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Prompt: Could you do a soulmate fic with Kirk??? Soulmate au anon here! Ummm, I think the one where matched pairs share the same image somewhere on their bodies? What the image is, I leave that up to your brilliant mind to decide :)

Warnings: nah man beside a little suggestive talk you good

Pairing: Jim/reader

A/N: I like soulmate AUs  I like the idea of it being embarrassing places. I like this. I’m definitely up for soulmate AUs when I open up request. Especially embarrassing ones.

Word Count: 1347

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A…tentative excerpt from The Defectives 2: 

Juniper had also found an unusual group of allies—the teenagers from the other schools who also wanted to be superheroes. She didn’t meet up with any of her former friends, though the groups she did meet up with were always friendly and cordial, despite the fact that she sat two feet below them.

One night, after a particularly grueling session that involved a dozen superheroes and Bolt, the lightning-wielding supervillain, the teenagers met up on the beach. Juniper joined them, despite the fact that the others had dutifully returned to the academy.

The ocean came close to wiping all of them out but nobody wanted to move to a safer location. They were out-of-breath, their costumes tattered, their hearts thundering, their bodies hunched and twisted.

“Remind me why we decided to become superheroes?” asked the one.

Juniper laughed alongside them. They continued to debrief, talking about the villains that they had defeated and the ways that they could improve.

“Hey, Juniper,” said the tall one whose name she couldn’t remember, “is that your dad?”

She gave a start before turning. Her heart sank and her eyes widened. No. He couldn’t be…here. Not now. Not when everyone else was around.

But he was. Ryder was wheeling right through the sand.

“Hey,” he barked, “it’s past your curfew.”

A few of the teenagers giggled and though they were sympathetic giggles, Juniper still felt her face burn.

“What are you doing here?” she hissed. “Go away.”

“Go aw—?” He actually paused, marveling at the sheer nerve. “Have you lost your mind? All the more reason for you to get back to cripple school. Go.”

She could feel the other teenagers’ eyes on the back of her head and it occurred to her that she didn’t exactly tell them what school she had attended. They had probably figured it out but there was a difference between knowing it and acknowledging it.

“Ryder,” she whispered, “don’t do this.”

“Don’t do what?” Ryder asked. “Look after you? Somebody has to. You and I both know you can’t handle staying out late. Now get back to the academy or I’ll withhold your chocolate milk for a week.”

“Ry—” She couldn’t even bring herself to say his name. Tears welled up in her eyes and she hung her head so low that she nearly toppled from the chair. She hurried towards the sidewalk, despite several teenagers calling her name.

Her mentor caught up with her a few blocks over, despite the fact that she was wheeling as fast as she could.

“Kid, wait up,” he cried. “Hey. Hey! Look, I’m sorry if I upset you but—”

“Upset you?” Juniper shrieked, throwing on her brake so that her chair spun around. “You completely humiliated me!”

He looked stricken. “Well, if you hadn’t missed your curfew—”

“No, you had no right to do that.”


“What is wrong with you?”

“Hey, watch your tone.”

“Or what?” she shot back. “You’ll demean me even more?”

She turned and wheeled on. He tailed after her and said, “I am more than willing to talk to you about this as soon as you stop acting like a bratty toddler.”

“I wasn’t acting like a bratty toddler earlier,” she said, turning to face him again. “I took down one of the biggest supervillains in the city. I was strong, I was powerful, I was a hero. And then you came along and you took all of that away. Because you’re Ryleigh Ryder and you can do whatever you want. Well, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t make me train to be a superhero and then act like I’m barely competent enough to breathe. If you really think I’m going to be a great superhero then start treating me like a superhero, instead of a little kid.”

Ryder raised an eyebrow before saying, “I’ll stop treating you like a little kid the moment you stop leaving dozens of chocolate milk bottles on my office floor. I’ll stop treating you like a little kid the moment you stand up to your abusive family instead of hiding behind me before yelling at me for getting in the way. I’ll stop treating you like a little kid when you stop crying at the drop of a pin. I’ll stop treating you like a little kid when you stop missing your curfew. And I’ll stop treating you like a damn little kid when you stop throwing tantrums instead of having an adult conversation.”

