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Inuvember ask: How would Sesshomaru react if he came across a drunk Inuyasha?

I can think of a lot of funny things, but I will do a serious analysis, which I hope you do not mind. 

In truth, I think he would be appalled. Disgusted and outraged even. Sesshoumaru already thinks less of Inuyasha, because of Inuyasha not being a full youkai. So everything Inuyasha does that disgraces their bloodline even more, Sesshoumaru would very much dissaprove off. 

Like when Inuyasha couldn’t control his demon half. At first Sesshoumaru was impressed by Inuyasha’s hidden strenght, until he noticed that power was not Inuyasha’s to control. Then he was dissapointed and even cross. 

I think if he would stumble upon a drunk Inuyasha, there would be two options:

1) Sesshoumaru would totally ignore Inuyasha

2) Sesshoumaru would kick Inuyasha’s ass and scold him. 

Thanks for the ask and happy Inuvember! ^^

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♗ with human!InuKag 👀

♗: Everyone has a timer on their wrist that counts down to the moment of meeting your soulmate

Ari!!! Lov you!!! And also this was hard to write and i didn’t put in all i wanted to but thank you sm

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The years on Kagome’s wrist had, slowly but surely, trickled down to months, to weeks, to days, to hours.

There had been days, where she traced the different times over and over, thinking that maybe, just maybe the time would speed up. It never did, but now that she was just a mere couple of hours away from meeting them, she prayed for time to slow down.

It was coming too soon, too fast, and despite having fifteen years to prepare herself for this very moment, she was suddenly not prepared at all.

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Can you tell me a bit about Japanese honorifics? For example, if Sesshoumaru had to address someone of similar or higher rank relative to him, what would be the honorific that he would use?

He’s never spoken to or of someone who outranks him or used an honorific on anyone, so it’s hard to say.  He just calls his father “chichi-ue”, which is a formal way of addressing one’s father but doesn’t contain an honorific.  He actually never addressed his mother as anything (Jaken called her “Gobodou-sama”, a humble way of addressing a superior’s mother), though one would assume he’d use “haha-ue”.

Honorifics are all about being polite and recognizing another’s worth, something that Sesshoumaru most certainly is not in the habit of doing.  I have a previous post about what honorific everyone uses on everyone else.