acccy asked:

Awh :/ Well that sucks dude, best of luck finding it

thanks. im really regretting forgetting to set up find my iphone on it. it would’ve made this 10x easier.

acccy asked:

Hey! Good luck, i took spanish last year. got a 5, then again i am fluent in it LOL. I'm taking computer science today. Let me know how it goes yeah?

Thanks! I feel like I did alright haha! I was worried for nothing!

acccy asked:

If you turned on the findmyiphone feature aka icloud you could just go online and literally see the pinpointed GPS location of it. We did the same thing for my girlfriend's iphone that was stolen and we just reported the location to the police and got it back

the phone was not connected to icloud as it was not activated and i had just gotten it so ;; Yeah. I’m really regretting that.