Last word about the fifties: the leading cause of death for women if childbearing age was complications from botched illegal abortions.  It was an age when everyone knew someone who’d died from it.  When abortion isn’t legal, affordable, and available, women die.

@sleepinthegardn: Guys. I gotta say. I am speechless. It is such an honor to be the first actor on a television series to ever receive a #academyaward without being in a film, but rather for just playing #spencerhastings in #pll for a long time and in a lot of intense situations. I would, first and foremost, like to thank all my Brazilian fans because…well… They gave me this Oscar. Thanks guys. Hopefully The next one will be a bit heavier. 🍾

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If I ever win an oscar, I want these two to present it.

The Sweet Miracle of Aaliyah: #15YearsLater
A #Grammy & #AcademyAward Nominated Multi-platinum selling singer before she was out of her teens !! In the midst of a full assault on Hollywood !! #RomeoMustDie to #QueenOfTheDamned to #TheMatrix2 & #TheMatrix3 !! She is the youngest female singer to perform on the #OscarAwards !! Her song #TryAgain is the first song in #MusicHistory to go #1 on #BillboardHot100 solely off radio AirPlay !! Her music videos & unique style of dance made her a force in the entertainment world !! Sold over 32 million records world wide!! #RipAaliyah #25DaysOfAaliyah #PrincessOfRnb #QueenOfUrbanPop #StillOneInAMillion #DearDana #August252001 #August25th

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Arte sin butaca

Poder transportar al espectador a diferentes épocas, no es un trabajo fácil y más si se trata de hacer mediante la vestimenta, esto lo logra con la mano en la cintura, la oscarizada Milena Canonero.

Ganadora de 4 premios de la Academia por mejor diseño de vestuario, su último “Óscar” fue por el film The Grand Budapest Hotel, con una indumentaria extravagante pero al mismo tiempo muy cuidada.

Desde el vestido de Madame D. inspirado en un cuadro de Gustav Klimt, la capa de seda pintada a mano con puños de piel creada por Fendi, hasta las impresionantes maletas y baúles estilo vintage de la casa Prada, este film nos permite viajar en el tiempo con su galardonado vestuario.

Clara Mck

Song of the Sea

I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and was absolutely blown away by the visuals and story. For the first time I think I really understand how really beautiful art and storytelling can move your heart and how incredible it feels. Song of the sea moved me to tears and it wasn't just that I saw the movie and cried because of what happened to the characters, I actually put away my laptop with a smile and thought how great the movie was. It wasn’t until I started thinking about my own family and people I love that the tears just suddenly started coming out! I don’t believe this was just a coincidence or that the emotions had been building up because I felt fine all day.

I was so shocked at the effect it had on me though. Perhaps this is the mark of truly beautiful and amazing art? For that hour and a half I was completely mesmerized, fully submerged in that world. Even though nothing that happened was particularly analogous to my life, somehow the feeling of wonder the movie left me with carried over to reality, and the magic washed over me like waves.


La Grande Bellezza - The Great Beauty - academy award winner.

Roma ti amo sempre e comunque.

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Now tell me if The Bullitts ain’t the illest of the illest.

Now, as much as I love talking and telling stories, I don’t like doing interviews much, so I would always try and do something imaginative with them.

This interview was one for the history books and one of the reasons why I love @georgia_la and SBTV. They’d do an interview with me and I’ll say okay, but it’s not going to be regular… And Georgia Anderson and her squad would come along for the ride!

In this case, I pretended I was on the run, then Idris Elba fresh from shooting Prometheus crashes the proceedings, and slaps me up.

It was so funny, Idris was like; “What’s this for Jeymes?”. Then he saw it was for a real interview. He got really excited. But in the notes I gave him, he saw that I wrote:
He asked me what angle the camera was going to be at so the slap would look real. I said;
“Negro, I’m 6'2” from Harrow Road. SLAP ME FOR REAL!“
Idris looked at me like: "Okay mate. Don’t say I didn’t ask.”


I swear I saw that hand come into Heathrow Airport from Kansas.

I saw my manager laugh his head off at the back. But it stung like twenty Nigerian wasps (trust me, for some reason wasps in Nigeria are that much more aggressive).

When we finished we were all rolling on the floor laughing. Secretly my cheeks hurt though, but I’m a wannabe thug, so I gangstered it off in front of my comrades.

In your own time, go to YouTube and search 'THE BULLITTS SBTV’. Watch the whole interview. You’ll love it. TheWorldInsideMyHead

Okay back to work. Sidebar: #IdrisElba #Mandela #AcademyAward All the way.

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everyone please check this movie out. there are no words for it