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I always see Feysand pregnancy AU, but what about Nessian? Could you give us something?

YES! Nessian feeeeeels. I hope you like it.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful the day they’d met.

She was a goddess of fire and death. It would scare most men away, which was her intention, but it only made Cassian fall for her faster. She was radiant, and she had been since the first time he’d laid his eyes on her.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the night he’d made love to her for the first time.

There was nothing but her skin against his, her hands roaming him, freely. He had dreamt of it, had longed for it for so long. He was nervous, more so than he had ever been with anyone else. And it was perfect, because he loved her. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the day he’d asked her to marry him.

He was nervous. Hell, he was terrified. He knew she’d say yes, but he wanted it to be perfect. And he knew it was, he knew he’d done well, when she said yes, and a single tear slid down her cheek.

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on their wedding day. 

Dressed in white and walking toward him, he just about passed out. He had no doubt that she was the woman he was meant to spend his life with. But she was so mesmerizing….he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t do anything but stare, thanking the gods that she loved him, too. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the day she had told him she was pregnant.

She had cried - tears of pure, utter joy. He had pulled her close against his chest, and didn’t let go for the rest of the night. 

Cassian had thought she was beautiful on the night before she gave birth.

They were sitting at home, the contractions having just started. Nesta was nervous, he could tell.

“Do you think I’ll be a good mom?” she had asked, and Cassian thought she was ridiculous.

“You’re going to be an amazing mom,” he promised, taking her hand in his and kissing her forehead. “You already are.”

Cassian had thought she was beautiful the day after.

When she was holding a small, pink bundle in her arms. Cassian had cried. He rarely cried, and he didn’t let people see him when he did.

But, he bawled.

There she was - the love of his life, holding everything he had ever wanted in her arms. His baby girl. His heart.

Sitting before him, alone in the hospital room, was his entire world.

And he had never seen anything so beautiful. 


liste n … louis and harry are laying on their couch right now, harry has a big sweater on playing with louis fingers on his stomach - louis is behind him with his whole body wrapped around harry tightly, leg over his hip, arm around his waist, face in his curls snoring softly - harry is happily letting him sleep cause he knows he has been having trouble sleeping when they are away from eachother & has been overworking himself in the studio (nomatter how many times louis says hes fine he knows hes exhausted) so harry doesn’t move (even tho he knows their bed would be more comfortable) and keeps watching tv with droopy eyes as louis softly breathes down his neck, harry picks up the fingers he was playing with and brings them up to his lips and kisses them one by one and soaks in all the warmth and peacefulness surrounding him at that moment, he turns around and cuddles louis chest trying not to wake him - he doesnt just mumbles something about fifa before cuddling harry closer to him - harry gives louis a quick kiss on his neck before he finally ends up falling asleep with louis & cliffords snores flilling up the room.

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Cassian and Nesta going to prom together. Picking her up. Dancing. Drinking out of a flask he smuggled in. Post prom night activities. 😍😉

- Cassian is a nervous mess when he arrives at Nesta’s door. He’s got a corsage, because he’s a gentleman, and is dressed in a classic, fitted black tux.

- Nesta’s sisters open the door and give him a hard time - Have her home by 10. Don’t touch her below the waist. Have her home by 9:30. She better be sober when she comes home. Have her home by 9:00.

- When he sees Nesta, time stops. She wears a long, ruby red dress, with a thigh high slit. She’s wearing the necklace that Cassian gave her for her birthday the month before as her only jewelry, the locket that holds a picture of them on the inside. 

- Cassian drives them in his truck, because he knows that Nesta secretly hates “big shebangs”. She sits in the middle, because she knows he likes it when she rests her hand on his thigh.

- They meet up with the other members of their group, Azriel and Rhysand who came to Senior prom with each other on a “bro date”. Rhysand passes along his flask, and Nesta stops Cassian before he takes one sip too many.

- Nesta hates dancing, but she allows Cassian to spin her around the dancefloor for one slow song. The entire time Cassian rests both his hands on her lower waist and whispers how much he loves her into her ear.

