Accelerate (M) pt. 3 ; Jungkook

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Being in love with a playboy is harder than you thought. You don’t know what you expected.

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smut, 3.1k words, jungkook/reader, racer/playboy/rich kid au

“A fractured ankle, whiplash, a giant bruise the size of Jupiter on his cheek, and another across his chest,” Jin says, pouring you a drink. He pushes it across the table to you, and you take it gratefully. “Overall, not as bad as it could’ve been. He got really fucking lucky, with the seatbelt and airbags and shit.”

You feel like you can finally fucking breathe even as you scowl, hard. “That’s still pretty bad.”

Jin gives you a look. “You’re just salty because no one kept you updated on his condition, aren’t you?”

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Accelerate (M), pt. 2; Jungkook

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In which maybe, you become something more with the playboy.

Part 1 ○ Part 3inspired by this vine

smut, 2.6k words, jungkook/reader,  racer/playboy/rich kid au

You go back to the racing scene as soon as you can; the temptation of it all is too much. As usual, your pre-race routine consists of trading banter with Jin, sipping a few drinks and–and–fuck. Jungkook just winked at you.

“You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that he has the hots for you or something,” Jin says dryly.

You raise a brow. On the street before you, the racers rev their engines, impatient to start. “Why? Because he keeps on winking at me? He’s a playboy, I think we’ve already established that.”

“Yeah, but–” Jin pauses briefly to watch the cars speed off, engines roaring into the night–“I’ve never seen nor heard of Jungkook winking at the same girl multiple times.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” you say breezily. You take a big gulp of your drink in an attempt to quell the giggly, bubbly feeling that’s making your heart flutter and means that you’re totally fucked.

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After the Accelerator

Chapter 6: The Singing Trees

  • rating: Explicit
  • characters & pairings: Iris West, Barry Allen, Iris West/Barry Allen, Iris West/Eobard Thawne
  • summary:Iris makes plans to keep Nessa’s speed a secret while she and Barry grow closer.
  • chapter warnings: brief mentions of sexual assault and violence, dark!fic

Allen stood in the doorway looking over his shoulder, dark hair dripping, lean, muscular shoulders and chest bare; droplets of water running down in between his pecs. He wasn’t looking at her, he was looking at something over his shoulders in his apartment. Iris took this opportunity to revisit the pleasant landscape of Barry Allen’s lean muscular body. She let her eyes travel down to the wet  towel hanging  loose around his hips, his long, lean well formed legs and thighs. She brought her eyes back up stopping a moment at his abs, the slim well defined hips, all pointing straight at his-

-“Hey Iris.”

“Hey Barry.” She looked up and saw him smiling wide and bright, droplets of water clinging to long eyelashes, skin flushed a little pink. Had he caught her ogling him?

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Despair seems to be the dominant sentiment of the contemporary Left, whose crisis perversely mimics its foe, consoling itself either with the minor pleasures of shrill denunciation, mediatised protest and ludic disruptions, or with the scarcely credible notion that maintaining a grim ‘critical’ vigilance on the total subsumption of human life under capital, from the safehouse of theory, or from within contemporary art’s self-congratulatory fog of 'indeterminacy’, constitutes resistance. Hegemonic neoliberalism claims there is no alternative, and established Left political thinking, careful to desist from Enlightenment 'grand narratives’, wary of any truck with a technological infrastructure tainted by capital, and allergic to an entire civilizational heritage that it lumps together and discards as 'instrumental thinking’, patently fails to offer the alternative it insists must be possible, except in the form of counterfactual histories and all-too-local interventions into a decentered, globally-integrated system that is at best indifferent to them. The general reasoning is that if modernity=progress=capitalism=acceleration, then the only possible resistance amounts to deceleration, whether through a fantasy of collective organic self-sufficiency or a solo retreat into miserablism and sagacious warnings against the treacherous counterfinalities of rational thought.

