academic decathalon


one of the best insults of all time


For future reference. I have the urge to say this to so many people. 


Every time I get on Facebook or twitter I want to reply to comments with this.


My professors’ reactions to my finals


mercy on your soul!


“I Married Common Street Trash”

“My Spouse Is Sleeping Around”

“My Wife, The Tramp”

Ahaha so apparently it’s tradition to wear our medals the day after so all of you guys will hear me coming from the other side of the school. My neck is gonna be so sore.

(For Emma’s sake and whoever else is curious I have five medals, two gold for lang lit and art, one silver for scoring second place in county, and then two bronze for essay and supper quiz.)

Hey guys, this is me


Ok well where I live we have this thing called Academic Decathalon (I don’t know if they have it everywhere) and we had our competition today. Basically what we do is learn a bunch of stuff about a certain topic, this year was Russia. We study language & literature, math, science, social science, economics, art, music and have an essay, speech and interview. My school has gone to state for 10 years in a row but lost our streak last year. We didn’t win this year either but we still did pretty well. I did the best out of my group.

I won 3 bronze medals (music, interview, social science), 2 silver medals (economics, science), and 3 gold medals (language & literature, speech, art). I also won a trophy for the highest overall individual score in my division.

I have never won something like this before and I still can’t believe it happened!! I was even interviewed for the newspaper and everything!

I’m sharing this because I can’t even express how happy I am and I wanted to share it with all of my followers!

I love all of you guys!!