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Just listen to this magical voice of @princessmovieticket (Disabled Owl) and how she brings my poems to life !!! 

You don’t even know how much I love the way you express the message it conveys. Thank you a lot for your time and efforts. You are phenomenal! 


It used to be a burning feeling,

Now we watch it ceases to burn.

None of us want to keep the fire,

We lighted up three months ago.

That fire used to blaze merrily,

Visible from the end of the world.

And now we’re forced to see,

Embers burning tragically low.

One single spark was just enough,

To start something beautiful,

That magical November night,

But we decided to let it go.

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Helena (3D Vocals)
  • Helena (3D Vocals)
  • My Chemical Romance


Aaaalright! Finally, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new audio edit,
But, this time, I’m keeping things a little bit simple because I had no time to upload things, because 2016 is such a busy year for me.

So here it is, Helena with only Gerard’s vocals in 3D!
It’s like ASMR but… idk close enough hah


  • Me: I hate country music
  • PTX: Jolene cover w/ Dolly Parton!!!
  • Me: Howdy y'all wanna go back to the cow ranch and have some Yankee doodlin' a cappella banjo fun it's high noon down in Texas barbecue yee dawge there's a snake in my boot God bless 'Murica
Settle Down (Vocals Only)
  • Settle Down (Vocals Only)
  • The 1975

A song by The 1975, Settle Down (Vocals Only)
Yes, I now make edits other than MCR because, I’m out of MCR materials so cut me some damn slacks, guys! Y’all can hear like about 25% of the music but hey, that’s all I can do.

I hope y’all would enjoy this! This is my first ever The 1975 edit that I’ll be posting here!
Such a good-ass band.

Request me for more of these on my askbox: (x)
please note that y’all can request me any songs that you want me to edit, not just MCR songs

  • Mama (3D Vocals)
  • My Chemical Romance


As requested by fatima-luna-howlter

Mama, originally performed
by My Chemical Romance.

(ik tht you requested for a plain vocal edit but idk I felt like doing a 3D edit sorry :P) Cut me some slack because there are flaws here and there <3