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Prompt: Could you do a soulmate fic with Kirk??? Soulmate au anon here! Ummm, I think the one where matched pairs share the same image somewhere on their bodies? What the image is, I leave that up to your brilliant mind to decide :)

Warnings: nah man beside a little suggestive talk you good

Pairing: Jim/reader

A/N: I like soulmate AUs  I like the idea of it being embarrassing places. I like this. I’m definitely up for soulmate AUs when I open up request. Especially embarrassing ones.

Word Count: 1347

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Chocolate Academy
Angelic Pretty Stockholm Tea Party Outfit

Last weekend I went to a tea party sponsored by Angelic Pretty in Sweden. I met really lovely lolitas there! The theme was chocolate, my favorite! I wanted to combine Chocolate Rosette with navy and gold. My idea was to have a chocolate x academy theme. Special thanks to donutdisaster for helping with the hairdo! I made the book prop to match with my outfit. The book has a secret inside! There was a best dressed contest and I won! I’m so happy :) The price was an Angelic Pretty dress! It was so amazing <3

ive never had a group of friends before, i promise that ill make yall proud

me: listens to hamilton while thinking about @asagaoacademy and @projared and the ot4, gets extremely carried away 

heres a fun fact: i have no idea how dungeons & dragons is played so i hope google image search didnt betray me

As the chill of winter settles into the air in France, happiness radiates a glowing warmth throughout the halls of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, with students and staff beginning to prepare for the holiday season. The palace’s already ornate design will become even more immaculate over the coming weeks, with twelve giant ice sculptures-each depicting a different day from the Twelve Days of Christmas-standing tall and impressive around the dining chamber, wood nymphs prancing to and fro while airily humming carols, and silver ice fairies native to the Pyrenees glittering like fireflies against ancient tapestries.

House elves will busy themselves by switching the dorm rooms’ light summer linens with silk sheets and velvet comforters, and the dinner menu’s boiled lobster and summer pudding with pot-au-feu and raclette, to keep the students warm and their bellies full. Over the years it’s become tradition for the attendees of Beauxbatons Academy to leave gold chocolate coins behind on their pillows during the holidays as a “thank you” to the elves, who can be find in the kitchens on any given night nibbling on their spoils.

Finally, on December 21st, the holiday festivities will get into full swing, starting with a Christmas concert put on by the school’s choir and led by the wood nymphs. In the days following, students will engage in enchanted snowball fights, decorate their dorm rooms with tinsel and everlasting icicles, participate in winter charms competitions overseen by professors, and go for carriage rides across the frozen grounds. Rounding everything out on Christmas Eve is a feast + formal winter ball known as Fête de L’hiver. Students will get their fill with plates and plates of breads, cheeses, fish, oysters, foie gras, snails, green beans, wild boar, and la bûche, then take to the dance floor in the palace’s ballroom to waltz the night away. Because of Fête de L’hiver’s popularity, many students choose to stay behind at the palace during the winter break, where they will open and exchange gifts on Christmas day with their friends instead of their families before having a light breakfast over wizarding crackers and winter hymns.

Ms. A. Snow, 23rd of December, 2014

ok while browsing the long list of download only ps vita titles i saw there’s some gay dating sim called gakuen heaven boys love where everyone literally goes to BL Academy and i snorted chocolate milk out my nose
i mean seriously imagine if u went to Hetero School or something

tho also it is a damned shame that this Apparantly One And Only Gay Game For The Console never got released in english
seriously its so transparently frustrating that a console so full of really sexually explicit games is ONLY sexually explicit straight male games
like not even one thing with naked men for straight girls, let alone any lgbt content
like fuckin extreme gore and nudity doesnt qualify for an M rating but anything that breaks the double standard is magically so immoral we can’t allow it on the console…
even this gakuen heaven thing is apparantly super tame and has no sex scenes, which is kinda RIDICULOUS when EVERYTHING ON PS VITA HAS THEM, RIGHT DOWN TO THE FRIGGIN PUZZLE GAMES
i kinda wanna go learn how to program portable consoles and create a multimillion dollar franchise of bara men dating games just to spite them
a franchise with oddly similar names to every single tasteless straight guy game, and twice the advertizing budget
if i ever win the lottery this will be my plan


Witch Student Outfit for Halloween

  • Dress, hat, socks, book ring: Angelic Pretty
  • Witch Academy ring and brooch: Automatic Honey
  • Boots: Innocent World
  • Book: Handmade by me
  • Wand: Duplicate of Fleur Delacour’s wand from the Harry Potter movies
  • Please don’t let there be any typos please don’t let there be any typos  please don’t let there be any typos  please don’t let there be any typos
  • The amount of time I spent debating Danny/Daniel or Tony/Anthony for Iron Fist and Iron Man was completely ridiculous.
  • So glad I already had like 80% of these portraits taken.
  • Madame Hydra’s crazy smile and Maria saluting kind of made it all worthwhile.
  • So did Falcon being that one kid on campus who’s always in costume.
  • So did finally deciding to add “Agent” to Coulson’s name.
  • Forever sobbing because I don’t have Spider-Gwen or Mary Jane or Bucky.
  • It’s not like I had a giant list of things I needed to do today or anything.  
  • And now I am sitting here staring at it, feeling like I should to back and somehow add Fury, Odin, Pym, and Ares.
  • My “reply to replies” isn’t working for some reason, but THANK YOU for all the lovely words on the previous post.
Memories from the Past

After the senior graduation, Shinji knew that she was gone. He knew it. But she was just in a coma….

A year later and Minako was already awake and moving about. She even went under the radar, except with Mitsuru Kirijo knowing what she did and everything. The brunette female wasn’t sure as too why but she just knew she wasn’t the same. Minako had no persona and she was sure she had another Arcana. But what is the question.

SO many things ran through Minako’s mind as she moved about to get some things for her little apartment that was in Tatsumi Port. To think she couldn’t just leave the very place she saved just a year ago. And she continued to live like that for almost another year until she ran into someone familiar while shopping.

A bit frantic,she panicked as she looked up, whimpering a bit. “I’m so sorry, sir!” Minako bowed politely, her brunette hair sliding down her shoulders since she began to wear it down. “Please forgive me!” She looked up a bit before gasping loudly as she stared at the male before her.

“Shinjiro?!” Minako gasped so much louder than she should have in the middle of the store. She inhaled a bit as she brought her hands to her head and ran them through her hair, looking at the male with disbelief. Never once in Minako’s life thought she would see the very man she loved. The brunette with those unmistakable crimson eyes just stared at the male with a shocked look before latching onto him to just make sure that the male she ran into was real, squishing her chest a bit against him.

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Panic! Aspirin was in the tea.

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Koschei woke up from his nap, in a panic as he felt his airways constricting.

Their was something wrong when he felt he could hardly breath and he could feel poison in his system.

~The-Theta He-elp!~  He called to his Husband over the bond, he couldn’t even identify what was killing him.