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you can have physics, but we've got chemistry — p.p

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You didn’t hate Peter Parker.

On the contrary, if you had once looked past your stubbornness on competing with him academically, you two could’ve bonded over Jurassic Park and your similar music tastes and overall, would’ve been probably great friends.

But, no. Instead, you had sworn some sort of grudge against him when your physics teacher announced they had a new top of the class - bumping you into second place, Peter was taking first place. You were pretty level headed most of the time but physics was your best subject – and you were the best at it. To say, you weren’t the happiest camper with your silver medal.

So, no. You didn’t hate Peter Parker but you certainly didn’t like him. At least till now.

“What’s up, airhead! Get beaten out by Parker again?”

A flick in the head was accompanied with a barked laugh by none other than Flash Thompson. He smirked as your disgruntled frown quickly morphed into a glare, and he saw the opportunity to clap his hand onto your books, sending them to scattered across the ground. Fucking perfect.

Today, it seemed, was just not your day for a number of reasons– broken alarm clocks and no breakfast made up your rushed morning. You didn’t even want think about the crushing amount of homework you had due. You already felt like curling up on your couch and crying. Well, more so than usual. 

You sighed heavily, too tired to hold your glare at Flash’s retreating figure—though the word asshole did come to mind, one of many nasty insults. Looking at your strewn books across the hallway floor, you sighed again as you swallowed the cold string in your chest. So many things were going wrong today you couldn’t help but feel the unwelcome sting of tears behind your eyes. 

Oh god, not now, you thought bitterly. God knows what rumour would be spread if the wrong person saw you crying. Blinking them away furiously, you dropped to your knees and started gathering your books and papers, swallowing hard. Fucking Eugene with his fucking big fucking head who thinks– your bitter thoughts were interrupted as to your surprise, someone was suddenly crouching beside you, helping you.

Peter Parker, who you were sure disliked you as much as you did him, was holding out your chemistry book.

“U-Uh, I k-know it’s not really my business but– you, um, y-you’re smart, you know that right? Flash doesn’t know what he’s talking about and I’m like 100% sure you’re smarter than me. S-So, don’t worry about that.”

You stared—not a single intelligible thought was going through you head other than how different Peter seemed all of sudden. Every rotten thought you’d had about him seemed so pointless (seriously, what had you been thinking?) as you stuttered, trying to spit out a thank you that was getting caught on your teeth.

Finally, you managed to move, taking the book from Peter’s outstretched hand with a nod and a small smile Peter had never really seen before. And with a weird but adorable smile of his own, he stood and left. You watched him go, not even noticing how his words lightened the heaviness in your chest.

It was the moment you realized, you didn’t hate Peter Parker. In fact, you quite liked him.

“I do not like Peter Parker.”


You glared pointedly at Michelle, best friend and partner is crime, from your spot on the bed beside her. It was your Saturday night sleepover, which consisted of snacking to the max, discussion of what new books should be read and a cheesy movie—Michelle would always pick out the faults & problems in them whilst you threw popcorn at her and tried to enjoy it. Both of you thoroughly enjoyed it so it became a tradition.

But unfortunately for you, somehow your conversation on the storyline in Clueless—“Okay, but it’s weird that- I mean, they were step-siblings.” “Yeah, but 5 years ago!”—had turned to the topic of Peter Parker.

Michelle had definitely noticed the subtle changes within you. Firstly, you didn’t completely object to sitting with Ned and Peter at lunch, where there was usually always some resistance. And secondly, you had smiled at Peter today—that was a definite warning bell that something had changed. You didn’t even notice how much you had changed; you didn’t even think that your ‘friendly’ actions towards Peter would be due to a growing crush that would soon be out of control. Not like you knew that.

But all it took was some expertly picked questions—“So when did your crush on Peter begin?”—and soon, you were trying to hide a your blushing cheeks and thumping heart and Michelle already knew.

“Just admit it, y/n. You’re into him.”

“I am not.

Arching a brow, Michelle sighed disbelievingly as she turned her full attention to her friend, ignoring the movie playing in the background. Staring hard at the bed spread, you fiddled with your fingers as you awaited her next comment that would likely kill your already failing argument.

“I’ve seen you looking at him in class.” She stated nonchalantly.

“I was glaring!”

“Looked like sexual tension.”

“MJ! O-Oh my go- no! I am not lusting after Peter Parker.” You spluttered out, obviously tripping over your words as your cheeks flamed at the very idea (I mean, the thought had crossed your mind but you’d never tell MJ that.)

