Stylish scholars, my colleagues told me, express complex ideas clearly and precisely; produce elegant, carefully crafted sentences; convey a sense of energy, intellectual commitment, and even passion; engage and hold their readers’ attention; tell a compelling story; avoid jargon, except where specialized terminology is essential to the argument; provide their readers with aesthetic and intellectual pleasure; and write with originality, imagination, and creative flair.
—  Helen Sword, Stylish Academic Writing

You’d think I would be very organised during my first year at university - and I was. It was not until towards the end of the 2015 academic year when I realised that I had underestimated the level of organisation needed to keep calm. Sure, there are people who can survive ploughing through work at the last minute, but I would prefer not to put myself through that. For my second year, I rolled up my sleeves and upped my game which made a world of difference, especially with the increase in workload.

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It was easier than I thought to get back into the groove of things… Chemistry vocab and diagrams of the noggin…

Question for you (in relation to an English project): how do you think time and memory impact us as individuals and what does our viewpoints on time suggest about humanity in general?

So far I think that time is only an idea and our forced perception of being able to control/manage time shows a fear of the unknown; a fear of what could happen, of being forgotten, and forgetting ourselves and our memories, the essence of who we are.
I’d love to hear your ideas or any quotes/thoughts related to the topic, it would be super helpful!

留学生のための専門講義の日本語 - Understanding Lectures in Japanese: An Academic Resource for International Students

It has a very detailed 25 page guide (it’s very good!!) on the style of Japanese used in academia, followed by videos and pdfs covering the following subjects:

  1. 法学・政治学 - Law and Politics
  2. 経済学 - Economics
  3. 教育学・心理学 - Education and Psychology
  4. 数学 - Mathematics
  5. 物理学 - Physics
  6. 工学(化学・生物)- Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  7. 工学(機械)- Mechanical Engineering
  8. 工学(土木・建築)- Civil Engineering and Architecture
  9. 生命農学 - Agricultural Science

Umm…yes I really need a chill pill rn 😁🙃🙃✍🏼📖

Looking forward to the end of the week when my exams will be finished and presentations/labs done with.
Gonna reward myself by catching up on Outlander, better 6 months late than never!📺💁🏻😅

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