academy's finest

Jimon Prep School AU

Simon only really decided to attend The Institute: Academy of the Finest because it would give him a boost come college admission season

The fact that his mom approved or that his best friend and her brother went there was irrelevant.

Simon isn’t like them though, no his parents aren’t rolling in money, sending their kids here doesn’t even make them bat an eyelash, no.

Simon is one of the scholarship kids, like Maia, and Raphael. They were on a tight leash. One screw up and it’s bye bye elite education.

Which is fine because Maia’s a badass with a sunshine smile and Raphael may be hella intimidating, but he’s actually a softie for people he cares about. And he has Clary!

Except, Clary doesn’t need him any more. Not with friends like Alec who practically runs the school along with Lydia, or Isabelle who is not only the smartest student in their year, but already has job offers in Washington, DC. And she’s a walking goddess.

And then there’s Jace. Golden Hair, Golden eyes, gorgeous, fit, smart, talented, makes every man and woman swoon just as he enters the door. There is nothing that Jace Herondale can’t do. Except get along with Simon.

He doesn’t really know why he dislikes Jace. The guy is a good guy. He treats his family right, he treats Clary right, and he has a book club! A book club, no one who is evil has a book club.

BUT they just can’t get along and they are always at each other’s throats. Snarky remarks are how they communicate he guesses.

But then Clary comes to him with fear in her eyes, saying that she might not be into Jace as much as she thought. Turns out Clary’s got her eyes set in one Maia Roberts, who “can’t understand the white girl’s constant drama” Yikes. Sorry Clary, you might need to work extra hard to get on Maia’s good side. (Which she does, to everyone’s surprise.)

Simon expects Jace to be put out by getting dumped, but he seems fine? Okay?

Until Simon finds him drunk on the balcony in the East Corridor. He looks so peaceful just watching the night sky with a bottle of Jack in his hands.

It’s there that Simon learns that Jace isn’t exactly straight. “I’m bi, actually, so you’re an ass for assuming.” Simon will deny he blushes, but he guesses that maybe he should stop assuming people’s sexuality.

“That’s cool. I’m pan.” “What the fuck is that?” Simon laughs because Jace’s face is scrunched up and he looks so confused. Oh well, what can you do when you’re a minority in a minority group.

That’s how they become friends.

Simon’s okay as friends, until he starts noticing how buff Jace’s arms are. And he wonders how nice it’d be to be held by them, wrapped around his shoulders. He starts thinking about how soft his hair look, especially early in the morning right before Bio, or how when he laughs, a real laugh, it’s captivating.

He realizes he has a problem when he starts fantasizing about hooking a finger around Jace’s Herondale family ring, conveninetly placed on a necklace, and bringing his face and consequently his lips down, close enough for him to reach out and-

Well, enough of that

Simon is screwed, because yes Jace is bi, but that doesn’t mean he’ll go for him.

Especially when Clary’s brother Jonathan is in the picture. Tall, nice and lean, and hella smart. Jonathan is the perfect son, minus some social skills. Then again when you live with Valentine for the beginning of your life, you may have some social deficiencies. Luckily Jocelyn won the court case and her and Luke secured custody over both morgenstern, fairchild children.

So no Simon can’t compete with Jonathan, who has always been like the cool, slightly introverted older brother that he never had. Plus he taught him how to play guitar, you can’t mess with the love life of the guy who taught you guitar, that’s just rude.

But Jonathan’s always been super perceptive and he confronts Simon.

Surprise, surprise, of course Jonathan is into dudes, but not Jace,

“I can’t date the guy who dated my little sister, Simon, it’s just weird.”

Apparently he’s also dating a dude named Albert? And they have a complicated History? Honestly, why was this never mentioned at the Fray-Garroway dinners?

Long story short, Simon has a chance. So he takes it. He gathers up what little courage he has. “You should have more faith in yourself Sheldon” “I’d have more if you remember my name Magnus.”

Anyway he gets his courage and goes to ask Jace out after his book club meeting on Tuesday. Well, he tries. He actually came out as “I…you…really food nice….together. Damn you’re hot…shit…I mean….date me?”

It takes Jace exactly two minutes and thirty eight seconds to stop laughing, and Simon is terrified. Until Jace looks up at him with soft eyes bursting to the brim with adoration and Simon swears his heart froze because no one has ever looked at him like that.

“That was such a you proposal, honestly, I didn’t think you could ramble about this, and yet.”

“Okay, that aside, are you saying yes?”

“Yes, I am”

So yea, he only went to The Institute: Academy of the Finest, to get into a good college. But his mom is proud, and he gets to hang with Clary and Jonathan. And he has the best, most Golden boyfriend anyone could ask (Alec will argue and say Magnus is the best, but to each his own, right?)

