Texas Couple Enslaves Nigerian Nanny

The caretaker was forced to stand up during the day and slept on the floor during her 20 hour unpaid shifts.

Texas couple is facing a handful of charges for keeping a Nigerian nanny locked in their home without pay for over two years.

The nanny, whose identity has not been revealed, was hired under false pretenses by Sandra and Chudy Nsobundu in September 2013. She was promised $100 every month as salary to clean their Houston area home and watch over their five children. Instead, the caretaker was enslaved and forced to work without pay from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. every day

The nanny was also abused by Sandra Nsobundu and forced to drink milk left in bowls that the children had used for cereal. She was let to eat only leftovers and couldn’t have a warm water to drink. The couple even took her passport. The victim was rescued after the National Human Trafficking Resource Center received a tip in October. 

Do you know what is important? That Ku Klux Klan is still here and still active. And that people can have a thought in their minds to enslave a black woman for 2 years. It is horrifying and clearly shows that racism is still a top problem of the American society.

There is hope , that one day we will eventually overcome racism,  everybody would be treated equally and no human being in this whole world would be treated like a slave in the 21st century.


Anonymous protester plans to boycot Beyonce for her Formation

The “Formation” video shows powerful images such as the documented after-effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and a Black child in a hoodie in front of police officers. It ends with an NOLA police squad car sinking into the flood waters. Bey can also be seen on top of the car declaring Black pride with her fist in the air.

Her Superbowl performance was more than just an act, she and her dancers were honoring Black Panther party, Malcolm X and Mario Woods who was shot by the police for nothing.

In response to her Super Bowl performance an anonymous individual has planned a Beyoncé boycott, in which the entertainer paid homage to the Black Panther Party. The event, titled #BoycottBeyonce, will take place at the National Football League headquarters in New York City at 8 AM ET on Feb. 16, CNN reports. And people are not pleased with it.

While her Super Bowl performance was a stance against the unjust treatment of African-Americans and a large-scale moment for Black appreciation, many believe the visuals accompanying the performance promote a negative view of law enforcement. The rally’s organizer called the singer’s Super Bowl performance racist and a plot to spread “hate speech.”

Previously, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani called Beyoncé’s performance outrageous and an attack on police officers.

There is no way her song or the performance could affect white people, the only thing she was trying to achieve is for black people to love themselves, to love their skin, hair and be proud of themselves. But , apparently, white people don’t like it when black people start loving themselves.

NYPD tracked citizens’ cellphones 1,000 times since 2008 without warrants
The organization announced on Thursday that the NYPD has typically used “stingrays” after obtaining lower-level court orders, but not warrants, before using the devices. The department also does not have a policy guiding how police can use the controversial devices. This is the first time that the scope of stingray use by the nation’s largest police agency has been confirmed.
By Ciara McCarthy

Mariko Hirose, the NYCLU attorney who filed the records request, said the records reveal knowledge about NYPD’s stingray use that should have been divulged before police decided to start using them.

“When local police agencies acquire powerful surveillance technologies like stingrays the communities should get basic information about what kind of power those technologies give to local law enforcement,” Hirose said.

Lack of sleep makes us more likely to own up to things we HAVEN'T done
Researchers at the University of California, Irvine examined whether the likelihood of a false confession is increased by sleep deprivation using a simple computer experiment.

A staggering 25 per cent of wrongful convictions in the US are said to have been made using false confessions.

Law enforcement officers have been known to deprive suspects of sleep while they carry out their investigations, and now a study has found a link between tiredness and fake statements.

Researchers have found that people are more likely to own up to something they haven’t done if they’re lacking in sleep, than those who are fully rested.

Ticketing For Profit So Rampant, State Lawmakers Forced to Take Action -- Cops Are Furious | InformationLiberation
In 2013, city police issued 2.49 tickets per resident, by far the highest ratio in the state. In 2014, the city issued 2,200 tickets and collected more than $220,000 in traffic fines. An interesting contrast is found in the neighboring town of Willard, which is twice the size of Mantua and bisected by the same state highway — yet issued fewer than one-third as many traffic tickets in the same year.

“The cop down there is like a sniper,” local resident Sheri Leishman, whose husband has been issued speeding tickets several times in Mantua, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “Everyone knows he comes right out of nowhere and slides right in.”

Although Johnson insists that his department (three part-time officers and a clerk, in addition to himself) are motivated purely by concern for public safety, their zealous revenue collection earned a rebuke from the Utah Department of Transportation. In a 2012 letter, the department complained that the section of highway used as a “duck blind” to entrap motorists was being damaged by patrol cars, creating an “immediate safety issue.”

With no measurable crime rate, non-traffic enforcement arrests and detentions are practically unheard of in Mantua. Apart from shaking down motorists, Johnson and his officers spend most of their time issuing citations to people caught fishing without a license.

“I’m personally offended at this incentivization to simply write as many tickets as possible for funding,” Sen. Hillyard told the Logan Herald-Journal newspaper. “Revenue should be a side effect of public safety, but should not be the driving factor.”

