Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando are the only actors to win an Academy Award for playing the same role. The role was Don Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather, in which Brando won for playing the elderly mob boss, and De Niro won in The Godfather Part II playing the young, up and coming Italian mob leader.

ophiesaa  asked:

Hi! you're art is absolutely stunning, and i was wondering if you have any hair colouring tips?

I can show you a little step by step of my process. I have straight hair and curly hair here as examples. Featuring my OC Kat and Vampire Academy’s Lissa (wips I had in my folder).

Gradients save my life, I use them for everything

Light on curly/coily hair falls different than on straight hair. The texture and body is vastly different, so light often collects in the centre of the body of hair (in Kats case, near her ear). 

Straight hair falls in relation to gravity, it is shaped around the head and shoulders; add lots of shine and sparkle. Voila.

(also, references help if you’re having trouble)

Disneyland AU:
I recently watched Continue? play ‘Goofy’s Hysterical History Tour’ and Josh’s hatred for Goofy immediately made me imagine Hana wanting to have a photo of the boys at disney with the main disney character hats but Josh realises she gave him Goofy right as she takes the photo and it made me laugh so I needed it to exist.

@dappio commissioned it for me at a really good price and I couldn’t be happier with the results so send all the love!!!

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“Ha, for you - pro bono.”
“Can I approach the bench?”
“Nothing to fear.”
“I’m not Daredevil.”
“If you can’t take the heat …”
“I just winked.”
“Know what they say about justice?”
“Matt Murdock: attorney at law.”
“I’m Daredevil. That’s the truth.”
*sigh*“I have terrible taste in women.”
“I heard that.”
“Ugh! What is that smell?”
“I can hear your heart beating. Literally. That’s not a pickup line.”