Michelle smirked slightly, knowing just what the red in your face meant but let it linger in the air. She already knew you were crushing on him—that much was obvious. It was just a matter of whether she could get you to admit or not.

“Could’ve fooled me,” she smiled wider as you shifted, knowing you weren’t really succeeding in hiding your affections for the Parker boy. “Besides, you don’t glare at him anymore.”

You rolled your eyes in an attempt to look casual. “So, what if I don’t?”

“So, you like him.”

There was a moment of silence. MJ watched as you buried your face into a pillow in frustration, as it seemed there no was no real use in denying it any longer. 

You groaned into the pillow as you felt the heat creep up your neck again—why did you always get so flustered every time you thought about your crush? He was just a boy—a really cute boy with an adorable love for science and Star Wars with nice hair and sweet eyes and—you stopped your train of thought, blushing again at how carried away you got. You waited, your face still shoved in the pillow, for a few moments more before you retreated, a resigned sigh coming from your mouth.

“Okay, fine, yes—I’m crushing on Peter.”

Michelle smiled knowingly, not at all surprised as she threw a piece of popcorn into her mouth, turning back to the movie. You could see the smirk hidden in her face at her success of getting you to spill and you resisted the temptation to throw popcorn at her smug little face.

“Now, all you have to do is tell him.”

You laughed sarcastically at her words, grabbing a few pieces of popcorn to eat as you scoffed at the idea. “Yeah, that’s likely.”

Michelle turned her head back to you in a second, narrowing her eyes at your response. “No, okay? We’re not doing any of this pining shit that you love in all your books—you are going to tell him, because fuck leaving the first move to the guys.”

“It’s not about that, Michelle. Besides, he probably hates me for being such an asshole to him.”

“Flash Thompson is an asshole. You are not.” Michelle pointed out and you rolled your eyes, though couldn’t help but agree with the first of her statements.

“Fine, so he doesn’t hate me. He doesn’t like me either.”

“Oh no, he definitely does. All those time you were gazing at him with your sex eyes?”

You blushed deeply again, opening your mouth to deny it but thought the better of it. Michelle smiled at the notion, loving the fact she could tease you to her heart’s content now.

“He was looking at you whenever you looked away.”

It was almost dumb how your heart skipped a beat at her words, your mind tripping over thoughts as you pictured the scene. Man, you definitely couldn’t deny having a crush on Peter anymore—not that you’d really want to.

“I called it! I totally called it!”

It was Ned who was excitedly yelling in the crowded hallway of Midtown, you desperately trying to shush him as you shot a glare at MJ who did nothing to help. She even had the nerve to look amused.

“Leeds, so help me if you don’t shut up—“

“Sorry, sorry,” he breathed, a grin slung across his face with excitement clearly visible. “I just totally called it. This is so exciting, I’ve seriously been rooting for you and Peter ever since he—“

Ned stopped talking abruptly as he realized he was about to spill a secret he wasn’t allowed to and you frowned, wanting him to desperately finish his sentence. “Ever since he what?”

Ned grinned, looking way too giddy for your liking, giggling at your frustrated expression. “Sorry y/n, that’s classified information.”

You wanted to press him for more but the bell sounded throughout the hallway, Ned looking pleased at its timing. You groaned in annoyance, but started down the hallways besides your friends, narrowing your eyes at Ned as you walked. “We may not be partners in Physics but don’t think I’m forgetting about this. I want answers, Leeds.”

You wish you’d never spoke.

At the words ‘partners’, Ned’s expression changed as he peeked around you to see if MJ had the same idea as him—a devious but brilliant idea. You glanced between your friends as your eyebrows furrowed, watching a silent exchanged as it ticked over in your head.

“Oh, no. No. Michelle, you can’t abandon me! I need your answers to keep up in class.”

Your trio had reached the classroom, slowing to a halt outside, but you feared entering it as you looking at your friends with pleading expressions—don’t do this to me, guys. MJ, however, only grinned, agreeing with Ned for probably the first time in her life.

“’Today, you can copy off Peter.”

“Who’s copying off me?”

You jumped a little, startled at the new voice that joined the conversation, turning quickly to see Peter, a backpack slung over his shoulder and curious expression on his face. Not now heart, you whispered internally as it picked up in pace at the sight of Peter and his messy curls.

“y/n is! She’s real stuck so she asked to sit with you today.”

You flushed, scowling at Ned and his lie but unable to stutter out your denial as the four of you entered the classroom, yourself, very reluctantly.

