academy of arts and minds

Pokemon Art Academy PART 31
  • Barry: You should give him stink lines. I think that would add a lot to his character.
  • Ross: Barry...
  • Barry: Nothing says "I'm a talented artiste" like stink lines. You could add stink lines to any piece of art throughout history and it'll be improved. Mona Lisa, stink lines. Washington Crossing the Delaware, stink lines. Michelangelo's David statue... add some fucking floating marble hanging from the ceiling above him, stink lines. Would be some good shit, man. I would look at that art and be like, "Look at that! Now I know they're smelly!"
  • Ross: You sassin' me?
  • Barry: That's another... That's another layer of depth to the painting I didn't already have. I didn't already have that information.
  • Ross: There you go. Wait, hold on, I missed a bit. Missed his little giraffe horns.
  • Barry: You can turn off the, uh, the tracing layer. You can just see what you haven't done.
  • Ross: I did.
  • Barry: Oh. I thought you were just adding the lines back to it. I dunno, man.
  • Ross: I'm just--
  • Barry: All I know is I--it's been at least 12 seconds and you haven't added stink lines.
  • Ross: Shut up.
sister sign lovers (taurus & scorpio)

it was 5am, the usual opening time for the gym, but it was a chaotic morning filled with power outages and dangerously slippery hallways. the storm was soothing for me and i was almost at the point of being knocked out unconscious from its effect. a sudden cackle of thunder echoed through the halls, leaving a faint rumble under my feet. i shift my eyes to the window and then to the secretary while giving a half-smile to try to lighten the tension. attending an arts academy was invigorating to the mind yet simultaneously draining your ability. it was like dumping endless possibilities into your brain but filling your veins with cement. the staff is incredible, the academics are informative (a bit repetitive), but the beauty of it all gets lost in ideas and the over-thinking. i sigh and try to get back to my previously tranquil state. before shutting my eyes i notice a girl sitting in the corner to the far left; i assume she’s a ballet student based upon her attire. her gaze is steady as she watches the storm through the window. i feel the urge to speak to her but i’m also kind of intimidated and entirely unsure if she wants the company. slowly getting up, i make my way through the chairs to sit diagonal of her. i won’t risk sitting directly across just in case she isn’t up for some small talk. her eyes focus on me while she watches my movements as i settle in my seat. there’s complete silence for the next few seconds, a loaded silence that was certainly not awkward, but almost knowing of the chat that was to occur. i take a breath and smile as i begin to engage her in the basics of getting to know a person. she seems a bit vague with her answers but i don’t mind in the least. she didn’t seem disturbed by my presence so i asked if sitting across from her would be acceptable and she nodded with intent. somehow we eventually ended up on the topic of our professors and i was insistent that the drama teacher was completely mute while she argued that she felt & dryly joked that he was just too cool for us and doesn’t feel the need to express everything on his mind. for the remainder of the conversation we bounced back and forth with skeptical eyes and intrigued smirks. i couldn’t help but feel a severe drawn to this girl, i felt like she had given me a poignant inspiration or some sort of complex contradiction that had me in a well of thoughts. as the clock struck 30 minutes past 5, she stood with her ballet bag clutched by her side and told me she had to go. i stood as well and shrugged my shoulders back with a pep in my step as she put her hand out. it was a handshake that lingered and our faces beamed with the most intimate of curiosity, hardly innocent.