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Problems with Oscar  2k17

- Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t have done so many comedy bits in between the show, the entire thing would’ve gone faster. 

- Why the fuck are people so against Nate Parker releasing a movie but hot on Casey Affleck winning an Oscar? 

-It should have been Denzel.

-Taraji should have been nominated for best actress and she should have won instead of someone who didn’t care that she was white washing. Especially since, Taraji reinvented the superhero role.

-When it was revealed that the Best Picture belonged to Moonlight (rightfully so) Jimmy Kimmel had the audacity to say: “Oh I think LaLa Land should keep it anyways”  First of all: That’s not his call to make so stfu. Steve Harvey made a mistake in reading the right card improperly however, he still crowned the right person in the end. To even suggest that “Oh Best Picture is Moonlight but let’s not hurt their feelings and let LaLa Land keep it” is extremely insulting. Yeah, Kimmel was probably in an awkward position but he knows, Warren knew, that it wasn’t their fault to begin with. That bit just annoyed the shit outta me.

-I’m sorry I grew up on Bollywood. La La Land ain’t shit compared to what I’ve seen. A musical about dreamers in a film industry? So… Om Shanti Om. Don’t get me wrong I see the appeal of La La Land, it’s cinematic and the coloring and effects are spectacular but it was also hyped up. 

-Loving the play, I would have loved Fences to win Best Adapted Screenplay but I’m so happy Moonlight took it.

-Mahershala Ali <3 

- Viola Davis <3

- Asghar Farhadi’s statement 

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My 2017 OSCAR winners

I feel like Oscars 2017 fucked up real bad.

The most of the movies that was nominated deserved to be up there for sure! But when it came down to the winners I have to say as a movie critic they did not deliver. 

First of all I’m only going to write down the categories that I was unhappy with if I’m not writing about a category that means I agree with the result. (Viola Davis WON!!!!! I LOVE HER OMG SHE WON!!!!) 

Best supporting actor: Dev Patel 

I love Mahershala Ali but compared to Dev Patel’s performance in Lion he should not have won that award. 

Best make-up and hairstyles: Star Trek Beyond 

Best animated feature: MOANA 

Best film editing: Moonlight (!!!!!!) 

Best adapted screenplay: LION 

Best original screenplay: Hell or High Water 

Best Director: Barry Jenkis 

Honestly Barry Jenkins did an unbelievable job directing the movie Moonlight and this should have gone to him!! 

Best Actor: Denzel Washington 

Have you seen the movie Fences??!!! He is incredible like always, but honestly this is hands down Denzel’s best performance he have ever done!! 

Best Actress: Natalie Portman 

She did an marvelous job acting in the movie Jackie and I love Emma Stone but she shouldn’t have won over her. 

Sidenote my ideal winner for this award is obviously Taraji P. Henson and I’m really pissed at the academy for not giving her even a NOMINATION???!!!! ACADEMY WHAT’S FUCKING GOOD?! 

Best Picture: HIDDEN FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time I’m  sorry if I seem a little upset. I’m just really disappointed at the academy right now (like fucking always!)

The nominees were all (almost all of them) worthy, but I believe as a movie fan and critic the academy fucked up real hard this year. 

It’s unbelievable that I even had to write this thing cause after they revealed the nominations I was so excited and they ruined it!

The only thing that saved Oscar 2017 was that my favorite actress Viola Davis won! I’m so proud of her and this was so well deserved! 

The fact that Taraji P. Henson didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Hidden Figures is so insulting, unfortunate, and tragic in every aspect.

Viola Davis is not the “black Meryl Streep”. She is the first Viola Davis.

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