. “Not with words.”

Then he matched my stance, leaning over so softly brush his lips against mine. They were soft, and held a grace I didn’t know Dan held, considering how graceful he is on escalators. His lips moved against mine, sending butterflies off in my stomach. No, scratch that, a thousand. A thousand having a seizure, on steroids. My head span, overwhelmed by the sheer bliss of having him here with me, under a thousand stars with an ever brighter future up ahead.

Then he pulled away, gazing at me earnestly like I put the stars in the sky. Little did he know, I felt the exact same way. “He wasn’t just a star to me, he was my whole damn sky.”