ac: mirkwood


All the realms of the Elves in the third age are guarded Realms, in the sense that they are protected. But the Woodland Realm is a little different than the other Elven realms in that the guarding is obvious: it’s a closed city, definitely more fortified.The idea that emerged was that it would be like being in a forest except you’re underground. A sort of underground palace that would somehow feel Elven.

When Legolas is a young elfling, Thranduil spends more time pulling him away from open flames than he ever thought possible.

Thranduil blames himself partially, considering that his son’s obsession with fire is his fault. Legolas has always wanted to be like his father, in looks and talent.

That includes his scars.

Thranduil hadn’t meant to show Legolas his scar. Unfortunately, the small child had walked into Thranduil’s bedroom unannounced, before he had time to cover it with his magic.

And ever since then, Legolas had been obsessed. He wanted one, wanted one to be just like his father.

He runs towards hot coals sometimes, chubby fingers reaching for the rocks until Thranduil grabs him. Sometimes he growls at lizards, thinking they're  dragons.

Even at festivals, Thranduil keeps an open eye for his son just to ensure he keeps away from open flames and roasting food.

The fireplace had to be the worst, and Thranduil nearly burned his hands rescuing Legolas.

Eventually, Thranduil paints a red blotch on Legolas’ face, and tells him that it’s sufficient enough for a scar.

The young elfling parades around the kingdom, positively beaming due to his “scar”.

If there’s any omitted words it’s because I’m trying this on my phone.