Predictably, Mayor Johnson claims that his omnivorous traffic enforcement system is supported by the good and respectable citizens of Mantua, and that Hillyard’s bill would undermine public safety.

Johnson and his cronies have been running an inter-generational racket, given that Mantua’s speed trap has been in operation for decades. A 1998 Deseret News story reported that during 1997, “1,338 traffic tickets were issued by Mantua police, an average of 3.6 per day, according to the town’s records.”

anonymous asked:

Hello, dears. We haven't met, hm? My name is Harmony. I'm Melody's peacemaker, and peacekeeper. I hope that we can become good friends.... (Harmony from ask-emelieofmelody)

Kacey: Hey Harmony! I’m Kacey, the mayor of this town! I’ll be your friend for sure, I tried asking Emelie, but she didn’t seem interested… you seem really cool though!

“Stop Resisting!” yelled cops beating black man who was lying without motion on asphalt

Suspect Derrick A. Price didn’t spit, didn’t kick, didn’t threaten. He knelt and then lay on the pavement, hands outstretched, when arrested by sheriff’s deputies in a community south of Ocala.

Then he was beaten.

“Stop resisting!” at least one deputy called out, as Price reacted to the blows.

Five ex-Marion County deputies now face possible prison terms. As they captured Price, video captured their conduct.

A federal grand jury in Tampa charged the last of the disgraced lawmen late Tuesday, accusing Jesse Alan Terrell, 33, of violating Price’s civil rights. Four of Terrell’s former colleagues had already pleaded guilty to the crime after accepting plea agreements.

Video showed what Marion Sheriff Chris Blair saw before suspending the deputies — without pay — four days after the Aug. 7, 2014, incident.

It captured deputies kneeing, kicking and pummeling a prostrate man, with no sign of resistance, while one sat on his legs. It showed a puddle of blood where his face had rested.

Price suffered facial abrasions, swelling and bruised ribs, but was not hospitalized.

Full story and video

This is how officers arrest black men suspected with possession of drugs. That’s hatred! I hope all these beasts would never work as police officers again. There should be no place for power tripping jerks in police.

VIDEO: Cop Pepper Sprays School Kids as they Express Outrage Over Officer Assaulting 8th-Grader

In a blatant abuse of authority, a Las Vegas cop was recently caught on cell phone video pepper-spraying a group of high school students. Instead of committing a crime or threatening the officer’s safety, the teens were simply asking why he was physically assaulting an 8th grader when he suddenly fired pepper spray into their eyes.

On Friday, a student recorded a cell phone video of a Las Vegas police officer slamming an eighth-grade student’s head against the hood of his patrol car while pulling the kid’s hair. The 8th grader had been taken into custody after he allegedly trespassed onto the campus of Eldorado High School and refused to leave. According to police, a crowd of students gathered around the officer when the boy’s sister asked the aggressive cop to leave her brother alone.
“What the f**k are you doing to him?” a girl asks the cop a moment before he shoots her and nearly half the students in their faces with pepper spray.


The way police treat kids is just amazing. An adult man surrounded by children beats a boy and then sprays the rest kids - is it a demonstration of power or what? Fuck that! Cops are not humans.

“Good morning Miranda, what’s up?” Kacey asked her as Miranda walked in the door. She answered Kacey’s question with one of her own “Are you okay? After last night, I mean…” Kacey looked down at her feet “Yeah… I’m fine.” she answered, but Miranda could tell it wasn’t true, by the look in her eyes. It was the look Kacey always had when she was scared of something. 

“Hey, we can talk about it more, if you want to.” Miranda said, maybe talking about it would make Kacey feel better. “No… I don’t feel like it, I just w-want to forget about it…” Kacey murmured. “Okay, that’s fine, but can I tell you something first?” she asked. Kacey looked up at her, fear in her eyes “W-what do you want to t-talk about?” she whispered softly. Her hands started to shake the way they always did when Kacey got scared.

“Don’t worry! It’s nothing bad!” Miranda spoke quickly. She walked up to Kacey, gently wrapping her hands around the necklace that Kacey always wore. “Remember what you said when you bought this?” she smiled, gently holding up the heart shaped sapphire. Kacey looked at her, confusion replacing the fear in her eyes. Miranda held up her own, matching ruby necklace. “You said that we would be connected, as long as we wore these” she murmured, smiling at the memory. Kacey had been so excited about them, it was supposed to be Miranda’s birthday gift, but she couldn’t wait that long before giving it to her. “We’re still connected, and we always will be. I promise.” Miranda said softly, hoping it would help somehow.

Kacey looked up at her again, a huge smile on her face. Miranda could see tears in her eyes, but they weren’t because she was sad, Miranda could tell. “I thought you had forgot when I said that! But you actually remembered!” Kacey said, leaning in closer to Miranda, giving her a big hug. “Thank you… You’re right.” Kacey murmured, hugging her tighter. “I’m glad you’re happy now… please, never forget, I’m always here.” she whispered back. “Always”