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Acadia National Park, Maine

Surprisingly, I was the only car in the parking lot at the peak of Cadillac Mountain for this “sunset” a couple nights ago. A little rain scared all the tourists away and I had it all to myself. Looks like just home.



Snowy spring coastline, Maine’s Acadia National Park.


National Park Signs -  Part I

I’ve now been to 28 US National Parks over the past 4 years. The experience has been truly amazing.

Here’s a cute pic of a red fox seen at Maine’s Acadia National Park. If you are visiting the park, keep your eyes open along Park Loop Road, you may see foxes playing nearby! Please keep your distance when you spot cool creatures. Help us keep the wildlife wild. Photo by Matthew Lambert, National Park Service.


Today is the American “Independence Day” holiday so I’m going to be featuring a number of clips from US National Parks.

Cadillac Mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park, a nice big chunk of granite, sees the first sunrise of anywhere in the United States, and a crowd often gathers to catch it. This panorama swings from the granites of the mountain out over the Harbor to the explosion of color from the sun.


Bubble Pond by baobaomao
Via Flickr:
Didn’t see anything with heavy fog. Took the bus to this place right before the thunderstorm.