academy's finest

Stella + Open ✦ Strangers

The dormitory halls were packed with students of all years. This wasn’t surprising, as it was still the first week to settle in before eventually doing what most Hope’s Peak Academy’s finest students would do; either not going to class to refine their skills or going to class to refine their skills. Many were either hauling their bags towards their dorms, visiting their friends, or exploring the campus for their own reasons. You were doing one of those things, weren’t you?

Among the crowded hall, something hits your shoe and rolls against the wall with a gentle clink. A good thing that you hadn’t kicked it either; it looked like you had just found a glass ball lying on the ground. It was smooth and a strong hue of purple. It sparkled so vibrantly, and when picking it up, it weighed heavily in your hand. To lose such a beautiful piece would be terrifying, you’re sure, so what kind of person would lose this in the first place–

“Excuse me?”

A chilling voice spoke behind you. Turning around to see the stranger didn’t relax you at all but with how suspiciously they were dressed.

“What are you doing?”

Who wants to go to school when you can go to a beautiful island? 20 lucky students will be selected to go on Hope’s Peak Academy’s most finest miniature cruise! Completed with fun activities to help bond with your classmates, get the experience of a lifetime on this beautiful, tranquil island..

…But even tranquility cannot be held for so long…

DANGAN CAMISADO features chat based trials, ask box investigation, scheduled activities with randomized outcomes and an extra surprise to game mechanics and story we hope you enjoy.