The Signs as Mayan Deities.
  • Aries: <i>Buluc Chabtan</i> was the god of war, violence and death to whom human beings were sacrificed regularly.
  • Taurus: <i>Ah Uaynih</i> was goddess of sleep. She was especially helpful in putting men to sleep.
  • Gemini: <i>Cacoch</i> was a creator god who presides over creativity and communication.
  • Cancer: <i>Ixchel</i> was the goddess of the moon, childbirth, pregnancy and rainbows.
  • Leo: <i>Ah Bolom Tzacab</i> was the god of aristocracy, royalty, kings and queens.
  • Virgo: <i>Ixcuiname</i> was the goddess of the four ages of womankind; life of child, maiden, mother, crone is unclear.
  • Libra: <i>Ndozin</i> was the god of death and justice. He is also the "Lord of the Night".
  • Scorpio: <i>Ixazalvoh</i> was the goddess of water, life, and weaving. She also presides over female sexuality.
  • Sagittarius: <i>Ahulane</i> was war god associated with archery and known as The Archer.
  • Capricorn: <i>Alaghom Naom</i> was the goddess of the mind, thoughts and inspiration.
  • Aquarius: <i>Acat</i> was god of the art of tattooing and patron of tattoo artists.
  • Pisces: <i>Ixtab</i> was the goddess of suicides and, particularly, those who died by hanging.

*a small one-shot for Yousana fans, two in one, enjoy!*

Those few months away from him had been a torture for Sana.

Regular calls, talking for hours over the phone, they were not enough for her. Even the occasional video chats were incomparable with hearing his voice hugging her ears when he sat right next to her, or seeing his face in reality – just at her fingertips.

Sometimes she wondered how things would look if he came back. Would they pick up right where they left off or that unavoidable awkward stage would appear like a wall between them once again?

Sana thought that it was pretty normal for people who like each other to be awkward at first. She still did not know how to act around him, although she did try her best to just be herself.

But none of those things changed the fact that it had been almost three months since they last saw each other.

And she missed him really bad.

She never told anyone about that. Her best friends didn’t have much of a reaction when she told them she liked Yousef.

They acted like they already knew, Eva even told her that it was really obvious, that her face changed everytime he was around, that her eyes lit up and her smile was as big as it could get.

Maybe that’s why her brother, Elias, always had so many questions about her relationship with his best friend. Maybe people could see how much joy just the sight of him brought her.

And now, she was sitting on her bed, staring at her phone for the past hour, waiting patiently for a sound of an incoming message.

He was supposed to be back that morning, and he promised he’d text her as soon as he was done unpacking.

Sana fixed her hijab that started sliding on her head because of her hunching over the phone.

Still nothing.

The girl felt really disappointed. She could not sleep at all the night before that, knowing she would get to see him in just a matter of hours.

And then, someone knocked on the front door. She heard Elias get up to answer it, and then his voice became very cheerful as if he was greeting somebody.

Her heart began beating faster and faster, like it knew who that was even before her mind had a chance of registering the whole situation.

She couldn’t move, she just sat on her bed, her eyes staring deep into the door leading to the corridor.

Her hopes were all crushed, when Elias’ head popped inside of her room.

“Dad just came home, but he forgot to buy carrots. Can you go buy them?”

When she finally went back to reality, she agreed and took the money he gave her.

Sana was walking home, a bag of carrots swinging back and forth in her left hand.

The girl was trying to think about something else other than a certain someone.

Unfortunately, her mind involuntarily went back to him as soon as it had a chance. That’s how liking somebody was? Not being able to walk, to eat or do basically anything without seeing their face in front of your eyes, even though they were far away?

Well, that was how the past three months of her life looked like.

And then, when she was about to make a turn right, somebody grabbed her hand and stopped her.

She was about to start defending herself with the bag of carrots as it was the only weapon she could think of at the moment, but when she turned her head, her eyes were met with his.

And it was like the whole world started spinning around them, and they were the only ones standing still. Her mouth immediately formed the biggest smile ever.

She wanted to hug him so bad, but she contained herself.

Yousef just started at her, no halla or anything. And Sana actually didn’t mind, maybe he wanted to take him in as much as she did. She wanted to enjoy the sight of him, after the longest three months of her life.

Only probably ten minutes had passed, but it felt like forever.

And when they were finally able to form words and logical sentences, she realized that he was still holding her hand.

His was warm, and bigger then hers, and they fit together perfectly. He followed her gaze, and was about to let go, probably not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable, but she tightened the grip and smiled.

It felt good to hold his hand like this, to touch him. Even if it was in a smallest way, just the feeling of his skin made her feel butterflies in her stomach.

She knew that she shouldn’t do that, but at that moment – it felt so right.

So they kept walking, until they stopped at her house. Sana went inside to leave the carrots behind and went back down to him in a matter of seconds, immediately going back to holding his hand.

