Roller Coaster Physics.

The principle that underlies the working of a roller coaster is simple. As you ascent to the top, your potential energy builds up. ( i.e the higher you go, longer the distance that the force of gravity can act upon)

This built up Potential energy gets released as kinetic energy downhill. ( Kinetic energy is the energy of motion- linear and rotational). 

Now what Roller Coaster Engineers do is abuse this principle to engineering perfection.

I remember making this from about a year back on the forums.

Oh well, enjoy my garbage.


If Warriors Could Drive…


If Jayfeather could drive…

Squirrelflight: There is absolutely no way you’re driving my sedan.


If Hollyleaf could drive…

Lionblaze: You’re driving too slow.

Hollyleaf: I am driving precisely 53 miles per hour.

Lionblaze: The speed limit is 55!

Hollyleaf: -Which is why I’m going 53. If I go 55 then I might accelerate and go 56 or 57. Do you want me to break the law?

Cinderheart: *from back seat* We’re going to be late for school at this rate.

Hollyleaf: I calculated we will be at school at exactly 7:55 am sharp.

Lionblaze: *groans*


If Lionblaze could drive…

Lionblaze: Yes! No more relying on Hollyleaf for transportation.

*30 minutes later*

Brambleclaw: I can’t believe I have to give my own son a ticket for speeding…


If Dovewing could drive…

Dovewing: Okay, just ease on the gas break, and…

Birchfall: Dovewing, that’s the ACCELARATION!

Dovewing: *squeak* *car screeches into a bush* Um…sorry.

Birchfall: *haggard mess* Okay, let’s review the basics again…Dovewing? Stop drifting off into space!

Dovewing: You’d drift off into space too if you could hear and see everything…


If Ivypool could drive…

Ivypool: *eases on pedal* On these back roads, I am free. No more lying or treachery…*presses pedal down harder - speed accelerates 55* No more school, job, or training…*pushes past 78 mph* No more…distractions. *pushing 90* I can just be myself! *car automatically shuts down at 125 mph*

Ivypool: That’s always fun to do.

that-one-new-pokemon  asked:

(1) Hey, so I saw your post about colleges, and I go to Full Sail University in Florida. Idk if youve heard of it, but its amazing! Im in the computer animation program, and my experience so far as been overwhelmingly awesome. Each professor has had ten or more years in the industry, (one of mine is an old Disney animator!) and it doesn't matter if youd never 3D modelled before or animated before, they teach you extremely quickly. The .CA program takes about 20-24 months to complete or 36 if

(2) you’re taking it online, instead of the typical four years for a bachelor’s degree. (And from what I’ve seen of your art, you’d do really well there!) The program is a bit accelarated, normally only one to two classes a konth, and every two or so months is a semester, with 7-8 semesters total. It’s a great place to get yourself in the industry quickly, too. I met a guy working on the Walking Dead just by walking around campus, and one of my profs is helping me publish a comic I’ve been

(3) working on for the past five years, even though I’m not in a writing course, just because he saw that I was passionate about it. the school is an old strip mall turned into a college, so there aren’t any dorms. You’d have to pay for an apartment, and overall (at least for me) my computer animation degree is 75, 000$, (which is just the normal total of a four year college pushed into a year and a half) Despite all of that, though, my first six months here have been amazing. They want you to

(4) succeed, and will help you in any way to get your foot in the door to your industry. You get assigned an advisor that sticks with you your whole education, so you can ask them anything at any time and they’ll help you. Also,every other month or so, Full Sail hosts WWE games and students get free tickets lol. And once a year or every half year, there’s a hall of game event, where past students who have made it big over ten years come back to school, with many othera in the industry, and

(5) that’s the time you can use to talk to more professionals who know exactly how the industry works. In just my first six months, I met a guy who worked on Iron Man, Big Hero 6,and Halo. Plus, Blizzard comes every now and again, and students can test out games and stuff before theure released. If you don’t mind the cost, id highly reccomend this school. There’s also other programs if you don’t want to do Computer Animation. There’s Game Art, Game Design, Digital Design, Film, Buisiness,

(6) Music production, Creative Writing,Graphic Design, and so many more. Sorry for rambling, i just get excited about my college lol.

wow thanks for such a detailed and well thought-out response! i’ll definitely take all this information into consideration when the time comes for me to apply to a college, your college sounds pretty great!

