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wayfaringreader  asked:

Could you make a rec list for underrated scifi and/or fantasy? Thanks!

Ooh, a challenge. I dig this! 

Science Fiction

These recs are bit all over since sci-fi is a genre with many sub genres such as Alternate history, dystopian, Space Opera, etc. 

Underrated Sci Fi List
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Little Known Fantasy Books
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somniologist  asked:

My little brother has recently been on a Nnendi Okorafor reading spree and he loves the fact that their are fantasy stories with people that represent him. As the person who told him about the author he recently came to me and asked were there any similar books with black male protagonists but sadly I couldn't think of any. I was wondering if anyone knew any that they could recommend?

There’s not enough black characters in fantasy and science fiction. This is just a fact. Something we hope will change because there are no other genres that begs for diversity like fantasy and science fiction. I’m so glad your brother loves Nnendi Okorafor. If he has not read Ursula le Guin’s Earthsea series, that would be a great fantasy series to start him on. Not a lot of people realize this but Ged in Earthsea is a black protagonist! Don’t pay any attention to the whitewashed films.

There’s also Malorie Blackman’s Naughts & Crosses, NK Jemisin’s The Inheritance Trilogy (female black protagonist but there are so few black fantasies I have to include it - plus it’s brilliant), and also try David Anthony Durham’s Acacia trilogy.

And hopefully more tumblr folks will chime in with more recs in the notes.