My name’s kika. I love my idols more than anything so be free to fangirl with me. I also love animals, especially dogs and monkeys! I only joined the tropical fam in the beggining of the summer and I don’t even think my blog is anything special so I’ll probably need some need help from you haha. My fav season is maybe summer bc no school but I love them all mostly bc fashion I just love to try different types of outfits and all that stuff. My biggest inspiration is selena gomez and I had my dream come true when I met her one year ago! One of my fav songs atm is break free by ariana grande. I’m a fan of books and I am currentely reading paper towns yay. I love watching movies and tv shows so much (teen wolf is so epic omg)! Sorry for the biig text but somehow I got inspired lmao ily

I’m not sure if I already posted this or not, but I’ll do it anyway haha. well hey my names Keletso! I would love to be in your faves because your blog is one of my favorites and it would mean a lot if you chose me! I would also like to get to know you and other people on the page and yeah! I don’t really have anything interesting or funny to add but thanks so much for considering me! xx

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Hi lovelies! 

Blogging is my natural habitat, so I would love to be in a network (especially this one bc you are fab). Having a tropical blog is like my escape, because I live in a super super super cold region (aka Canada). It snows for like half the year. 

I don’t have much to say. I’m super active (I’m on tumblr every chance I get!) I can’t bribe you with millions of followers or anything, but if you let me into your network we’ll all get a new friend (haha sorry this sounds super lame).

If I do get accepted it’ll be the first network I’ve ever been in, so I’m really excited. Okay have a fab day! Ily :* 

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Hey my names Keletso! I’m 14 and I love dancing, singing, and playing guitar! I’m kinda a major fangirl haha, mostly over one direction, 5sos, the vampire diaries, Nicholas sparks and John green books, romantic movies, and yeah! I would love to be on your faves page because I’ve been following you for a while and I really love your blog! also I’d love to meet new people, like the people you add to the faves page, and I think it would be really fun! thanks for considering me and by the way my main blog is faultystarsx so if I message you it would be on that :)