I unlocked Bastion Misawa at the Gate in Duel Links by winning 50 duels with 3 or less cards remaining in the deck! :D To unlock him as playable, I have to beat him at Level 30 and additionally achieve 1 win using only Fire monsters, 1 win using only Water, 1 win using only Earth, and 1 win using only Wind monsters.

Zachary: Urgh… I attack!
Bastion: Ahem. Don’t you know what happens when oxygen mixes with fire? You’re about to find out! Oxygeddon’s effect activates!
Zachary: Ahhhhh!
Bastion: Intelligence is the determining factor in 99% of Duels. I calculated everything you were planning to do.
Zachary: ………… Argh! You win! You’re awesome - I’ll never forget you, B…Ba…Basil? Baboon? What’s your name again?
Bastion: Bastion! Bastion Misawa! From Duel Academy! Ra Yellow’s finest! Bastion Misawa!!!
Zachary: …………

deal with the devil

pairing: bakugou katsuki/midoriya izuku

rating: t and up audiences

word count: 4760

notes: ongoing, first chapter, izuku is a ghost, bakugou is a detective who can see him i promise it’s cute

chapters: 1/5


Yagi Izuku died at the relatively young age of twenty one, and maybe he might’ve been content with that - except for the fact that he just can’t seem to find the afterlife. Enter Bakugou Katsuki - the Police Academy’s finest detective, angry at the world, conspiracy theorist, who quite literally walks into him one early evening on a late October’s day. Katsuki hates him, or at least, for the first twelve hours.

read on ao3: x


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anonymous asked:

Hey lovely, I hope your day was awesome sauce. I just wanted to ask if you could reblog that post from a while ago where you recommended a bunch of places to eat in the city in response to someone's question? I'm going to SF tomorrow with my bf and was trying to think of fun things to do/fun foods to eat. If you also have any other recommendations for activities to do in the city that would be great? Thanks for you help!!!

Eep I’m so jealous and excited for you!! You definitely need to spend more than a day there to get a feel of what the entire city is like. Unfortunately I can’t find the post you’re referring to (but I know which one you’re talking about!!) but here’s a list of my faaaavorite places to go. Make sure you check a map before picking out places to go! The 7x7 is a little harder to navigate than you would imagine. Brace yourself cause this list is gonna be long


El Farolito –by far the best burritos I’ve had in my life. If you eat meat, get an al pastor super burrito (it’s my faaav)

Sushirrito –sushi burritos, pretty self explanatory

Ramen underground –my favorite ramen place to go to outside of Japan Town

Blue Hawaiian Acai Cafe –if you like poke and acai bowls

Super Duper burgers –the delicious, gourmet version of McDonalds (my order: mini burger with cheese, bacon, friend egg, and avocado)

Philz/Blue Bottle Coffee/Sightglass coffee/The Mill –if you like coffee

Boba guys or Plentea –if you like pearl milk tea

bi-rite creamery/humphry slocomb –if you like ice cream

Kitchen story/sweet maple/outerlands –if you’re looking to brunch

Seoul on wheels and Senor Sisig –best food trucks in town

Crepes a go go –if you like crepes (check yelp to see if they’re open before you go, and if you do go show them a picture of me and tell them I told you to go there and that I miss them dearly!!)

Hot cookie –for penis and boob shaped cookies from the gayest community in the world

Chez maman –cute lil french bistro w rlly yummy food (great for dinner)

Foreign cinema –if you’re looking for a fancy sit down restaurant with an outdoor indie movie playing in the background for a date night 

Places to visit:

Sutro baths/lands end/ocean beach

Coit tower –best 360 view of SF

DOLORES PARK –my favorite park in the city!! also the only place in the world where it’s more common for strangers to sit down next to you and offer you weed and ask you where you got your burrito than to ignore you

Twin Peaks/Corona heights/Bernal heights –parks with a view

Billy goat hill –famous hill with the cute lil wooden rope swing overlooking the city

Fisherman’s wharf/ghirardelli square –if you go to union square, you can walk down market street until you hit the water and then walk along the embarcadero to get there

exploratorium/cal academy –two of SF’s finest science-y museums

SF MoMa/ de young museum

Hawk hill golden gate lookout 

Check out all these POPOs!! (privately owned public open places) if you like rooftop views –link

Things to do: 

Bike along the embarcadero all the way across the golden gate bridge

picnic in golden gate park

channel your inner sunny and eat an el farolito burrito in dolores park while admiring the sick view of the city :’)

let me know what you end up doing and how you like the city! have fun!!

SHIELD Academy's Finest
  • Youngest graduates to date.
  • “You know their names.”
  • You need at least one PHD to enter SHIELD Academy. Simmons has two.
  • No IQ’s in double digits.
  • A crystalline nucleation process Jemma designed. And a delivery mechanism Fitz invented.
  • They say Fitz is the smartest person to go through the Academy. He says Jemma is technically smarter because she likes homework more than life.

Ladies and gentlemen, Agent Leopold Fitz and Agent Jemma Simmons.