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For the "write the first sentence of a fic" thing (I'll go with yoi cause I know you love it): Yuuri assumed it would be a good idea to teach Yuri how to drive

This was, in fact, the most terrible idea he’d ever had.

After three near-hits with garbage containers, having Yuri’s cat jump on Yuuri’s face and start shrieking like death was upon it, and hearing Yuri swearing at him while he hit the accelarator without mercy, Yuuri just wanted to go home.

“Yuuri,” he said, hesitant. He clutched the seatbelt tied around his body, swallowing hard. God, if he crashed the car, Yakov would kill them both. “Maybe you should slow down a little.”

“You don’t understand,” Yurio muttered darkly. His eyes were trained on the car next to them, another student. “I have to beat him.”

From their right, JJ waved happily at Yuri.