Yousef smiled at her.

Moments like that were always worth the wait. Even if it’s for just a second, the feeling stays for much longer. And that was one she would never forget.

In Sicilia quando non sei proprio convinto dici “ora poi lo facciamo…” oppure ad una domanda rispondi contemporaneamente “sì,no…”
Noi siciliani, abbiamo una percezione del tempo molto particolare, ad esempio quello che hai fatto il giorno prima diventa passato remoto, come fossero trascorsi secoli… oppure quando stai uscendo di casa, rassicuri tutti affermando “sto tornando”, anche se il tuo rientro sarà dopo un paio d'ore.
Per noi il condizionale è quasi inutile, infatti lo sostituiamo direttamente con il congiuntivo, tipo “se putissi, u facissi”. Abbiamo anche il “potere” di far diventare transitivi i verbi intransitivi, infatti noi usciamo la macchina, saliamo la spesa, usciamo i soldi… Poi a noi piace molto utilizzare gli spostamenti “salire e scendere” in modi molto fantasiosi, infatti noi “scendiamo giù a Natale” e “saliamo dopo le feste”, anche il caffè “è salito” e la pasta si cala. Qui, in Sicilia, le macchine camminano come avessero gambe, e non vengono guidate ma “portate”.
Spesso utilizziamo una sola parola per indicare più oggetti, ad esempio non c'è differenza tra tovaglia, asciugamano, tovaglietta, per noi è solo tovaglia, e basta. Se vogliamo dire ad un amico di venire a trovarci, gli diciamo di “avvicinare”, che è meno formale e più amichevole.
Riusciamo anche a trasformare un luogo in un modo di fare, ad esempio il cortile diventa curtigghiu, ovvero spettegolare, anche se quest'ultimo non rende molto l'idea.
Se parliamo in questo modo, non vuol dire che siamo ignoranti e arretrati, dietro ogni parola o espressione che utilizziamo si nascondono le nostre origini, la nostra storia. Ad esempio “tumazzu, carusu, cammisa”, sono parole greche (vedi tumassu, kouros, poucamiso); “carrubo” deriva dall'arabo “harrub”, così come le parole “cassata e giuggiulena”. “Accattari”, deriva dal normanno “acater” (da cui il francese “acheter”), oppure “arrieri” (da darriere). Dal catalano abbiamo preso in prestito le parole “abbuccari” (da abocar),“accupari” (da acubar), “cascia” (da caixa) ecc… Questi sono solo alcuni esempi, in realtà sono migliaia i vocaboli presi in prestito dalle altre lingue.

Essere orgogliosi delle proprie radici però non significa chiudersi e rifiutarsi di conoscere la grammatica italiana, ritenendo snob “quelli del nord” quando ci correggono. Anzi, utilizzare il proprio dialetto (più che dialetto è una lingua a tutti gli effetti) con consapevolezza, può soltanto arricchire.

—  Sconosciuta
ToppDogg Alphabet Drabble: V-acation

V is for Vacation!

Pairing: Sangdo x You


© angel sangdo

After four years of sleepless nights and never ending stress, you finally graduated from your university. As a reward, you and and your best friend flew to Thailand for a 3 days 2 nights vacation.

A lot of your friends already visited Thailand and their exciting stories of how fun and beautiful the place is convinced the both of you to chose this destination.

On your second day, at around noon, you and your best friend decided to chill at a cafe to rest for a while. The round alarm vibrated for you to claim your order so you stood up and made your way towards the counter.

You held the tray with two drinks using two hands and carefully walked so it wouldn’t spill when a man suddenly bumped your arm knocking the tray over.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed. 

“I’m so sorry!” He said in English, and he looked really apologetic and not to mention handsome that you almost said “It’s okay” but no, these drinks cost you a fortune so you’re not going to let him slip.

“What happened?” Your best friend approached. 

“This asshole right here just bumped me and spilled our drinks! I don’t know if he’s got a bad eyesight or something.” You explained to her in Korean.

“But he’s handsome though! And he’s a foreigner! So how are you going to tell him that he needs to pay us back?” She asked. 

You saw a smile forming on his lips.

“I know he’s handsome! Look at him! He’s even smiling! As if he understands what we’re talking about. And don’t worry, I know how to speak English. I’ve learned a lot from watching Netflix series.” You said.

“Fine, I’ll leave this to you.” Your best friend left and went back to your seats.

“YOU!” You pointed at him, “BUY. US. NEW. DRINKS.” You said the words carefully and even action them out hoping that he would understand.

Suddenly, he burst out laughing. 

“Aish, this asshole.” You muttered under your breath. 

“I’m sorry, you just sound really cute speaking in English.” He spoke in Korean.

Your eyes widened.

 “You can speak Korean?!” You asked, almost screaming.