- When the song is over, Nesta asks if they can go for a walk. They end up taking a stroll around the venue, then end up at his truck. They ditch, and take a ride, instead.

- Nesta’s kicked off her heels and throws her bare feet up on the dash, causing her dress to fall down past her thighs.

- When Cassian asks where she wants to go, she tells him to take her wherever, as long as she doesn’t have to go home.

- Cassian brings Nesta out to his house, which sits on a farm (would Cassian not be a sexy af farm boy???? I mean??? Is it just me???)

- He drives his truck through his land, and parks in the middle of a field. He tosses some blankets in the bed of his truck, and him and Nesta lay side by side, staring at the stars.

- Nesta sits up, and straddles his waist, and guides his hands up her skirt.

- Although the breeze is chilled, they warm each other’s bodies with their own, as they make love slowly, gently, underneath the starlight.

- They lie there for hours, wrapped in blankets, telling each other secrets and stories about nothing.

- When Cassian asks, hours later, if she’s ready to go home, she declines.

- They sneak into his bedroom window, where they spend the rest of their night, wrapped in each other’s arms. 

Reason for not draw much/ new art style doodles

I have been feeling like I needed improvement in my style lately, but I am still having a hard time with things relating to this. So if my drawing style keeps shifting there is a reason for it ‘>w<

So ya, sorry about not drawing my ask lately, (I am also kinda burnt out from the tomtord request which are still closed at the moment) so hopefully you will see me reply with drawings again X3

ps. sorry if they look really sketchy, they are just drafts, also these are doodles from my ask blog, so please, do not steal, trace, copy and paste, or reblog with say this is mine (or copy and pasting it with out my credit), please and thank chu X3

- Ban and Nab


Lol anyway, This took me some hours, but here it is! With, uh, one day delay… Because the anniversary of Strangetale was yesterday! Heh… Well hope you like it anyway! Tell me what you think of it!

Thanks to @hichigot for this AU and congratulation !


Lol, bref. Ca m’a pris plusieurs heures, mais c’est fini ! Avec, euh, un jour de retard… Parce que l’anniversaire de Strangetale c’était hier ! Heh… Enfin j’espère que vous aimez bien de toute façon ! Dîtes - moi ce que vous en pensez !

Merci à @hichigot pour cet UA et félicitations !

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Are there any where Eren gets a pet and convinces Levi to be a co-parent for it?

I may have chosen cat-only fics ‘cause I’m a lil obsessed. But for real, why are there more cat-people fics than cat-adopting fics? I mean, I’ll take both anyway.

if it’s not too weird
Summary: Oh well, he thinks as he stares at Cat’s twitching ears. It’s not the first time breaking rules for him, though it might as well be because it feels like ages he’s done something stupid. Maybe hanging out with those boring academics has already dulled him down. Why not seize the day and spend a few moments sneaking in this ferocious hellbeast? The damn thing will be Eren’s and his entire dorm’s problem the second it’s gotten through the window. So, in essence, fuck the police.
     Cat seems to agree as he digs his claws into Levi’s wrist and lets out a delighted meow. You fucking furry little shithead, Levi’s about to hiss out but he bites his tongue when he sees Eren appear at the window.

Summary: Levi wonders if this is normal, if you just invite the guy you met while picking out a cat over to help with said cat.

An Unreasonable Number of Cats
Summary: A cat appears waiting to be fed at Eren and Levi’s new apartment. Levi thinks cats are disgusting and Eren can’t help but feed it anyway.

We Didn’t Check if the Cat Belonged to Anyone
Summary: He stops, just a foot away from the animal, and bright, golden eyes pierce into his, intimidating but round and beautiful. Eren reaches a hand out, and his fingers run through the soft fur of what can only be assumed is a kitten.
     A purr escapes its throat, and Eren grins. He can’t see it too well, but he just knows that the cat is absolutely adorable. He perches himself on his knees, butt held up by his ankles, and he holds out his other hand, inviting the kitten into his arms. The cat, wary, hesitates, but soon allows Eren to take it up and roll it onto its back, so that it’s paws are in the air as he holds onto it, both arms occupied by the tiny creature.