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Things I really liked about Spiderman Homecoming
  • I don’t know if it was properly representative of Queens, but at least it wasn’t a 100% whitewashed Queens
  • The love interest was black, and portrayed as popular and desirable, and was smart enough to be captain of the academic decathalon team.
  • Spider-man cries.  Several times. Not just at the peak-drama moment, but when he’s disappointed, or scared, or lonely
  • Aunt May taking care of him in all the little ways
  • Peter Parker’s T-shirts
  •  All the times it was clear that he hero-worships IronMan, but is actually more like Captain America
  • Captain America cameos
  • Pepper Potts
  • The villian’s loyalty to people under his protection
  • The second post-credits scene
  • The accuracy of two nerds just geeking out constantly

And the #1 thing I absolutely loved about this movie: Michelle

The Game of Cat and Mouse (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Don’t hate me for doing something not Riverdale lol.

Imagine: Peter faces a new challenge when a new hero on the block begins taking all the good cases… and his reputation. Little does he know that her true identity lies closer than he ever imagined. He realizes your secret identity, while you’re none the wiser to his.

Peter wiped the sweat from his brow, though it did not do much as it was currently covered in red spandex.

He’d been going at it with you for what seemed like hours, though it was only minutes. No matter how fast he seemed to travel through the air via his webs, no matter how fast Karen’s technological prowess picked up on the latest crimes, he’d arrive at the scene of the crime and there you were, already tying up the bad guys and leaving your signature kiss on their cheek with your pink lipstick.

He’d had enough. He was the hero that Brooklyn needed, not you! So, he challenged you. Winner gets to be the presiding hero over the Brooklyn area, loser has to find something else to do. You grinned at his proposal, barraging him with enough blows and kicks for him to wonder how human you really were.

He ducked the roundhouse kick you aimed for his head, shooting his webs at your arms. You dodged the shot deftly, sweeping a leg under his ankles. He jumped to avoid being tripped.

You chuckled, blowing a large, pink bubble with your gum as you extended your compact staff, using it as a lever to jump at him and aim more hits.

“You’re chewing gum!?” Peter said exasperatedly, voice cracking. He’d never met such a nonchalant superhero before, and that was coming from someone who’d taken Ant-Man head-on.

You shrugged, twirling your staff. “It helps me think.” Your comm unit rang and you plucked it off your belt, masked eyes widening at the message. “Gotta go. We’ll pick this up next time, Spider-Dweeb.” With a running head start, you jumped off the roof of the building and out of sight.

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Thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming

I’ll put my short, non-spoiler version above the cut for people who haven’t seen it yet: it’s good. It’s really good, head and shoulders above the Amazing duology and it holds its own against the Raimi films more than you would think. 

Specifically, it has two major strengths: first, as many people have noted, Tom Holland’s Spiderman feels like a real teenager way more than either Andrew Garfield or Tobey Macguire did - in part because the movie makes the most of out its science high school setting by giving Holland a secondary cast of other teens to bounce off of, and by making the conflict between his superhero life and his regular life being about high school things generally (making Lego Death Stars, Academic Decathalon meets, detention) instead of just about his romantic relationships. 

Second, as other people have noted, Spiderman: Homecoming feels way more New York  (more of a neighborhood Spiderman, you could say) than previous Spiderman movies. The Amazing movies’ idea of New York was some abstracted Times Square theme park, and with the best will in the world, even the Raimi films portrayed an extremely white New York that didn’t go beyond Midtown canyons and various landmarks. But Homecoming felt like Queens, from the multicultural student body at Midtown Science to Spiderman and the Prowler (you were great, Donald Glover!) arguing over which bodegas have the best sandwiches, to the jokes about how the outer boroughs aren’t well-stocked with tall buildings to web-swing off of, to Spiderman’s interactions with neighborhood locals who get pissed when would-be superheroes web their hands to their cars or repay subway directions with churros. 

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would you call admiring someone crushing on them?? bc there’s this one guy at my school who I just think is really cute (it’s the hair I swear) and just has a personality that just makes him so easy to talk to?? I would label us as acquaintances at the most because we’ve shared a few classes since middle school, so I was really startled when he just casually greeted me when he saw me- even held a somewhat decent conversation about our schedules. plus, even though he plays it off, he has this sort of charisma that makes you just laugh it off if he messes something up but he’s still definitely capable of a lot of things. like- he’s part of academic decathalon, the swim team, and in all the advanced classes whereas i’m just in almost all of them. in all honesty i think he’s just someone i aspire to be like bc of how capable and easygoing he seems. at one point i thought it was a crush (curse these hormones for clouding my judgement) bc ngl he’s one of the best-looking guys in my year but yeah i think i just low-key look up to him a lot.

anonymous asked:

For the Hoco timeline question: The wiki says battles taking place in Hoco happens right after Civil War, so at the same time-ish as Doctor Strange. Hope that helps the anon.

Thanks!  I know that was suppose to be when it takes place.  Tony clearly has the post-Siberia fight black eye of hotness and Peter is obviously fresh off the Berlin tour.  It is also set around Homecoming, which is in mid-October, traditionally.  So, if CACW happened in August, then two months later gets us to October.  But, then there is a poster saying the Academic Decathalon is September 14, though I suppose that could’ve been a different year?  

The issue is that in the beginning of the movie, Toomes is cleaning up the immediate aftermath of New York, which we thought took place in 2012 in the MCU timeline.  But, then the movie says “eight years later” and jumps to CACW, which would imply that it is happening in 2020, but that doesn’t seem right.  If we think CACW happened in 2016, then that would put Avengers in 2008, same as IM1.  *shrug*  I honestly think it was a continuity error, but I suppose Marvel could come up with some explanation.

Basically, the MCU timeline is screwy.  

10. high school popular kid/nerd au

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write a short fic [[NO MORE]]

The noise from the back of the library was really starting to grate on his nerves. They’d been at it all lunch hour. And now the hour was almost up and Levi hadn’t gotten hardly any studying done. Don’t these assholes know that he has a calculus test next block? If he failed this test he was going to kick all of their asses. Couldn’t they have their jock football bro shouting match in some other fucking building?

The shrill of the bell rings throughout the school and Levi slams his book shut, earning a startled look from the Freshman across the table from him. He stands and shoves his textbook into his backpack and hurries to the back door of the library, his irritation quickening his pace. As he passes through the bookshelf and enters the open space full of tables at the back of the library, his eyes fall on the culprits. As he suspected, nearly all of them are wearing letterman jackets with various sports symbols stitched into the fabric. Fucking jocks. They think they own the place. And they sure as hell don’t need the ogling stares of the girls at another table fueling their egos.

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Something I’d like to see with gang in high school:

Imagine there’s some sort of academic decathalon/scholarship test/what have you, and naturally both Farkle and Smackle enter. To everyone else’s surprise, Riley enters as well. The gang is about  as supportive as they were when she wanted to cheer in Rah Rah because hello, she’s going up against the mega geniuses of the school, how could she possibly expect to do well blah blah blah. Farkle and Smackle focus on outdoing/beating each other because even though they’re still dating, love cannot stand in the way of academic excellence and superiority and they forget entirely about the other people in the competition, which is their downfall. Riley is just quietly moving through the competition in the background and then as Smackle and Farkle are racing each other (and getting distracted by checking on each other’s progress), she just bypasses them and wins the entire thing. 


one of the best insults of all time


For future reference. I have the urge to say this to so many people. 


Every time I get on Facebook or twitter I want to reply to comments with this.


I gleefully await the day I get to respond to a post with this video.