Needless to say, a well-to-do liberal Left, convinced that technology equates to instrumental mastery and that capitalist economics amounts to a heap of numbers, in most cases leaves concrete technological nous and economic arguments to its adversary – something it shares with its more radical but equally technologically illiterate academic counterparts, who confront capitalism with theoretical constructs so completely at odds with its concrete workings that the most they can offer is a faith in miraculous events to come, scarcely more effectual than organic folk politics. In some quarters, a Heideggerian Gelassenheit or 'letting be’ is called for, suggesting that the best we can hope for is to desist entirely from destructive development and attempts to subdue or control nature – an option that, needless to say, is also the prerogative of an individualised privileged spectator who is the subjective product of global capital.

From critical social democrats to revolutionary Maoists, from Occupy mic checks to post-Frankfurt School mutterings, the ideological slogan goes: There must be an outside! And yet, given the real subsumption of life under capitalist relations, what is missing, precluded by reactionary obsessions with purity, humility, and sentimental attachment to the personally gratifying rituals of critique and protest and their brittle and fleeting forms of collectivity? Precisely any pragmatic criteria for the identification and selection of elements of this system that might be effective in a concrete transition to another life beyond the iniquities and impediments of capital. 

–Mackay + Avanessian, 'Introduction’ to #ACCELERATE: the accelerationist reader

its naive to analyse capitalism in terms of political economy. capitalism is a machine which works in assemblage with instrumental rationality to assimilate all planetary matter into its operation. it functions well beyond human social systems - it’s a geological, cosmic phenomenon.

the problem with human-scale, human-oriented politics is that they only respond to the needs and agencies of a minority of the actants affected by technocapital. our tactics through/ against/ beyond capitalism need to be truly planetary if we’re every going to break out of technocapital security. 

trying to defeat capitalism while still maintaining the anthropocentric perception which let technocapital emerge in the first place is intrinsically a non-starter of a strategy. we need to be open to complicity with the radical outside of humanity. this whole planet needs to participate in the desecuritising of this whole planet. we (humans) need to accept that human agency might only be tertiary to this process. towards a communism of matter.


My leggies are sore from yesterday’s workout and then playing pickle ball last night. I’ve backed off of playing since it can irritate my back but I did ok. Nothing in my back was sore this morning, just my legs. 2 miles of short intervals on the treadmill this morning without an incline. Hopefully that will help work the soreness out the legs. I was able to pull the same weight as last week even though I had more reps this week. In all of the exercises so I’m pretty happy about that! 

3 sets unless noted. 11 reps
30 sec. High Knees in between every set

Bent-over Barbell Row (4 sets)
Bent-over Dumbbell Row
Seated Rows w Bands
Bicep Curl
Reverse Barbell Curl
Hip Abductor
Rear Leg Extension
Pike Straight Leg Lifts

I’m trying to pay a little more attention to my core and my back so I’m ready for whatever Summer brings me. Hiking season is almost upon us!!!!


Accelerate by Jungle. Released July 14, 2014 off the album “Jungle.” Been in rotation in stores since November 2014.


Horse and rider are okay which makes this all the more funny in my opinion.

Money bearing compound interest increases at first slowly. But the rate of increase being continually accelerated, it becomes in some time so rapid, as to mock all the powers of the imagination … A shilling put out to 6% compound interest at our Saviour’s birth … would … have increased to a greater sum than the whole solar system could hold, supposing it a sphere equal in diameter to the diameter of Saturn’s orbit … A state need never therefore be under any difficulties; for with the smallest savings it may in as little time as its interest can require pay off the largest debts
—  Capital, Vol.1, pp.386-7

…I will point out an important symmetry between the left-accelerationist views of those like myself, and what are increasingly being referred to as the ‘right-accelerationist’ views of those like Land. We agree on this much: modernity and capitalism are ultimately incompatible. We disagree on which one should/will go: the left actively supports the project of modernity against capitalism, the right passively supports capitalism’s inevitable victory over modernity. The right thinks that the accelerative emancipatory force is nothing other than capitalism itself, whereas the left thinks that capitalism is an adaptive and plastic obstacle suppressing a deeper emancipatory dynamic. It is in essence a disagreement about freedom: what it is to have it, what it is to enhance it, and whether there is anything we can do about it.

So, Accelerationism, what’s all that about?