Imagine your OTP met when they were pretty young. When they were about ten years old, person A asks person B if they want to be person A’s girlfriend/boyfriend (because they’re little kids and that’s what little kids do). B says yes, and they start ‘dating’: lots of hugging, quick kisses on the cheek and hand-holding that comes with furious blushing. For whatever reason, the two never break up. Instead, their 'relationship’ gradually develops into a real one as they realize that they have legitimate feelings for one another, that they’ve gone and fallen in love.

Bonus: their friends tease them about being the only couple they know that’s been together since elementary school.

criminalcastiel asked: Okay so I love your writing! Anyway ‘Your favorite show did something really awful to you this week and I, your confused next door neighbor, must comfort you, as you’ve been crying for ten minutes now’ AU & all I’m picturing is Dean watching Dr Sexy and 'crying’ over an emotional character death and Cas coming over to borrow something or hears Dean maybe? And Cas ends up watching all Dean’s fave episodes w him to cheer him up. :)

Author’s note: I loved this idea! Also, Dean is all of us. 

Knock knock.

Castiel felt a tad self-conscious as he stared at his neighbor’s door, waiting for someone to answer. Granted, Castiel wasn’t usually the ‘borrowing sugar’ type of person, but tonight he felt like making an exception. It was nearly eleven pm, and there were at least fifty more papers that he was supposed to grade before a new day dawned. If he didn’t want his students to strangle him for being late with their results, that was. Needless to say, there was no way he’d manage to do that without at least a bucket of coffee, and of course he was out of coffee, tonight of all nights.

A minute went by.

When no one was answering the door, Castiel considered moving on to one of the other apartments on his floor; seeing as he’d moved to this building less than a month ago, he didn’t know any of his neighbors personally anyway. Just as he was about to leave, the door of the apartment slowly opened, and the face of a man about Castiel’s age greeted him, albeit with a forced, watery smile.

Castiel lost his ability to speak; for one because this man was too gorgeous to be real, but also because there were unmistakable tears in the green eyes that regarded Castiel impassively.

“Something I can help you with?” Castiel’s neighbor prompted when the silence got awkward.

“I-I’m sorry.” Castiel spluttered helplessly at the sight. “I can see that this is obviously a very bad time. I’ll leave now.”

Surprisingly, the man shook his head as he produced a sound that could either be a sob or a chuckle. Come to think of it, it was probably a sob.

“No really, it’s fine.” He said, rubbing a stray tear off of his cheek. “What’s up?”

Some time passed as Castiel tried to remember why he was here in the first place, but then his fuzzy brain reminded him that, oh yes, he was in need of coffee.

“I live next door.” Castiel blurted out his explanation, pointing to his left. “I was wondering if I could borrow some coffee?”

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And you smiled because you knew (AO3)
By  Boyfriendsziam
Relationship : Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Words count : 9411
Mostly Fluff.

According to his teacher, Mrs. Roberts, his tutor’s name is Zayn and he is supposed to be waiting for him by the front desk. “He’s really handsome,” she had said, “dark hair always high up in the air and he also wears glasses.”

Of course he is. He is a nerd studying English for fuck’s sake. Liam makes his way through the door, the Library still silent and almost empty except from some old man behind the front desk, with grey hair and a huge mustache and next to him stands a boy who must be Zayn.


Liam fails English and needs some tutoring sessions.

“Ford! Even school isn’t this boring! Can’t we play something else?”
“Oh come on, we’re almost done with this dungeon. One more hour?”

Relativity Falls? Just little Stan twins? Who freaking knows any more?

Yesterday’s episode slayed me. I love Ford so much but I also hate him and I don’t know what to do about these feels, so have some cute baby Stans while I figure it out. 

anonymous asked:

Eren goes and checks out some closets. He ends up opening one and finding Levi. *takes out phone and calls Mikasa* "I think I found one you might like except it comes with some kind of closet dwarf." "Eren, buy me my damn closet. I don't care what it comes with." "Okay, okay. Not my fault if it gets attached."

CLOSET DWARF. //imcrying

Drunk Levi refuses to get out the closet, even the staff can’t get him out. “You can’t make me leave my own damn home”