“W-What? y/n, as in, best in class, top of science y/n?” Peter glanced quickly at you for confirmation, a nervous expression on his face with a tint of a blush on his ears. Though you weren’t really sure why he was blushing—his nerves could be blamed to the fact you were cold to him throughout the majority of your relationship but blushing? Different thing.

You froze as your thoughts wound on, stutters clambering up your throat till all you could do is nod, an unwelcome blush settling on your cheeks.

You were going to kill Ned.

Following behind Peter, you quickly flipped off your two other friends as they both waved merrily—you had no idea how you were going to survive an hour next to Peter. Last week you had an extreme dislike for the boy so you’d never had a problem with how you acted around him.

But now. Now, you were overcome with dumb little butterflies and feelings and you were sure Peter would be surprised if you showed him even a smile. How were you going to last an hour?

Clearing your throat, you awkwardly perched on the science stool as you debated scooting in as far from Peter as you could or using this as a chance to get closer to him. Physics was usually more book work than practical which you couldn’t decide if that was good or bad—practicals meant talking and you really didn’t want the wrong thing to come out of your mouth. And the chances of that happening were highly likely with being so close to Peter—it was almost embarrassing how nervous you were to sit beside him.

On the other hand, bookwork meant the awkward elbow bumping plus watching an adorable Peter Parker with his pencil behind his ear and a messy scrawl of, probably correct, answers. The scratch of the chalk on the board told you the page to turn to and your fate it seems, would lie with bookwork. (You couldn’t lie, you were upset about not being able to see Peter nerd out up close but bookwork would suffice.)

“D-Did you really need help?”

Your head shot up and Peter gulped, waiting anxiously for your reply with an awkward smile–while you might’ve disliked him, it didn’t stop Peter’s heart from becoming a kickdrum whenever you were near.

It was the most heart aching thing to watch you sneer in his direction when all he wanted was a smile. MJ definitely wasn’t the only one to notice the change in attitude- and he was soaking up all your millisecond smiles like it was sun. He wouldn’t admit it to Ned, but the reason Peter was having the best week was all due to your small smiles and waves that he cherished far too much.

You hadn’t replied and Peter swallowed nervously again, stammering out more words. “I-I mean, it’s not all that tricky if you need help—n-not that I think you need help, I mean, you’re smart! Like r-really smart and I don’t think, uh, I’m…just gonna…stop.”

Restraining the urge to smile giddily at his adorable blushing face which he was hiding as he pretended to read his book, you were reminded of the quiet smiles that you shared in the hallway, not even a week ago. “Uh, yeah, help would be great.”

Peter’s eyes widened as he tried not to turn his head too quickly (couldn’t let you know how excited he was that you were talking to him). You paused for a moment, swallowing the knot in your throat as you pushed out the next words as least awkwardly as possible. “I—um, I never got to thank you for what happened. With Flash.”

Peter met your eyes for a moment, surprised at your soft tone of voice– nice y/n? Error, Peter doesn’t know how to function. So surprised, he opened his mouth and spat out the first words on the top of his head. “Why do you hate me?”

Pausing in your thoughts, you ignored how his disheartened face made your heart jump and tried to pick the words to explain. Why did you hate him again? He hadn’t ever done anything wrong, not to you at least. So what if he was the top in the class?

“I-I don’t know?”

“Was that a question or a statement?” Peter nervously laughed but the grin was uneasy.

“I mean, I guess the top spot was always easy to obtain? Nobody ever really tried to compete against me. Well, except for Susan Posper but we all knew she wasn’t smart enough.” Peter chuckled at your words, remembering how you had once slammed Susan Posper in debating during English- the girl hadn’t stood a chance.

“Then, you came along. And everything changed–now, I have to work extra hard and to be honest, I have been falling behind and I guess that is why Michelle thought that me needing help would be a good cover up.”

“Cover up? For what?” Peter inquired, his voice confused and you froze on your stool, a tiny panic exploding in your chest.

“O-Oh, um n-nothing. I need help. I obviously need help. That’s it. Nothing else.” You awkwardly stammered out.

“y/n? What’s wrong?” he asked, watching as you fiddled with your fingers in a nervous gesture before peering up at him through your lashes, searching for something. You took a deep breath and Peter prepared himself for the hey i actually hate you, this lab partnership isn’t going to work. “Peter, I–”

“–y/n y/ln. Since you’re so up to talking today, can you please come solve this equation on the board?”

