academy of dance westlake village

I was able to interview the incredibly talented Larsen Thompson and she was kind enough to answer some of the questions that I sent her way. This is what she had to say:

How many hours a week do you dance?

It depends but  dance for sure about 20 hours a week. When I have conventions or performances I dance about 30-40 hours.

What is your favourite style of dance to compete?

I love competing contemporary.

What is it like being a Pulse Protege?

It is an amazing honor being a Pulse Protege… I have learned so much from all the choreographers, I have met so many friends and I love travelling to the different conventions. It’s fun to be a Greenie.

Who inspires you?

As far as dancers my inspiration is Mollee Gray, she has taught me so much and is one of the top working dancers in the industry, plus she is so humble. As far as choreographers, I love Tricia Miranda and Jess L Warfield from Academy of Dance Westlake Village, they have changed my dancing and push me to be better everyday.

What is your favourite dance you’ve ever done?

My favorite dance I have ever done is Youth by Daughter. It is a piece choreographed by Jess L. Warfield from Academy of Dance Westlake Village.

What was your favourite costume?

My favorite costume is my Youth by Daughter costume. I felt alive and free in it!

How old were you when you first competed?

I competed when I was 7 and did a solo at JUMP nationals.

What was the name and style of your first competition dance?

I can’t remember, I did a solo at JUMP when I was 7 to a jazz funk piece.

What about your first solo?

My first solo was by Kristen Todey and it was Time after Time…

Are you competing this year?

Yes I just competed a new Mollee Gray solo this past weekend at JUMP… placed second overall and am excited to share it on YouTube. The song is Do Something by Britney Spears.

Thankyou so much to Larsen and her mum for letting me ask her these few simple questions and for getting back to me so quickly. I know all of us on tumblr really appreciate how Larsen interacts with her fans and are all excited to see her dancing continue to improve and her career really take off.