“Well, I’m actually a Korean.” He said.

You turned red in embarrassment. You just said a lot of awful things about him! And you even said he’s handsome! That means he understood all of that! 

“B-but you don’t look like a Korean!”

“I get that comment a lot,” He said smiling. “Come on, let’s get this cleaned up and replace your drinks.” 

You followed him to the counter but refused to make eye contact.

“Oh and by the way,” He spoke and you turned to look at him, “Thanks for calling me handsome.” 

¿Qué es el poder?

El Poder es la capacidad que tiene alguien, para imponer a otra persona algo que no quiere. Gracias a esta revelación que le hice a Michel Foucault, él pudo escribir luego su obra monumental, que continuaron todos los discípulos que le citan de continuo, de manera que tuvieron que cerrar varias bibliotecas por falta de espacio.

Eso es el Poder. Pero cuando se le observa, hay que darse cuenta de que el Poder impone, y también se acepta. O sea, es una relación entre el que manda y el que obedece. La obediencia no es más que una elección frente al Poder y sus armas. Triste, pero es así. Aunque existe otra opción: la de no obedecer, por duro que pueda ser el castigo.

¿Cómo es posible entonces que obedezcamos a un puñado de tipos, escasos en número, que excluyen a las multitudes, que incumplen sus promesas electorales, que viven del cuento en un lujo de fábula, que tienen una soberbia y una mala hostia patológicas… El Poder ha inventado las cosas más ingeniosas para hacer que la gente acate: desde arrancamientos capilares, a predicaciones de curas. Pero hay dos modos sumamente eficaces que conviene conocer, por lo insidioso y maligno.

El primero es la atomización. El Poder procura que tú, como individuo, aspires a una mejora personal en tu estrujamiento. Cuando tú empiezas a maniobrar personalmente para salir del pozo de mierda, el Poder se siente feliz. Puede permitir que tú escapes a su dominio, mientras que el resto traga quina, lo mismo que la lotería permite que uno se haga rico, mientras el resto sigue jugando. Lo que el Poder para nada quiere, es a un millón de personas frente a sus tanques. Porque no hay tanque que pueda contener a una masa irracional e iracunda.

El segundo medio que emplea, es el de fomentar la pobreza, la precariedad vital. Mediante el hambre, los sicarios, el desempleo, la sanidad infecta, las fronteras, las leyes… El Poder asesina a miles de personas, de mujeres, de indígenas, de sindicalistas, de migrantes, de parados… La sensación de angustia, desamparo, los rugidos de las tripas, la impotencia individual, hacen que los propios dominados pidan al Poder su salvación, ya que él es quien se encarga de la distribución de los mendrugos. El narcotráfico justifica la intervención militar, el sicariato el Estado de Sitio y donde hay hambre, solo se piensa en comida. Por eso, cuando el Poder se tambalea, invierte en miseria y destrucción (1). El Poder puede otorgar algo luego de quemar la cosecha, con tal de tener la fiesta en paz. Pero nunca permitirá que conquistes un derecho, y siempre te querrá con el rostro bajo su bota.

Poder bueno, el que se destruye. Lo que es de uno es de todos, lo que es de todos es de nadie, lo que es de nadie es de uno.


Why is everyone in books so effing beautiful and then there’s me in the corner in sweatpants and messy hair smiling like a madwoman when I see anything that even SIMILAR to my otp. Like, why?

I was tagged by @krooos, gracias Anna <3

Age: 18

Birthplace: Aveiro, Portugal

Current time: 11:18am

Drink you had last: milk

Easiest person to talk to: @cristeamo

Favorite song: Domino by David Carreira because yes

Grossest memory: omg nothing i’d want to share lmfao

Horror, yes or no: NOOOOOO

In love: nope

Jealous of people: sometimes

Killed someone: wtf

Love at first sight or should i walk past again: both

Middle name: Francisca (my first name is Ana)

Number of siblings: two older brothers

One wish: to make it as a football journalist 

Person i called last: My mum

Question i’m always asked: anything related to my weight tbh 

Reason to smile: rn the fact that i’ve successfully completed my first year of college

Time i woke up: 10:00am 

Underwear color: grey

Vacation: South-eastern Asia is a dream 

Worst habit: i’m always playing w my hair and it’s annoying 

X-rays: i’ve had some but i cant remember lol it was a long time ago 

Your favourite food: have been craving seafood but it’s usually sushi 

Zodiac: Libra 

I tag whomever wants to do this! 

anonymous asked:

hey!! for the aphobe blocklist I thought I should mention, snak/egay has changed to tre/tijr/ezn/or, torr/acat to les/bia/nli/on, and cen/tip/rinc/ess to whi/tesa/vio/rco/mpl/ex

Oh hey, I didn’t know about torr/acat or sn/ake/gay! Thank you, I’ll fix it.

–Mod Mercy