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Spring Awakening Teaser | The MGA Academy of Performing Arts - June 18-20th.

A Fond Farewell

Hello fellow geeks.

The year is young and yet this new beginning was a fleeting hello for two bright lights of entertainment. David Bowie and Alan Rickman have passed away this week, each at the age of 69. Rather than dwell on what can be considered an inauspicious start to another year the geeks respectfully bow their heads in memory of two loved performers.

Bowie  - singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter, actor. A man of many talents and a musical icon with over four decades of a career marked by reinvention, musical innovation and visual presentation. Few have left such a wide ranging and lasting impact on pop culture and the industry itself.

Rickman - stage and film actor, artist, director. Begining as a theatre actor after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (leaving behind an initial career in graphic design) Alan enjoyed both success and critical acclaim on stage, television and film. Winning numerous awards and fans in the process for his wide range of roles.

As news of his passing came to us first the geeks have decided to select David Bowie’s Labyrinth for our next Be Kind Rewind podcast segment as our own minor tribute to the man and legend. We look forward to enjoying the childhood favourite once again, and as we watch, we will see that in a powerful way the departed are still with us. They entertained in life and their legacy will continue that gift long into the future.

David, Alan, thank you.


So I had my Mountview audition today

It. Was. Amazing. The entire atmosphere, everything we did, everything they told us to expect if we get accepted was just PERFECT

Started with dance and made some lovely friends who were really sweet. My corner work was a tad shambles but I got over it. We then did a routine to an updated remixed version of the rumble from west side story and it was SICK. Felt so good with it and totally nailed it. Loved it! Plus the teacher was a hottie and he was funny too so I was just like….take me!

Then went and sung my first song (empty chairs at empty tables from les mis) and it went really well. Some really talented people in the group I was with. one girl had come all the way from bermuda! She sang like jennifer hudson and danced like a fucking badass. Candice was my favourite person there.

We then had a break to find out who had gotten through to the 2nd round, and awkwardly but amazingly, I was the only one out of my little friend group that got through. So i said my awkward goodbye and rejoiced with everyone else who got through.

Then did our monologues. I missed one line in my shakespeare but I didnt let it phase me. My “road” monologue went so well, and so I was happy.

Then went through for our 2nd singing round, sang empty chairs again, and the head of voice looked pretty impressed so GOOD SIGN.

Then met a bunch of AMAZINGLY NICE first and second years who came and talked to us for a bit, then had a finance talk and left.

Mountview, please please please please PLEASE accept me. I promise i will never stop working hard or ever give up or ever falter, today made me realise how much I want to do theatre for a living, PLEEEEEASE realise I’m right for this.

URGH, perfection!