@jessicastanley and I were just talking about imprinting and I had.. and idea? a realization? Like, even in the books nobody knows what imprinting really is or why it happens. There’s the theory that it’s something genetical, that it helps single out the genetically best partner to create more werewolves. More often it’s actually handled like fate- destined love at first sight.
Now, what do we know about the wolves? Everything about them is accelarated and enhaced. Their growth, their cell reproduction, their strenght, their speed, even their emotions- we’ve witnessed their uncontrolled rage. Everything is enhanced so they can keep up with the vampires.

So… what if both theories are true? What if it is genetical- they find genetically compatible partners via scent ( like mammals do) and once their system recognizes it, it throws such a massive enhanced wave of hormones at them to tie them emotionally to the compatible partner- to help them procreate. Because look at what happened to Emily despite the imprint- imagine if Sam had still been with Leah- in love, but not imprinted, a fresh werewolf- and lost his controll. Probably much much worse. So their system throws out hormones to tie them emotionally to their partners (this is already a huge part of human biology), and because their emotions are enhanced and their development is accelarated, it causes them to fall in love almost instantaneously.
It’s not fate- it’s a biogical selection that gets magically enhanced through the werewolf gene- love at first sight.

(obviously this gets a little wonky with baby Nessie- there are no hormones in her scent yet to induce that, and SM clearly intended this to be destined love, I know, but let’s play around wuth this idea okay? Because this way it’s a little less forced to me, it’s just their own biology, not some invisible force ridding them of their free will)

@panlight, would love to hear your thoguths on this


So i was asked what my favorite type of music is and it’s hardstyle! 

So I made a top 10! Purely opinion based and 10 isn’t even enough! feel free to check them out! 

my favorite artist are the noisecontrollers! But really I listen to what sounds good to me.

10.Tha Playah - Why So Serious 

9.THE SICKEST SQUAD - Strike  (Lots of profanity XD)

8.Radical Redemption - My Name Is The Lord

7.Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind) Atmozfears & Audiotricz

6.Star Wars - Power Of The Dark Side (Hardstyle Remix)

5.The Pitcher - Ain’t nobody

4. My 303-Showtek  (drug mention and profanity)

3. Frontliner - Beatdown

2.Noisecontrollers - Feel So Good

1.Paul Elstak - I’m Not An Addict (Accelarator Remix) (drug mention and profanity)

17 Things I learned in 2017:

1. It’s already the experience or the past winning streak, not the skill, the will, the determination and the devotion.

2. Being hailed into position means you’re the best. You might even be accelarated to the highest class.

3. Money can buy something. It can buy you fame, happiness, recognition and position. But it can’t buy you real friends and family, though.

4. You should know that the one your closest to isn’t always your best friend and the one you hate the most isn’t always your worst enemy. Who knows, the one you call your best friend, is actually your worst enemy in disguise.

5. Everything will not go smooth, as you want it to be. That’s how rough life is.

6. You do not need to prove that you deserve. You even do not need to speak when you’re called. Also, answer dependently.

7. You can’t trust anyone. Even yourself.

8. You run, you win and you sit the position. When the real work begins, you’ll just need to make a perfect excuse.

9. Work when someone with authority is watching. Just sit there when you’re just with your peers.

10. Cheating is common. Being honest is unnatural.

11. You win, you lose and you’ll still get recognize as long as you’re one of the favored individuals.

12. Those who are Godly aren’t all Godly. Maybe some are the antonym.

13. You need to be perfect. You need to do perfect.

14. You can be better than the best ones. As long as you’re close to those who rank you.

15. Crushes don’t like us back.

16. Grades, is now a group work not an individual assessment. So be sure you have your intelligent friends next to you,always.

17. The world is unfair and it will never be. Get used to it.

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"Of course, you are definetly getting Chai ice cream" Harley said with a more relaxed grin as she laid her head on Bruces head thankfully " She said she wanted to do some experiments with a partical accelarator? Or something.."

“My my! Particle accelerators? I can find a way for her to experiment on a lower scale model. But it can happen! It’s not hard to put everything together.” His gaze shifted upwards to her. “You’ve come to the right person.”


Miles had always been an in-your-face type of bloke, he’d rather not tumult around too much with ludicrous texts and phonecalls- particularly after knowing from his neighbors that the person he had been wanting to see had moved to his apartment block. He disregarded the temptation to press the dial button and in lieu of doing that, he just went straight to knock on her door. He could feel his heartbeat accelarate - out of eagerness more than anything; it’d been months, and meeting Clarissa again would certainly spice things up. She’d always been his favorite. He waited until he could the creak of the door. “Hi, rabbit. Miss me?”