With a deathly glare, Peter watched as you nodded and stood but not before furiously scribbling into the corner of their book before pushing the stool back and stalking to the front, glancing over you shoulder at Peter. Curiosity overpowering him, Peter’s eyes quickly skimmed over your scrawled message.

hi yes i have a crush on you peter

Nine words messily scribbled that made Peter’s heart clang around in his chest, his eyes shooting up to the board where you had just finished the question. You were waiting, holding your breath in anticipation.

Peter beamed. It was all you needed. He had questions of course, but right now everything was just giddy. He’d never felt more like a teenager, biting his lip as he shifted excitedly on his stool and you quickly took a seat next to him. Mirroring grins, this time the silence wasn’t awkward somehow as you both wondered what this meant for what would happen next.



You laughed at his fast reply, unsure what to do next. You glanced at Peter who seemed to be thinking the same thing, fiddling with his fingers but sending you a smile every couple of seconds as well as flicking his eyes down to the corner of your book where the message was- checking it was real.

Peter let out a tiny gasp of surprise when you reached across and took his hand in your own, gently holding it beneath the desk. With wide eyes, he leaned back and peered under the desk as if to actually check this was happening. Grinning stupidly, he then turned to look at you and you grinned back, squeezing his hand ever so slightly.

Somehow holding Peter Parker’s hand under the desk in science was slightly better than beating him in Physics. He could have top of class; you’d take holding his hand over that, any day.

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Sexism in the workplace is used by men to bond, says academic
Sexism in the workplace is used by men "as a bonding experience”, an academic and expert on gender at work has said.

I’ve seen some comments around here about how Tim Hunt’s comments were “taken out of context” or “just a joke.”  Here is exactly why these “jokes” aren’t funny, regardless of context.  It’s called microaggression, and it makes women feel unwelcome while the men bond with each other.


I’ve seen a lot of blogs and posts saying that simply connecting two items with の makes an understood implication that ____ is near _____, for example, 「傘のつくえ」means “the umbrella is on the desk.” This is not true!!!! What that really says is 「umbrella’s desk」! Do you know someone named umbrella? I don’t!

So today I’m going to go over common location words and how to use them in a sentence for giving directions or simply saying where something is.

We’ll start small, and gradually (okay, it’s not that gradual) get bigger.

Location Vocabulary

Right- 右 migi
Left- 左 hidari
Behind- 後ろushiro
In front of- 前 mae
Inside- 中 naka
On top of/above- 上 ue
Under/beneath- 下 shita
Near- 近くchikaku
Next to- 隣 tonari
*Between- 間 aida

*between uses a slightly different structure. Refer to the below.

I’ve decided to opt for polite conjugations in this post because about 60% of the time, you’ll be giving directions to strangers.



どこですか is just shorter, so that’s what I’ll use.

The basic structure when answering is:


So, for example:

Konatsu: 傘はどこですか?kasa wa doko desu ka?
Me: 小夏ちゃん、傘はつくえの下です。konatsu chan, kasa wa tsukue no shita desu.
Konatsu: Where’s my umbrella?
Whoever (me, probably): Kona, your umbrella is under the desk.

Like most sentences in Japanese, the understood subject (the topic) can be omitted, so technically you could just say 「つくえの下です。」”Under the desk.“ and it would be obvious you’re talking about the umbrella because she literally just asked you where her umbrella was.


When you want to say "between,” the structure is:

So not much is different, but it’s worth noting!

Practice and Usage

I think visual aids are really good for this, so let’s start out with….well, my “desk” (my dining room table).

ノートはどこですか?Nooto wa doko desu ka? 
ノートはマップの下です。nooto wa mappu no shita desu.
Where’s my notebook?
The notebook is under the map.

水はどこですか?mizu wa doko desu ka?
水はマップの後ろです。mizu wa mappu no ushiro desu.
Where’s my water?
The water is behind the map.

薬はどこですか?kusuri wa doko desu ka?
薬はコンピューターの右です。kusuri wa konpyuutaa no migi desu.
Where are my medications?
The medications are to the right of the computer. (yes, it’s that giant box.)

And finally:

コンピューターはどこですか?konpyuutaa wa doko desu ka?
水と薬の間です。mizu to kusuri no aida desu.
Where’s my computer?
It’s between the water and the medication.

Now let’s think bigger.

Here’s a map of a portion of my campus. The buildings circled in red are the buildings the following people are talking about.

