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Jonas Michilot


  • Academy Snowboards
  • Gnarly
  • Vans
  • Airblaster
  • Cal Surf

Jonas is one of our favorites at Cross Stitched, but the sad truth is that not a lot of people know about him. The honest truth is that he’s one of the most talented snowboarders out there. As a young kid he stepped away from the spotlight and focused on himself and his riding. It clearly paid off, and you can see it for yourself in his video parts including the insane Video Grass part he had. He’s true to himself and those around him. 

Watching him ride is a pleasure for anyone. One because it’s not that often that you get to see him ride, and two because of what he is capable of on a snowboard. He has the smoothest style hands down. Everything looks effortless and fluid. His outlook on life is another reason to love this guy. Everything about him is so genuine and creative. His passion of photography shows that he’s more then just a snowboard rat. Jonas has a good head on his shoulders, knows what he’s doing and continues to impress. 

Recently he was able to collaborate on a pro model snowboard with his brother and Academy Snowboards. The outcome reflects his photography skills and his past experiences in snowboarding. If anyone out there is in the market for a new board, or a piece of art, go take a look. He also has a big part in the new Gnarly clothing company. His style, along with everyone involved, has been reflected. Jonas designed a jacket coming out with Gnarly, and it looks amazing, with true Michilot style and influence. 

Jonas Michilot, passion and creativity at its finest. Everyone here is always searching for news on this guy and rewatching his old parts.