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Look, i made new art, buds!
Your boi Nagito Komaeda is here with my fav art challenge - Color Palette Challenge!
I tried to make something new, new, NEW!
And here it is, I hope you like it!


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170719 Joy Dance Plug In Music Academy Facebook post


“[Joy Dance Plugin Music Academy]

Jung Hoseok-gun (J-hope/member of BTS), who attended the Gwangju branch, left a message to Joy Dance Plug In Music Academy’s aspriring trainees. J-hope-gun’s message was sent to his juniors who carry the same dream and are training diligently at Joy Dance Academy, where he used to attend before.

He also supported his close friend, Mokpo branch’s deputy manager Moon Hyungman and thanked him for thinking of him.. That’s really cool, J-hope….^^
He said to bring better music to the fans, he’s working on the album until early dawn for the upcoming July and August activities in Korea!

We would like to say thanks to J-hope who left his autographs and messages as well as BTS members, we will support you in the future activities ❤”

2nd photo: “To. Our Hyungmanie-hyung~♡♡ Our Hyungmanie-hyung is the best!! Thank you for always thinking of me, Love U Bro!”

3rd photo: “To. Joy Dance Plug In Music~!! Hope you prepare with all you have and become cool singers!!”

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Would you be willing to doodle some rivalshipping?

I imagine them sneaking in the duel academy to watch some duels


final fantasy xiii series + characters.

merry belated christmas @starry-spaceneet xxxx

The Second Official AMA has ended, and I here bring you some of the information that was dropped in there!

Let’s start with the matter in hand, the very next event we will have, Legends Assemble. The event will center around Attuma and his minions coming to attack from Underwater! That side we have so unprotected! Something serious will happen, because Director Fury decides to take action himself, using the Helicarrier, and along with our teachers and instructors, Odin and Hank Pym.
The confirmed selection of recruitable characters it’s just… unbelievable:
Fury, Odin, Frigga, Hank Pym, J.A.R.V.I.S and… Leader.
Besides them, Peggy Carter will return to join the action, with a more comfortable Uniform and outfit for herself, and Hulk will use his brain this time… and become Bruce Banner, Finally!

That’s all for the upcoming event, but there was still some pretty good information about the Game as a whole:

-Regarding Dating, they still very much want to do it, but they wanted to give first a much Bigger selection of characters for players to pair others up with. Hangouts will be the first step to it, but someday it will happen.

- Sadly, they can’t make any promises on things like the X-men and the Fantastic Four. They can’t make any promises because they are very uncertain about those materials. However, they won’t say it’s completely Impossible.

- Mandarin might turn up to be a Really big deal, since he has in his hands (or fingers) something important regarding the truth of the Academy, and might know something on Fury.

- Confirmed characters for the future! Some of the characters you might want will totally show up later on, but some of them are just hard to figure out where the hell to put them. But some names like Gwenpool, Speed, Beta Ray Bill, Howard the Duck and more have been confirmed!

- Confirmed events! They can’t disclosure much information here, however some things Have been confirmed, like an Agents of Shield event, a Runaways Event (Mixed with another team/occurrence), and other stuff related to upcoming movies too, like the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or Spiderman Homecoming!

- They gave a pretty firm answer to this… when asked if people like Red Skull would be recruitable, Allen Warner said ‘Not Red Skull’. I have nothing against truly evil villains like him and Carnage staying in their cells forever, but I hope they do free people like Kingpin or Hi-Vo who aren’t 100% Evil!

- New Zones will be added later on, after we reach the Thor Zone, and they have figured out how to not make our phones explode, with a Storage for Characters in the work bench.

- Speaking of which, new features being worked on, like this Storage system, a way to organize the Inventory better, a Search Bar for the Database, a button to immediately store all the Non Story Decorations and Buildings and have our Schools clean to Remodel, and more!

That’s some of the things that were discussed there, you can totally go and see for yourselfs if you want, and check for more stuff I might have missed or purposely avoid to keep the secret– (I added most stuff I remember though).

Hope you’re all as hyped as me! Let’s all do our best during this last Week of Monsters Unleashed, and in that upcoming amazing event!