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Sunset, Acadia

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This Viner is on a road trip hitting up national parks across the U.S. for the entire year and Twitter is closing down Vine when she’s 2/3 done. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a couple of hers today, I’ve shared a majority anyway! For Vine closing down, here’s a sunset over Bass Harbor Lighthouse, while it blinks, in Maine on the shores of the Atlantic, Acadia National Park. There’s a tiny trail along the coast, in-between the waves and the lighthouse here. May have walked it before. All beautiful Maine granite.

Acadia National Park in Maine is known for its sunrises. The park is one of the first places to see the sunrise in the U.S., but its sunsets are also stunning! Photographer James Kaiser captured this magical view from the top of Cadillac Mountain after a rainy day: “Even when things seem gloomy, conditions can quickly change. It’s one of nature’s most important lessons, and national parks help us appreciate it firsthand.” Photo courtesy of James Kaiser.


National Park Signs -  Part I

I’ve now been to 28 US National Parks over the past 4 years. The experience has been truly amazing.