Anybody know Jan LaRue’s handwriting well enough to tell me if I just found his copy of Current Thought in Musicology in Strand Bookstore? 🤣 #NerdSoHardMusicologistsWannaFineMe

ʚ 4th feb 2017 ɞ

yellowish theme for today ft. gudetama pen & lip balm which my cutie bff bought from tokyo♡ so here’s my thai literature note as always lol it’s my fav subject tbh, bc it associated with history (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

there’re accounting and chinese test next week and loads of work to send ;-; anyway, hope you guys having an amazing week! 

Some Quotes From my Art History Professor:
  • “Caravaggio was the BEST renaissance painter, because he knew his shit.  Literally.  Look at this painting, he’s painted shit on everything, even Saint Peter!”
  • “For those of you fortunate enough to Not grow up catholic, a baptism is where you mist a baby like an orchid to keep it from going to hell.”
  • “You get Extra Credit for you eerily comprehensive knowledge of Muppets.  Now stop talking.”
  • “GOD I love flying buttresses.  They’re so melodramatic!”
  • “I don’t call him “Da Vinci” because that means “From Vinci”.  That’s like calling Steve “Of Greeley” instead of his real name and that’s just rude.  And not just because Greeley is Awful.”
  • “Michelangelo was really depressed because his job sucked.  Also because he was a bit of a douche, but mostly the job.  He should have been doing literally anything else.”
  • “Everything can be improved with a Simpson’s reference!”
  • “Send me Memes, I like having recent content in my lectures.”
    *Next day* “Stop sending me memes. Please.”
  • *whilst angrily pointing at a picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles* “The Turtles have all their names mixed up for their personalities and frankly that’s embarrassing.  The techie should be Leo, the Flirt should be Raphael, The Boring Leader Dude should be Donatello and the angry one should be Carvaggio because that asshole literally spent his life drunk, fighting people and blackmailing cardinals.  Carvaggio was the BEST.”
  • “I could have studied in Rome. I could be trying to match boxes of broken dicks to statuary.  Instead of dicks I have you assholes.”
  • “Warhol was, as you young people say, A Troll.  The art is not the Art, the Outrage is the Art.  Which is kind of a Dick Move, which we old people say too.”
  • “Remember Kids- mental illness and heavy metal poisoning are not actually substitutes for Talent and Hard Work! Get therapy and don’t drink your paint water!”

4.7.17 // 5:33 pm •• when you find the perfect study playlist 🙌🏼 what do you all listen to when you study? or do you prefer silence? let me know!

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2.4.17 // 3:44 pm •• library studies on a Saturday afternoon. ⛅️

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I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to draw Uraraka in the cheerleader outfit~

Thank you sports festival arc, for everything…