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what disability does taskmaster have?

ironically, memory loss! he’s got that eidetic memory power but it also pushes stuff out, I forget what it’s from, maybe the Udon series, but he’s talked about creating like a vault in his mind where he keeps his most important memories so they’re not overwritten but even those where staring to go, it’s not mentioned or addressed very often thought (but then again neither is Taskmaster haha)

(from Avengers Academy #9, 2011)

Edit: it wasn’t from the Udon series, it was from Fred Van Lente’s “Unthinkable” mini! a great read! thanks for @vejigante for correcting me!  

Catherine Hardwicke to Direct ‘Miss Bala’ Remake for Sony

The film is an adaptation of the Mexican entry for best foreign-language film at the 84th Academy Awards in 2011. It centers on a woman named Laura Guerrero who, along with her friend, enters a Miss Baja beauty pageant. She witnesses during rehearsals a gang killing Drug Enforcement Administration agents and nightclub-goers, which turns her life upside down. She’s then kidnapped by the men and forced to work for them in the deadly drug war.

Mettle: Um…I think you have us confused with somebody else. You’ve got Thor and Iron Man out there. Living Legends. We’re not even in any of the cartoons. 

Striker: Reptil is. Pffft…I need a new agent. “Kids love dinosaurs” My butt. 

Well, Striker is right. Reptil does appear in a cartoon called Super Hero Squad Show. 

- Avengers Academy v1 #11, 2011 (1st pic)

- Super Hero Squad Show (2nd and 3rd pic)