academic art

Even before doing my previous Zelda painting, I already knew that I wanted to do this. It’s themed Ocarina of Time, however there are one or two easter eggs hanging around.  ;)

I struggle to paint architecture, and if you haven’t noticed pretty much all my previous paintings have been based in nature. Couldn’t avoid it this time, so I  learned a few things!

Based on Edmund Leighton’s painting ‘Godspeed’ (1900).


Female artists- 18th and 19th century

I Angelica Kauffmann

II  Eugénie Salanson

III Evelyn de Morgan 

IV Beatrice Offort

V Emma Sandys

VI Henrietta Rae

VII Louis Emile Adan          

VIII Margaret Sarah Carpenter

IX Marie Spartali Stillman

X  Anna Lea Merritt