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Living with Dad was like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One day he was a madman with his hair standing on end and his nostrils flaring threatening to kill me; the next day he had no memory of what transpired the night before, and we carried on like nothing happened.

Mary Kate DeCraene author of “No One Said Life Was Fair” a poignant and humorous memoir about growing up in an alcoholic family.

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Imagine the Skelebros from the Along Came A Spider 'verse meeting the one from the Tuffet Secretary AU. Heck, just a crossover of those two AUs in general. How would everyone react to each other?

That would probably me a mix between trepidation and cute, lots of cute. 

In ACAS, Gaster is 100% Badster, and in the Secretary AU, Gaster is more along the lines of a slightly airheaded Dadster. That’d probably be the first thing to overcome here. Seeing an older Tuffet would also freak the ACAS children out (especially Tuffet for obvious reasons). Just imagine ACAS Sans and Papyrus grabbing SAU Sans and Papyrus and trying to make a break for it, to get them away from Gaster. 

ACAS Tuffet wouldn’t be sure what to do, and SAU Tuffet would be slightly in panic mode….*slightly*

But the little baby blasters wiggle their way out and go over to their gaster, conforming at least to Tuffet that this Gaster is a good guy

The meeting would probably run long since Gaster and SAU Tuffet would have *a lot* of talking to do with the ACAS crew, trying to peice together their timelines frame of events. SAU Sans and Papyrus are pretty much still toddlers at this point so while they don’t contribuse to the conversation too much, they do chime in with little one to three word phrases in the blaster tongue that ACAS Sans and Papyrus translate. Things like “Naptime?!” and “Papi likes Pasketti!”, things like that. After all that Talking and hearing about the trios hardship SAU Tuffet would *insist* on taking them out for a nice dinner before they head on back to their timeline

Post that nice dinner, SAU Tuffet and Gaster would probably have a quiet conversation about his alternate (who if the ACAS timeline is post good ending has fallen into the core) and his concerns about how similar they are. 

When the ACAS crew get back to their Snowdin, Sans wonders if their Gaster could have been as kind as his, Tuffet tries to comfort him, and then he teases her about her older self being with Gaster. There’s laughter and discusses


new commission post! i honestly just wanna draw more in this style + also draw other people’s OCs. i’m also saving up for enrolment/books/equipment for school (but that’s in june, hopefully)

*edit: Payment via PAYPAL! (I can’t believe i ddint add this :|)

I am offering:

  • ‘sketchpainted’ portraits and bustshots for 15AUD and 25AUD respectively
  • charging per character
  • prices are fixed
  • i can do nudity/nsfw stuff - check the #gzdraws tag to get a feel of what i do
  • pay upfront for orders 50AUD and under before any work gets done
  • give me ur OC’s to draw

Public updates on commissions will be made on my twitter as well as through private correspondence via email. Thank you! *O*

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Please... Do... Pitch perfect AU.... (I saw it in your Solace tag I'm dead)

  • Annabeth’s father thinks she needs to branch out from focusing solely on her studies and get involved with some sort of fun extracurricular activity 
  • she auditions for the once prominent acapella group The Muses and captures the attention of Piper, who leads the group along with her high strung but well intentioned friend Reyna 
  • The Muses are looking to revamp the team after a disastrous season that left them humiliated and catapulted their arch rivals, Apollo’s Lyres, to celebrity status on the acapella scene 
  • her friend Percy, who she met earlier in the year on move in day, auditions for Apollo’s Lyres as his mother was a piano teacher and taught him a love of music 
  • at initiation night Percy drunkenly declares that him and Annabeth are destined to have aca-children together which she protests but bites her lip while fantasizing about the practice leading up to the kids 
  • Annabeth’s ear for arrangements is able to help bring The Muses back to a level of prominence on the acapella scene and while they hit some road bumps along the way, her and Percy find their way to each other though she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t had some almost moments with Piper 

Looks like their storyline got cut, but hopefully it makes it to the DVD. My guess is that Jesse’s career would’ve led to scoring movies on the opposite side of the country, and Beca’s music producing still in Atlanta.

Or maybe she got pregnant and that would’ve fulfilled the aca-children prediction. But that’s highly unlikely. And a little crazy.