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Hi, I’m (Y/N) - Peter Parker Drabble - Part One

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NOTE: I’m turning this into a series, so this is just the beginning. It’s gonna get better. ;)

Summary: While working at your local diner, Peter Parker, your crush, asks you out on a date. However, when the date arrives a few problems pop up.

Word Count: 657

Warning: nothing!

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// Hi I’m (Y/N)

You felt the damp texture under your hand as you wiped down a booth’s table and seat. Your ears filled with toddlers crying, conversations, people slurping milkshakes down loudly and other teenagers making jokes, thinking you couldn’t hear them.

You work in a small 50’s themed diner in New York, with your friend, (Y/F/N). You two had been working there so your family could afford for you to go to a school for children ahead in their academics. You both were insanely smart, but if you told yourself that you would have to work in a small crappy diner to get into more advanced classes, you would be laughing your butt off.

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GPOY while reviewing for Theo at 04:00am, a  ~*~*thinking cap*~*~ over *~*~cooperative hair~*~* to induce good vibes. I think I’ll carry this look over to the actual exam, though with a gray tank top and maybe a less distracting hat. Maybe.

I hate that “I think I know but I don’t know if I know” feeling and I’m a bit restless from my lack of dinner and shot of caffeine, so here I am, rereading everything and nodding to myself. I don’t think I can screw this up too badly; the lowest I’ve gotten for a screw-up in Theo is a barely-there B. Technically, I could coast through this one, but it’s that faint glimmer of hope for a B+ that keeps me going. D8 I’m not particularly grade-conscious, but I would like for my letter grade to reflect the amount of effort I exerted throughout the duration of the course.

This exam aside, I have one more academic requirement that separates me from my summer vacation. At this point, I have nothing intelligible to say anymore, which is horribly inconvenient because the last requirement is a paper that needs to be both literary and scholarly. BAHAHAHA–