guys but if you listen to the parts in letter from the refuge that have the prologue’s melody…

I miss the rooftop
Sleeping right out in the open
In your penthouse in the sky
There’s a cool breeze blowing
Even in July…

and then

Like you were sayin’…
Where it’s clean and green and pretty
And no buildings in your way
And you’re riding palominos
Every day…





if crutchie isn’t in love with jack, sue me.


You all need to listen to this. Now. This video skips at some point in the middle, so read it before you listen.

There are parts of humans that science can’t explain.
We know the mechanics of organs and which way the blood flows.
We know the effects of smoking and typical reactions to taste buds.
A scientist likes to think that in time he will know everything.
The problem with knowing everything
is that we often forget what is worth remembering.
The doctor sits me on a table and asks me to stick out my tongue
I do.
I ask him if he sees the paintings I carry in the back of my throat
he laughs as if I’m telling a joke
I’m not.
I got Basquiat, Schiele, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci
so when I laugh I taste brushstrokes.
I ask him if he can stick out his tongue so I can see what he has trapped
inside of him.
He hesitates a little then he does and I see a man who
struggles for acceptance and chokes on the word
We’ve got robots that dismantle bombs so soldiers
can still pull triggers with their finger.
We’ve got a blueprint of a hotel that will be located
on the moon in 2047.
We’ve got microchips small enough to be slipped inside of hair follicles
yet we still have a hard time saying words like please and thank you
and offering our hands to help strangers.
The psychiatrist asks me what I am feeling
so she can prescribe me a pill to take
that feeling away.
I sit there silent hoping not to interfere with
the tambourines and trumpets being played in my head.
She stares in my eyes and I hope that she can see my insides dancing
but I can tell by the sigh in her face that she hasn’t danced in a long, long
This is what we are creating.
A world where the living and breathing
are depending on inanimate objects that only move
because they have buttons and batteries
when we have hearts.
I go to school to make sense of this to find the formula that will save us
when my professor instructs me to lift my head from my desk and quit
I tell him
I’m not sleeping, I’m dreaming –
There’s a difference.

I ask him if he dreams and he tells me that there isn’t enough time for that
when we have work to do.
So I take out my pen and my paper and I draw him what I dream
it is people who sleep in rainclouds, pass out more smiles than business
and find beauty in the broken things.
It is people who can speak every language so we can better understand
each other
But he continues his lecture about the greatest inventions of the 21st
while all the kids in the class speak excitedly about
voice-activated cell phones, satellite radios, and plasma screen TVs
that can help us see reality more clearly
When this world that we are living in seems more foreign to me
than Pluto’s moons or the idea of being a queen.
With every great advancement we make it seems like
we are taking something more important back
Like we are trying to prove to ourselves that we are smarter
than monkeys and apes we can build skyscrapers and send rockets
to space
“To each his own” seems to be our motto
and since this is the case
I wish the aliens would come attack us today
Because only then would we unite as one world
instead of being separated by our own governments, prejudices, religions, and races
only then would we be able to figure out
The parts of humans that science can’t explain.

Meeting Michael yesterday and giving him the gift I’ve been working on for sixth months has been heaven. He was so incredibly sweet, even though he seemed kind of tired.

Well, Michael, I hope you like the song-artbook! <3

ps my hair was really frizzy

pps michael were you even wearing anything under that towel of yours or were you teasing us like david did on the spg hour that one time

In my digital art class, my teacher told us to make an abstract painting based on the sound and mood of our favorite song. I chose to do Honeybee, and I’m pleased with how it came out!!!!! uwu This is using Corel Painter 10, oil pastel, pastel, watercolor, and chalk brushes.

Edit: Some are asking why I drew a canyon. This is because Honeybee reminds me of an echo traveling with the wind. Ever been to a canyon? I haven’t, either. But I expect that though it echoes, your voice gets swallowed up by the silence. That’s also what Honeybee reminded me of— a distant memory, a long-forgotten echo.