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Sorry I'm on mobile and I accidentally hit ask. Any headcanons on why Germany and Prussia is awkward around women?

Hello! Don’t worry about that other message; water under the bridge.

I actually have a few theories as to why Prussia and Germany are both incredibly awkward around women, and most of them circulate around Prussia’s upbringing, as well as way too much time dedicated to studying his wiki page. ^_^;

  • Prussia’s history really began-began when the region fell from the Saxons to the hands of the Teutonic Knights, a strong group of Christian crusaders who would actually play an active role in German politics until WWII- Being strongly Christian, the Teutonic Knights instilled in Prussia the necessities of being a good knight. The Teutonic Order had been established originally to help Christians make safe pilgrimages to the Holy Land, establish hospitals, and generally protect Christians throughout the Baltic States, and the ideologies to be strong, fight to protect, etc.
  • Prussia notoriously did his best to avoid marriages, often playing the role of a hooligan as a lil’ tot, his main focus to be the strongest knight out there. He was raised from the get-go as a fighter, knowing that in order to serve and protect, he also needed to be the strongest out there. The Teutonic Order gave him more of a basis in that, and he lost track of caring about political marriages or searching for love.
  • As time went on, Prussia would gradually become the military powerhouse in Central Europe, but it wasn’t until Old Fritz came along that it was truly established in the narrative. Prussia was still scrappy, but Fritz insisted on culturing the lad and giving the country more than just a strong military prowess, but also an intimidating presence politically and economically. Some of the benefits of this included the introduction of the Prussian Civil Code, which clearly detailed the power structure of the nation, limited the death sentence, guaranteed freedom of religion (though heavily monitored) and negated academic censorship. I believe it was during this time when Prussia began to adopt more of his interest in fairie-tales, perhaps seeping into a nostalgia he didn’t even know he had.
  • Under Fritz, I think that Prussia learnt charm and how to speak eloquently, but not so much for interests of the heart. Instead, he started to see those stately dinners and balls as yet another form of battle, and he was adamant to build his skills with the weapons provided. However, he was not nearly as gifted in deflecting flattery as he was at giving it.
    • Prussia could probably sweep anyone away if he wanted, but he cannot take a compliment to save his life. He gets very awkward over it, and Old Man Fritz never properly taught the boy how to handle the other end of flirting.
      • This habit, unfortunately, passed onto the young Germany (fortunately it skipped completely over Holy Rome, who still probably mocks the both of them for it), as Germany did everything in his power to be half as amazing as his big brother. Germany sees Prussia always as one of the strongest people he knows, knows that Prussia fought tooth-and-nail to keep him safe back in the 1800s, is thoroughly aware that Prussia probably made a few side deals after the Second Great War to keep him safe, and frankly would give anything to protect his brother. Sadly, in trying to mimic him and become even half as badass as the powerhouse, he never really got around to the whole “socialising outside of the family” thing. It took a very outgoing and patient Veneziano and a bemused Japan to help him grow out of his shell, and a lot of beer. Drunk Germany is a very friendly Germany.
    • To date, Prussia is still very unwilling to accept that he actually has friends. Anyone with eyes can tell that Prussia has a huge circle of people who adore him, despite his utter ridiculousness sometimes, and he doubts the sincerity. Perhaps, somewhere in all that madness, he developed social anxiety, most likely during the Cold War, if I really had to gamble on it. He doesn’t show it often, but he doubts himself.
  • Overall, between a constant drive to be the very best at everything placed in front of him, not being able to really tell when people truly enjoy his company, and being generally suspicious of people’s motives, Prussia is actually a very awkward pretzel in terms of social skills, let alone flirting with anyone, regardless of gender. If he can’t make it a competition, an egotistical twist, or sarcastic face-off, expect a bit of stuttering, red ears, and a bit of a grumpy attitude from the old boy.

TLDR: Prussia is awkward at socialising because he can’t believe people would want to be his friend, he’s spent his whole life fighting, and only had a drive to become the biggest badass in history. Germany has unfortunately tried to mimic his big brother since forever, and has regretfully also picked up the trait of being unable to flirt if his life depended on it, unless he’s had a few drinks.

That was- That was quite rambly, luv, but I hope it helped out a bit? I feel it veered a bit, but-


We’ve got our Banned Books Week display up a little early this week. This is a picture of the one in the Main Library and there are also displays going up in the Science Library and The Curriculum Materials Library in Aderhold. 

As you can see in the second picture, each book has a brief description of its plot/content, its publication date, and whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. The tag also tells you where, when, and why it was banned or challenged. We’ve included books banned around the world, historically and presently.

The CML in Aderhold will have an extra display consisting specifically of children’s books that have been banned or challenged. 

So stop by and pick up a book someone, somewhere thought you shouldn’t be allowed to read. 

A reader in political economy at a German university writes me that I have quite convinced him, but – but his position compels him, ‘like other colleagues’, not to express his convictions.

This cowardice of the experts, on the one side, and the conspiracy of silence of the bourgeois and reactionary press, on the other, is doing me great harm.

—  Marx on the response to Capital in 1869

my favourite thing about gross nerds trying to justify the censorship of anime girl pantyshots is that they think its a great injustice and can legitimately be part of serious, academic discussions on censorship