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Steve Rogers does not approve of his (boy)friend’s cuddling new friend :D

Yeah Tentacles. Avengers Academy you win.

Sorry for my bad English and hand writing! Grammar checking and proper handwriting functions tend to shut down while I am sleepy ; w ; (and I hope everyone in US is doing okay *hug* I know how it feels to have someone like this to lead the government… please take good care of yourself and reach out to someone if you need any help)


“For Science!”

…Okay, I think I need to stop being so hard-working. I blame all of these on Avengers Academy. They are so evil(ly good job)!

Inspired by Tony. I-am-a-scientist-so-I-need-to-check-out-my-(boy)friend’s-bicep.Stark! :D (x) Seriously, can you go get married now pleaseeeeeeeee?

Btw, I am going to the Disneyland Iron Man Experience tomorrow!!! Awww so excited!!!


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alinepnhallow asked : michael wayland & robert lightwood

this time, michael lifted his head, met robert’s eyes, and spoke clearly. “im in love with you

Nine Faces: 3/∞

  • Red Robin (Prime Earth)
After being attacked from agents from the shadowy organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E., Tim Drake as Red Robin (third partner to Batman), comes out of pseudo-retirement and returns to vigilantism. He quickly forms the first Teen Titans team with various teenaged superheroes that he had been monitoring online for awhile. Red Robin currently leads the Teen Titans and occasionally helps out in Gotham when needed.

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metaphoricalbrainjizzbaby  asked:

HI i just found this blog and, firstly, i love it? i love it. but! recently i watched the Power Rangers movie and fell in love, as, so many others, and after just a brief lookaround i couldn't find anything like this, so i was wondering if maybe you could give me a few good Jumping Off Points to get into this whole shebang? because there is a LOT but i wanna see as much as i can!! thank u!!

hi there! thank you so much! hope you don’t mind if i publish this but i’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately so i think this might be helpful to more people :)

my friend @erniesbrainfreeze​ has actually written a wonderful spoiler-free guide to all the seasons of power rangers (i helped a little) right here: beginner’s guide to pr! it goes through the premise for each season, highlights, pros, and cons, it’s very well thought-out.

aside from that here are my personal jumping off points to get people into power rangers:

  • power rangers rpm (2009): post-apocalyptic, standalone, 32 episodes, widely hailed as one of the best-written, best-acted seasons. opinions may vary but it’s super interesting.
  • power rangers ninja storm (2003): california extreme sports meets secret ninja academies, standalone, 38 episodes, features evil rangers and imo one of the best sixth ranger reveals
  • power rangers spd (2005): space cops at a police academy in the near future (takes place in 2025), standalone, 38 episodes, features a really unique premise and time-travel
  • power rangers jungle fury (2008): kung fu students working at a pizza parlor, standalone, 32 episodes, very self-contained, small cast, super cute and just a solid season to start with

a few things to remember: just because mighty morphin’ is the most well-remembered does not mean it’s the best place to start. it has almost 200 episodes over 3 seasons, most of them are filler, and honestly… it’s not as good as some later seasons. i wouldn’t recommend starting with zordon era (mmpr-space) unless you REALLY liked it from your childhood because those seasons were all connected and it’s a lot to watch all at once. the standalone seasons imo provide a better, easier grasp of what power rangers is about, and then, depending on which ones you liked, you can move onto seasons with similar themes (for example, if you liked ninja storm, you’ll probably like dino thunder next because it was written by the same people; if you liked rpm i would go back to lost galaxy or lightspeed rescue for more of the same tone)

also power rangers dino thunder (2004) is a standalone season but it features tommy oliver (from mmpr) as the mentor (but don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about mmpr to watch it), and it also has a really nice episode called legacy of power which summarizes all of the past seasons of power rangers, so i would check that out and see which ones catch your interest!

finally, i would suggest watching power rangers ninja steel because it’s the currently airing season and it only has eight episodes so far and it’s super cute! and you don’t need to know anything about past seasons to watch it and it has a built-in fandom of active bloggers right here on tumblr :) it’s gonna be on hiatus till probably august so you have time to catch up~

hope this helps! again, i would def recommend just looking through the beginner’s guide and seeing what sounds most interesting to you. and if you have any questions or just wanna talk about which seasons you’ve seen, my askbox is open! <3

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I LOVE THE OBITINE CHILD SO MUCH! Forgive my abundance of enthusiasm, your art is the first obitine child thing I've seen. Please give us all the headcanons!

Aw, enthusiastic anon, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I had it all typed up and then lost it, and I’m just now getting around to pulling things together again.

There are lots of different headcanons about this, and I trust you’ll be able to find them. But, well, since you asked about mine:

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