And she snapped.

She closed her eyes though she found that she could still see. Granted, all she could see was a sea of red, but it was seeing nonetheless.

“You want to have an adult conversation?” she growled. “Fine. Fuck you.”

With that, the city slowed to a standstill. Every single car horn, every single pedestrian’s voice, every single animal—they all froze. When she opened her eyes and looked up, she immediately understood why. The entire city was gone. It was just her and a very stunned Ryder. Her emotions seemed to be at a standstill as well, for as he gaped at her, she could only gape at him in response.

And then the city returned and the emotions returned and she found herself repeatedly saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

She wheeled around and raced away before he had the chance to respond. By the time she got back to the academy, having gotten there in record time, she had changed her mantra to: “I messed up, I messed up, I messed up!”

These words were directed at one person in particular and as Professor Hakim paused on the pathway, watching the distressed teenager wheel past her, she sighed and realized that it was going to be a long night.

Eh, I don’t know.

What do you all think?

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As the chill of winter settles into the air in France, happiness radiates a glowing warmth throughout the halls of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, with students and staff beginning to prepare for the holiday season. The palace’s already ornate design will become even more immaculate over the coming weeks, with twelve giant ice sculptures-each depicting a different day from the Twelve Days of Christmas-standing tall and impressive around the dining chamber, wood nymphs prancing to and fro while airily humming carols, and silver ice fairies native to the Pyrenees glittering like fireflies against ancient tapestries.

House elves will busy themselves by switching the dorm rooms’ light summer linens with silk sheets and velvet comforters, and the dinner menu’s boiled lobster and summer pudding with pot-au-feu and raclette, to keep the students warm and their bellies full. Over the years it’s become tradition for the attendees of Beauxbatons Academy to leave gold chocolate coins behind on their pillows during the holidays as a “thank you” to the elves, who can be find in the kitchens on any given night nibbling on their spoils.

Finally, on December 21st, the holiday festivities will get into full swing, starting with a Christmas concert put on by the school’s choir and led by the wood nymphs. In the days following, students will engage in enchanted snowball fights, decorate their dorm rooms with tinsel and everlasting icicles, participate in winter charms competitions overseen by professors, and go for carriage rides across the frozen grounds. Rounding everything out on Christmas Eve is a feast + formal winter ball known as Fête de L’hiver. Students will get their fill with plates and plates of breads, cheeses, fish, oysters, foie gras, snails, green beans, wild boar, and la bûche, then take to the dance floor in the palace’s ballroom to waltz the night away. Because of Fête de L’hiver’s popularity, many students choose to stay behind at the palace during the winter break, where they will open and exchange gifts on Christmas day with their friends instead of their families before having a light breakfast over wizarding crackers and winter hymns.

Ms. A. Snow, 23rd of December, 2014

Panic! Aspirin was in the tea.

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Koschei woke up from his nap, in a panic as he felt his airways constricting.

Their was something wrong when he felt he could hardly breath and he could feel poison in his system.

~The-Theta He-elp!~  He called to his Husband over the bond, he couldn’t even identify what was killing him.

  • Please don’t let there be any typos please don’t let there be any typos  please don’t let there be any typos  please don’t let there be any typos
  • The amount of time I spent debating Danny/Daniel or Tony/Anthony for Iron Fist and Iron Man was completely ridiculous.
  • So glad I already had like 80% of these portraits taken.
  • Madame Hydra’s crazy smile and Maria saluting kind of made it all worthwhile.
  • So did Falcon being that one kid on campus who’s always in costume.
  • So did finally deciding to add “Agent” to Coulson’s name.
  • Forever sobbing because I don’t have Spider-Gwen or Mary Jane or Bucky.
  • It’s not like I had a giant list of things I needed to do today or anything.  
  • And now I am sitting here staring at it, feeling like I should to back and somehow add Fury, Odin, Pym, and Ares.
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