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BTS as academic subjects? teachers?
  • Namjoon: philosophy. I mean, come on, the guy practically dreams in metaphors and is on a plane far removed from the rest of us (except when he trips over his own feet and rejoins the world of clumsy idiots).
  • Seokjin: history. You are going to listen to the story of the war of the roses and you are going to ENJOY IT. Mostly because there's cupcakes, partly because he's so dramatic about everything that you can't help it.
  • Hoseok: chemistry. You have no idea how you ended up here and you wish all the moles in the world would just go and die, but if the sun says it shall be bright, who are you to contradict it? Also, snickers.
  • Yoongi: literature. He doesn't care if you think the great gatsby was a trashy book, or that pride and prejudice has such dry humor it could be the dead sea, he just wants you to write your book reports with some snap because he deserves it.
  • Taehyung: art. Not just any art. CERAMICS. Oh, you're going to love this. You'll never make anything as gorgeous as what's in front of you, but hey, you freaking LOVE this class. At least, you tell yourself that.
  • Jungkook: math. Bully. Just do the problems. Memorize the formulas. I know it makes no sense, we're not all at his level, but please, get a good grade so he can win his bet with Jimin about the best students.
  • Jimin: secondary language. He is the BEST. You don't care about this language. You don't want to know all the grammar loopholes. You might even want to be sick all semester but for whatever reason, this class is captivating and you wouldn't miss it for the world.
Cold Coffee

Warren Worthington III x Reader

Words: 438
Plot: Coffee shop fluffiness ft. our favourite angel.
Prompt:  OKAY OKAY BUT COFFEE SHOP/DINER AU’S MAKE MY LIFE, DO YOU THINK YOU COULD WRITE ONE WITH WARREN WORTHINGTON FROM XMA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE??? oh was that pushy i’m so sorry i just really like your writing and i’m so happy you’re back. But ummmm for plot…ooh ooh maybe like Warren tries to be all badass but she’s just so sweet and soft and he’s already like 400% whipped even though he hasn’t even asked her out yet and fluffy fluffy fluff thank you!!!
A/N: I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing, guys! The academic semester is too insane. Exams finish in about a month’s time; at that point, I’m all yours. Inspired by the song “Cold Coffee” by Ed Sheeran.

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Warren sipped his cold coffee, the bitter taste pulling his lips into a frown as he stared out of the coffee shop window. Cars sped past; a blur of motion against the concrete jungle.
His head throbbed, and he groaned. He had a minor hangover; the asprin was working wonders, but nothing could get rid of the fog in his brain.
“Warren?” (y/n) breathed.
He swung around in the booth, her voice startling him out of his sorry state.
“(y/n)? You’re here?” Warren asked before cursing himself silently. Stupid hangover. Stupid Warren.
“I would’ve thought that was obvious” she laughed, sliding into the booth opposite him and setting her satchel down on the crip red leather.
Even through the fog in his head, Warren felt warmth flooding him. She was beautiful, and she made him feel…
A lot of things. Too many things.
Mostly: out of his depth.
He leaned back against the leather, setting his mug down on the table and drumming his outstretched arm.
“How’ve you been? I’m sorry we haven’t caught up in a while; study’s been sort of draining my free time” (y/n) smiled, delicately plucking a menu from the edge of the table.
“Mostly hungover. Or drunk.”
She laughed, and the sound made him shiver despite the warmth of the cafe. His skin pricked, electricity flowing through him.
“The coffee is for the former, no doubt.”
Warren chuckled, running a hand through his blonde curls.
“I would’ve thought that was obvious”.
She lifted the menu to obscure her face, but Warren swore he saw a blush flood her face as she did so.
“Uh…woah. They don’t seem to have what I want on here. Weird.” (y/n) muttered, throwing down the menu and resting her elbows on the table.
“We can go somewhere else. Whatever. I’m easy” Warren shrugged, his wings twitching against their bonds. They were itchy under his shirt, and his back was sticking to the leather. Typical.
“Actually, I think you might be able to help me” (y/n) whispered, her hair brushing her shoulders as she rested her head in her left hand, her eyes locking onto his.
He swallowed.
“You think so?” he asked, folding his arms and leaning forward to rest on his elbows.
“Mmm” she nodded, reaching her hand across the table to gently brush the sleeve of his jacket. 
He felt lightning shooting through him from where her hand made contact with his sleeve; his muscles tensing involuntarily as he felt blood rush around his body.
“Well” he grinned, taking her hand in his and pressing the cool skin to his lips “that can be arranged”.

