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Helena (3D Vocals)
My Chemical Romance
Helena (3D Vocals)


Aaaalright! Finally, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new audio edit,
But, this time, I’m keeping things a little bit simple because I had no time to upload things, because 2016 is such a busy year for me.

So here it is, Helena with only Gerard’s vocals in 3D!
It’s like ASMR but… idk close enough hah


  • Me: I hate country music
  • PTX: Jolene cover w/ Dolly Parton!!!
  • Me: Howdy y'all wanna go back to the cow ranch and have some Yankee doodlin' a cappella banjo fun it's high noon down in Texas barbecue yee dawge there's a snake in my boot God bless 'Murica
Settle Down (Vocals Only)
The 1975
Settle Down (Vocals Only)

A song by The 1975, Settle Down (Vocals Only)
Yes, I now make edits other than MCR because, I’m out of MCR materials so cut me some damn slacks, guys! Y’all can hear like about 25% of the music but hey, that’s all I can do.

I hope y’all would enjoy this! This is my first ever The 1975 edit that I’ll be posting here!
Such a good-ass band.

Request me for more of these on my askbox: (x)
please note that y’all can request me any songs that you want me to edit, not just MCR songs


Some references of these little musical guys I like to call Tablatures! They’re beings made from a specific piece of sheet music, and its the piece that appears on their skin! Their names are all musical terminology, and they all have their own little music symbol :^)

Arpeggio | Dal Segno | Staccato | Acapella (Click for the links to their pieces)

( Dal Segno belongs to @myeyesseeall, Staccato to @tinkerinks, and Acapella to @peachie-momo )

Mama (3D Vocals)
My Chemical Romance


As requested by fatima-luna-howlter

Mama, originally performed
by My Chemical Romance.

(ik tht you requested for a plain vocal edit but idk I felt like doing a 3D edit sorry :P) Cut me some slack because there are flaws here and there <3