Okay but guys hear me out: There was no bechloe in the trailer, I see that, but have you seen theo or chicago? Like it’s confirmed they are both in it and they still didn’t show them in the trailer. Kendrick aka the captain of the bechloe ship talked about bechloe, even said the bechloe moments are her favourite moments all together.

My point is bechloe might not have been in the trailer but neither were theo and chicago which leaves me pretty optimistic that they just try to keep it more of a secret. And let’s be real, the whole cast loves bechloe. I don’t know about you but I am pretty confident that it’s going to happen.

Mama (3D Vocals)
My Chemical Romance


As requested by fatima-luna-howlter

Mama, originally performed
by My Chemical Romance.

(ik tht you requested for a plain vocal edit but idk I felt like doing a 3D edit sorry :P) Cut me some slack because there are flaws here and there <3

Helena (3D Vocals)
My Chemical Romance
Helena (3D Vocals)


Aaaalright! Finally, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new audio edit,
But, this time, I’m keeping things a little bit simple because I had no time to upload things, because 2016 is such a busy year for me.

So here it is, Helena with only Gerard’s vocals in 3D!
It’s like ASMR but… idk close enough hah



Some references of these little musical guys I like to call Tablatures! They’re beings made from a specific piece of sheet music, and its the piece that appears on their skin! Their names are all musical terminology, and they all have their own little music symbol :^)

Arpeggio | Dal Segno | Staccato | Acapella (Click for the links to their pieces)

( Dal Segno belongs to @myeyesseeall, Staccato to @tinkerinks, and Acapella to @peachie-momo )