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I don’t even know what this is… I guess I just wanted to draw my favourite boy Yuuri surrounded by my favourite flowers….?

(it wasn’t actually intentional but I may have subconsciously decided to make the flowers ice-blue because… Victor’s eyes)

[Refs were used for the hydrangea flowers]


『08.15.17』 - free to use studyblr icons pt. 2 ♡

Hello! This is the eighth day of my back to school marathon! I drew more of these cute studyblr icons!~ I base these stationery picks on the popular brands in the community. There are 3 color options to choose from and two designs: leuchtturn 1917 journal and tombow dual brush pens. :D

Note: If you are going to use this as your icon, please do not forget to credit me. I would really appreciate your kind effort for doing so. ♡

Good news!~ There is going to be a studyblr icons pt. 3 coming soon if you haven’t been on track with my back to school marathon lineup (it’s a special edition for those with this specific aesthetic)!If you have possible suggestions for stationery items I could draw, please leave a comment or message me~

Have a wonderful day everyone!~

Klangst Week: March 31st (AU/Free Day)

You know that meme? The 15 minutes late with a Starbucks? 

Yeah that’s me, only it should be 84 years late with a frape.

Either way, here’s my final piece for the @klangst-week! It was so much fun doing this, even if I didn’t participate from the start! Big thanks to the awesome people that made this a thing <3 


Getting to know someone takes time, effort.

Getting to know Lance McClain takes a whole more than that.

That’s not to say that Lance is a broody mysterious character straight out of an otome game.

No, Keith thought, quite the contrary. Lance was the most sociable person he’d met, always greeting everyone with a grin and bright eyes. Besides, it was Lance that initiated this..thing between them in the first place.

It started on a lazy summer day of their first year in university, Lance flopping down besides Keith on the grass, beckoning him about the book he was reading.

Halfway through that year, Lance slipped his way into Keith’s everyday life, fitting himself into Keith’s routine.

By the end of the first year, Keith realised Lance found himself in his morning thoughts and his fitful rest’s dreams, a feeling meddling at the pit of his chest that he’d yet to acknowledge.

He’d start to notice little things about him, things that urged him closer to figuring out the unsolved puzzle that was Lance McClain.

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Thank you!

trust-the-dust  asked:

What kind of material did you submit when applying to animation schools?

Hi ! mmh last year I didn’t had the time to do a portfolio, it was a big rush and already June when I decided to leave my previous school. But here a photo of what I had (my broken A3 bag, a lot of sketchbooks and I’d printed some old digital drawings…)

But two years ago I submitted a portfolio (A3 with academic drawing, nude, sketchs, life drawing, perspective, character design, concept art… etc..)

Here something I did … I was 17/18 years old ? haha..

But I really submitted a lot A LOT of sketchbooks !! I really love sketching ! (OC, character design, posing, storyboard, illustrations etc…)

And originals too :)  (sorry i don’t speak english very well, so i can’t express everything i want to say :x) Voilà !