小太郎:すみません。ニースのホールはどこですか?sumimasen. niisu no hooru wa doko desu ka?
まるまる:じゃあ、えと…ああ!ブラウン・チャップルの右です!! jaa, eto…aa! buraun chappuru no migi desu.
Kotaru: Excuse me. Where’s Nease Hall?
(Maru Maru just means fill in the blanks, so basically, you): Hmm, let’s see…oh! It’s to the right of Brown Chapel!

小太郎:ねえ、パーキング・ロットはどこですか?nee, paakingu rotto wa doko desu ka?
まるまる:ああ、パーキング・ロットはライアン・ライブラリとニコルソン・コモンズの後ろです。aa, paakingu rotto wa raian raiburari to nikoruson komonzu no ushiro desu.
Kotaru: Hey, where’s the parking lot?
You: Ah, the parking lot is behind Ryan Library and Nicholson Commons.

Inside of Nicholson Commons (aka the cafeteria, and then some random stuff underneath it like a little gift shop), there’s a little cafe called “Bobby B’s,” named after the dean of our school (Bobby Brown). So what if someone was looking for the cafe?

すみません。喫茶店はどこですか?sumimasen. kissaten wa doko desu ka?
じゃあ、喫茶店はニコルソン・コモンズの中です。jaa, kissaten wa nikoruson komonzu no naka desu.
Excuse me. Where is the cafe?
Mmmm, the cafe is inside Nicholson Commons.

So, here’s some practice if you want to try this out yourselves! Refer to my campus map. If you want to check your answers, just message me off anon or type a reply to this post!

Where’s the ocean?
The ocean is in front of the campus.

Where’s the gym?
It’s to the right of the tennis courts.

Where can I find more parking?
There’s extra parking behind Bond Academic Center (LJML), and to the right of the gym.

Could you pleeeeease write something where 00Q is already established before Spectre, where everyone gets entirely the wrong end of the stick about Bond/Swan, maybe including Swan? But definitely Blofeld. That would be great thanks – stuckinwolftrap

Hope you like it, I definitely had fun. Jen.

The sex was academic; Madeleine was somebody Bond needed to get into Spectre, somebody who worked as a mechanism and a focus while his partner evaded some of the bulk of attention.

Because Q was important. Vital, in fact. Nine Eyes was a system based entirely in computers and wider technology, which exactly Q’s area; Spectre would either need him, or need him a very long away from the situation.

“… you decided to come out to the middle of bloody nowhere without security to drag me back home?!” Bond asked, upon discovering Q in Austria.

Q looked at him, clearly rather unimpressed. “I’m going to get lynched by M for your current exploits, so you’re coming home, or at the very least give me something to work with?” he asked, rather tiredly. “At least then I can go back and pretend I’ve got something useful. Also, I’m assuming you’re going to sleep with Swann?”

“What makes you think that?!”

Q raised an eyebrow. “Because you always have somebody pretty and blonde to draw focus, it’s one of the staples of how you operate,” he replied, a little primly. “I’m happy to let it slide, by the way, but you are going to make all of this up to me in a variety of creative ways and an ungodly number of dinners. Now, I’m going back to the hotel. Both you and Swann will have to meet me there.”

Bond passed over a ring. “Take a look for me?”

“… I really, really hate you right now.”

“Thank you,” Bond smiled, fingers brushing the top of Q’s hand, the only visible indication of anything beyond a professional relationship.  “It’ll be fine, Q.”

Q smiles faintly, and nods. “Meet me upstairs. Goodbye for now, double-oh seven.”

“Be safe,” Bond replies, and it is their version of ‘I love you’; Q’s smile broadens slightly, and he disappears.


It is extremely fortunate that nobody realises that Bond is not in love with Madelaine Swann; otherwise, it would have been extremely messy and almost certainly would have ended in disaster.

As it happened, everything that occurred in the Spectre base went surprisingly well – especially given that he was being tortured, with the attempt to make him lose his balance and – more devastatingly – his facial recognition.

Bond closed his eyes as the drill came closer, and remembered the colour of Q’s eyes. Face could wait: he would always remember the colour, Blofeld couldn’t take that.

But: he could see Madelaine. It was alright. “The watch,” he breathes, out of sight and earshot, and it will be alright.

Q is waiting for him to come home.

An explosion – several, actually – and they get out.

“Secure line?”

“Yes. Bond?”


“Are you on your way back?”

“I need a plane and money.”

Bond could hear Q’s irritation. “I will deal with it. Do not use this line again, I will contact independently. Come home safe.”

Q hung up.

“You love him, don’t you?” Madelaine asks softly.

Bond glances at her. “Yes,” he replies, without hesitation or pause. “Yes, I do.”