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Words: 2085
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“-therefore the soldiers began putting a bucket of water near the machine gun and it wasn’t until 1942 that th-”

Yoongi holds in a yawn, eyes trailing outside until a sudden bang jolts him out of his drowsy daze. He turns to the source of the sound, a girl who just slammed the door open and the teacher frozen at the front of the classroom. He turns back to look outside but then does a quick double take when he realizes that girl is you.

“What ar-” Before he can string words together, you’ve stormed up to his desk and slammed a hand down.

“Listen. I can’t join you after school today.”

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Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalænæ in the British museum.

By British Museum (Natural History). Department of Zoology.
Hampson, George Francis, Sir, 10th bart., 1860-1936
Publication info London :Printed by Order of the Trustees,1898-19.
Contributor: California Academy of Sciences
BHL Collections:
Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University


We recently digitised some illustrations from a cook book written around 1570 by Bartolomeo Scappi,  He was head chef for several cardinals and to Pope Pius IV and V.

It is divided in six books, in each book he gives recipes and food selections according to the  seasons of the year. The illustrations in the book show the types of utensils and pots, some of which were shown for the first time in the this book. This book is also the first to show an image of a fork!

Our volunteer Gina translated two recipes from the book for you to enjoy and try out in your kitchens over the weekend! Let us know if you experiment with these early modern recipes:

Fiadoncelli  (pastry dough in tubular shape with various fillings)

Take very fine flour and mix it with white wine, rose water, sugar, salt, oil and saffron, making sure the quantity of rosewater is more than that of wine and everything is lukewarm.  Mix the dough, making sure it is not too hard. Make a thin long pastry.

For the filling, take pine nuts which have been soaked in water and dates simmered in wine and finely chopped, currants simmered in wine and finely chopped raisins without seeds. Mix all with sugar, mints leaves and crushed marjoram.

Shape the fiadoncelli with the thin pastry and add the filling. Fry with high quality oil. Serve warm and dust with sugar.

Dough for various doughnuts

Take one pound of almonds, grind it in a mortar and mix with three pounds of lukewarm water. Heat up. Take two ounces of yeast mixed in warm water, add this to almond milk, add a little salt, four ounces of sugar, eight ounces of white wine, 4 ounces of oil, two pounds of fine flour and a little saffron to add colour.

Whip the dough with a wooden spoon for half an hour. Leave it to rest in a warm place for three hours. After whipping it again with a wooden spoon, cover the bowl for half an hour keeping in warm temperature, and then whip it one more time. Test the dough in hot oil. If it swells it will be perfect, alternatively, remix and leave it to rest. With the spoon make small or big doughnuts as one likes them, when ready serve warm with sugar dust.

If you want to try making doughnuts with additional ingredients, just make the dough more runny than add any of the following suggestions:

-any finely chopped fresh herbs
-cooked parsnips
-salted anchovy
-thinly sliced courgettes
-boiled leeks
-rosemary and sage


As cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki heads to the Oscars for the third year in a row, we’re hard at work restoring one of his earlier triumphs – Terrence Malick’s THE NEW WORLD.

To watch more demos and read more about the restoration, click here.

These hand-coloured illustrations are from Chromatics Or, An Essay On The Analogy And Harmony Of Colours by George Field printed in 1817. These vibrant diagrams were a highlight in the digitisation studio, and happened to contain our 5,000th image!

The book also contains a diagram of a musical scale with corresponding colours. In the text, Field describes the “boundless analogy by which the sciences and the arts are connected”, which makes my nerdy heart skip a beat. 

Thanks to all the brave digitisation volunteers and all of our loyal Tumblr followers as we pass the halfway point on this project! Looking forward to sharing more of the next 5,000.


Happy Halloween from the Royal Scottish Academy! These rather morbid engravings come from our copy of Vesalius’ masterwork, De humani corporis fabrica (or “On the fabric of the human body”). While they are not as well known as the work’s other, larger engravings of skeletons and other somewhat frightening figures of men without skin, I think these are just as fascinating, particularly for their depiction of medical practices. But on a more fundamental note, good lord, I have never seen cherubs/putti performing medical procedures before, and I never wish to again 😱💀

Best of DC’s Best of 2016 Sale!

We’ve got some of DC’s best collections from 2016 on sale through Jan. 2. Here are five of our favs…


Former crime fighter Dinah Lance is tearing up the music scene fronting the recently rechristened four-piece band Black Canary. But Black Canary has somehow become a magnet for trouble – their shows ending in brawls more often than not. If the group can’t shake the violence following them, their fame-and their lives-might be cut short. To keep the band safe, the vigilante-turned-vocalist will have to face off against government agents, shadow-monsters, ninjas and one ticked off former lead singer! Collects BLACK CANARY #1-7 and DC SNEAK PEEK: BLACK CANARY #1.


Between the supercomputer wired into his brain and the enhancements saturating his body, the living weapon known as Midnighter doesn’t face a lot of real challenges to his uncanny combat skills. Lucky for him, he enjoys beating the tar out of low-level bad guys as much as the high-end ones—and since his recent breakup with his first love (and fellow superhuman) Apollo, he’s had plenty of chances to engage in his unique brand of physical therapy. Now, insanely dangerous weapons are beginning to pop up all over the globe, wreaking havoc on society and complicating Midnighter’s professional and personal life. As the outbreaks pile up, tracking them back to the original thief becomes an overriding imperative. Collects MIDNIGHTER #1-7.


Gotham Academy is haunted!

Olive’s mother died – or, she seemed to. In the weeks after the funeral, Olive begins seeing her mother around the school. An Arkham Asylum patient with a deadly dark side, Sybil Silverlock was a powerful and complicated woman. Could her spirit be reaching out from beyond the grave? And if so, is it motherly Sybil who haunts Olive-or her deadly alter ego Calamity? Plus, the kids hunt a werewolf on campus and Maps teams up with the Academy’s newest transfer, Damian Wayne! Collects GOTHAM ACADEMY #7-12 and DC SNEAK PEEK: GOTHAM ACADEMY #1.


Dick Grayson is Agent 37, super spy extraordinaire, caught in a maze of mind games and hidden agendas. But with Batman dead, there is no one to bring this spy in from the cold. Now, someone is killing rival spies and setting it up to look like Dick is the murderer. With no one to trust, Grayson turns to the only people he can-those closest to him. Unfortunately, all of them think he’s dead, and some of them are none too pleased to see him again. Reunited with his fellow Robins, Batgirl, and even Superman, Dick is about to find out that there’s no escaping Spyral-even in Gotham City! Collects GRAYSON SNEAK PEEK, GRAYSON #9-12 and GRAYSON ANNUAL #2.


Over the past few months, Barbara Gordon has made some big changes to her Batgirl alter ego. She has a new look, new support team and new home base in Burnside—Gotham’s trendiest neighborhood. But just when she’s hitting her stride, her father drops a bombshell: Babs isn’t the only masked crime-fighter in the family anymore. Jim Gordon is the new Batman, and he has zero tolerance for vigilantism. He’s been ordered to arrest any unsanctioned superhero in Gotham—and Batgirl is next! Collects BATGIRL #41-45, DC SNEAK PEEK: BATGIRL #1 and BATGIRL ANNUAL #3.