Hi, I’m (Y/N) - Peter Parker Drabble

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Summary: While working at your local diner, Peter Parker, your crush, asks you out on a date. However, when the date arrives a few problems pop up.

Word Count: 657

Warning: nothing!

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// Hi I’m (Y/N)

You felt the damp texture under your hand as you wiped down a booth’s table and seat. Your ears filled with toddlers crying, conversations, people slurping milkshakes down loudly and other teenagers making jokes, thinking you couldn’t hear them.

You work in a small 50’s themed diner in New York, with your friend, (Y/F/N). You two had been working there so your family could afford for you to go to a school for children ahead in their academics. You both were insanely smart, but if you told yourself that you would have to work in a small crappy diner to get into more advanced classes, you would be laughing your butt off.

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If this hasn't already been asked; Head canon about the children of Nike?

*flaps arms around wildly* listen as an extremely competitive person I have a lot of feelings about the children of Nike.

  • Nike kids:
  • -Always finish their exams and tests first, because FIRST PLACE. (Even if they didn’t know anything and miss questions they still finish first).
  • -They love sports like full-contact lacrosse because it’s not a sport where things are amicable, it is a FULL BLOWN COMPETITION.
  • -Put two Nike kids in a room together and there will be a contest going on in five seconds, even if it’s just ‘who has more scars’.
  • -Even though they don’t have athletic powers they still tend to smoke other campers when it comes to all of the races and activities.
  • -Sports are fun, but working out is just as fun. Because, you’re not competing against others, you’re competing against YOURSELF.
  • -Also why a lot of Nike kids love track. Apart from the Nike/Nike correlation, track isn’t just about running in races and beating everybody else. It’s also about personal records, about beating your times.
  • -That doesn’t mean all Nike kids are meatheads though. Competition comes in a lot of forms.
  • -Nike kids can also be crazy when it comes to academics.
  • -“Oh, you got a 98? I got a 100!”
  • -“You’re taking two AP classes? I’m taking four!”
  • -“Oh, you’re in Algebra 2? I’m in such an advanced math I have to go off campus!”
  • -*note, taking more advanced/higher classes DOES NOT make somebody better than anybody else but ygm it’s an example*
  • -These kids aren’t as frequent seeing as dyslexia, ADHD, etc etc but there are a few academically insane ones. *cough aka me cough cough*

Sorry I haven’t been around much y'all, I have HSA’s this week and then exams right around the corner so I’ve been buckling down a bit, but hmu with little requests, it might just take me a little bit to respond!

My drama teacher mentioned his brother, and a couple of people go, “Wait. You have a brother?" and then, he goes, "Yeah he’s… Sporty.” and the whole class makes the most disgusted, disappointed noise and that pretty much sums up drama kids’ priorities for you.

GPOY while reviewing for Theo at 04:00am, a  ~*~*thinking cap*~*~ over *~*~cooperative hair~*~* to induce good vibes. I think I’ll carry this look over to the actual exam, though with a gray tank top and maybe a less distracting hat. Maybe.

I hate that “I think I know but I don’t know if I know” feeling and I’m a bit restless from my lack of dinner and shot of caffeine, so here I am, rereading everything and nodding to myself. I don’t think I can screw this up too badly; the lowest I’ve gotten for a screw-up in Theo is a barely-there B. Technically, I could coast through this one, but it’s that faint glimmer of hope for a B+ that keeps me going. D8 I’m not particularly grade-conscious, but I would like for my letter grade to reflect the amount of effort I exerted throughout the duration of the course.

This exam aside, I have one more academic requirement that separates me from my summer vacation. At this point, I have nothing intelligible to say anymore, which is horribly inconvenient because the last requirement is a paper that needs to be both literary and scholarly. BAHAHAHA–