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I’m continuing my compulsive list-making and moving on to academic libraries and librarians on Tumblr. For those of you new to the strong tumblrarian community, check out LJ’s Digital Shift on their favorite library tumblrs and tumblr 101, and thelifeguardlibrarian’s list of library tumblrs

University/College Libraries/Archives/Special Collections on Tumblr

  1. Business and Tourism Blog (Sunderland University Library Services)
  2. Columbia College Library 
  3. Crossett-copia (Crossett Library, Bennington College)
  4. Found in the University Archives! (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  5. Grand Rapids Community College Library 
  6. Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin)
  7. Hendrix College Archives 
  8. Mandeville Special Collections Library (UC San Diego)
  9. Montana State University Library 
  10. Paul Robeson Library (Rutgers)
  11. Peabody Library’s Wunderkind (Johns Hopkins)
  12. Pickler Memorial Library Exhibits (Truman State University)
  13. Pollak Library’s Tumblr (California State University, Fullerton)
  14. Point Park University Library 
  15. Roosevelt University Library  
  16. SLC Music Library Tumblr (Sarah Lawrence College William Schuman Music Library)
  17. The Special Collections at Goucher College 
  18. Temple University Libraries 
  19. UCLA Powell Library 
  20. University of Sunderland Library Culture 
  21. University of Sunderland Off Campus Library Services 
  22. Urban Archives (Temple University Libraries)
  23. USC Libraries

Non-University Research Libraries: 

  1. Chicago Public Library 
  2. The Hurd Library 
  3. MoMA Library 
  4. National Archives  
  5. New York Public Library 
  6. Nova Scotia Archives  

Academic Librarians on Tumblr:

  1. A Librarian’s Life 
  2. An Accidental Academic (Librarian) 
  3. iPads and Tablets in Libraries 

As always, leave a comment if I missed anyone. There are a couple academic librarians who I didn’t include because they weren’t “strictly business” tumblrarians. (PSA: Please don’t put personal information up online. Pictures of your children shouldn’t be available to the public.)
Job of the Day - Residency Program Librarian (2 positions), University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

“The purpose of the UI Libraries’ Residency Librarian Program is to interest early-career librarians or librarians new to research libraries who are members of historically underrepresented groups in professional learning and service by launching their careers at the UI Libraries. Two positions will be filled via this search.“

…and more new library jobs at

An article by Neiburger (2007) insists that video games teach information literacy as gamers must continually read text, interpret it, decode information, etc. Neiburger (2007) also believes that video games help develop spatial reasoning, something that is necessary in today’s jobs. A study cited in his article found that surgeons who played video games for at least 3 hours a week performed 27% faster and made 37% fewer mistakes than surgeons who didn’t play video games. In addition, Neiburger’s research (2007) points out that simulation games are particularly useful education tools as they offer models of the real world that are far more “complex and of a grander scale” than can be offered in a lab or classroom setting.
—  Bridges, Laurie, Uta Hussong, Margaret Mellinger. 2008. Circulating Video Game Collections in the Academic Library. Research and Innovative Services Report.

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Angry?  Bewildered?  Confused by complex political concepts?  Rage no more!  The CS Library can soothe your troubled brow and fill your baffled brainmeats with sweet, sweet knowledge.  We have resources on political science, economics, the United States Constitution, and more!  Our Government Resources LibGuide is also invaluable for researching the laws and politics of our great nation.  Don’t delay–the information you internalize today could help you become the demagogue of tomorrow!
Students: how do you behave in the library?

Just read this interesting Guardian blog post on student behaviour in libraries, rules, regulations and pet hates. It is a difficult one, because for every student who likes quiet study there is another who wants to work in a group and have discussions.

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Here at Sunderland we take into account all the feedback we get from our students and staff using the library. We do get a mixture of opinions which is why we have a variety of learning spaces.

We have

  • Social spaces & areas where you can eat food which are great for group work, practising presentations and meeting with your friends. 
  • Comfy chairs where you can sit and read, tables where you can spread out and do your work or computers where you can contact your family at home, access resources or type up your assignment.
  • Quiet Study areas, where you can study without too much distraction and use your laptop if you want to.
  • Silent Study rooms where you can go for complete peace and quiet - no technology allowed.
  • Bookable study rooms you can use for quiet study or group work.

You can let us know your experience of using University of Sunderland libraries using our feedback database where you can leave and read feedback.
U of T’s Personal Librarian program eases the university transition for first-year students | University Affairs
The library program offers personalized help to more than 6,200 students in two faculties.

“As a personal librarian, I think of myself as a facilitator between the student and the library, and library resources,” says communications librarian Jesse Carliner.


I am the librarian at a small university-college in Norway, catering to students and lecturers. 

I have wanted to get a tattoo for ages, and finally got my courage up last summer. I wanted an owl, but let it be up to the tattoo artist how and where. He photoshopped together two photos of owls to make them fit my arm, and this is the result. There isn’t really any big story behind the motif, the tattoo just feels right - for me as a person and my vocation. 

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