a witchcraft 101 on warding! here is a link to the database for sun academy’s lessons.


warding is a method used to protect yourself, your space, or others, depending on how you make your ward. there are three different ways to make a ward:

using physical items, such as an amulet/charm, jar or knot spell, or even an item of clothing to bring protection

using visualization, energy work, and intent to build a protective field, wall, etc around yourself or the space you want to ward

similar to energetic wards, except these prevent anyone from getting into your space/ attacking your person astrally, rather than physically

*if you don’t know what the astral is yet, that’s okay. even if you can’t astral travel or project, you can still make astral wards. all you have to do is envision them existing in the astral rather than the physical.

with each different type of ward, you should also have different layers. ideally, you would have more than three, but there are three basic types you should be sure to have, for each physical, energetic, and astral.


ensures that no one can find your space. they can’t get in if they don’t know where it is/that it exists, right?


if someone does end up finding your space, this will ensure that they become injured/weakened on their way in - maybe even enough to deter them or stop them altogether.


the final barrier. that someone has been weakened by the offensive barriers and now will have a much harder time breaking through your defensive walls.


jar spell
these spells are my specialty. i’ve created my own recipe for a jar spell to bring warding, found here. once you make the jar, you charge it with energy to make it work. remember to program your jar spell to the specifications you need: tell it if you want it to protect your room, your house, or if it’s mobile, the area within “however many feet” of it in all directions.

knot spell
this spell is similar to a jar spell in function, but not in shape. all you need is a piece of string, ribbon, or yarn. tie several knots in the string. each knot you tie strengthens the protection, so feel free to tie as many as you feel to be necessary. remember to tell it what you want it to protect, as well. this would also be easy to make into a bracelet or necklace!

clothing spell
pick an article of clothing. this ward is more specific to a person, as you will have to be wearing the clothing in order for it to protect you. envision it filling up with strong, powerful energy. this cloth is no longer soft and flimsy. it is like armor. nothing can touch you while you wear it (not literally of course, but it will help protect you).

energy/astral (basic)
envision a glowing wall surrounding what you want to protect. it is made of the strongest metal, the most invisible mirror. no one wants to pass through it, and no one can. now extend this energy inside, all throughout the area you want to protect, like a gaseous substance. this area is just as strong and impenetrable. nothing wants to be in this space, and nothing can be there without express permission from you.

a note

there are many different kinds of wards, these are just some of the basics. many wards are much more complex. when warding, the more you can have, the better. don’t settle for just a couple. i know people who have hundreds, even thousands of wards. it may take you a while to build up to that level, but believe me: you can never have enough wards.

make sure to check up on your wards every once in a while too, to make sure they’re not broken or fading! if you don’t know how, ask another spirit worker you trust to do it for you!

Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt, academy days!

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Programmer's youtube subscriptions

There’re some people who teach to people how to code or learn programming on youtube. I think these guys are so cool, they’re doing great jobs and they have knowledge of every subject of programming. I chose some of them and listed in my tumblog.

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