i hate myself for spending an hour+ on this

alright listen fellas. here’s the ultimate ford. no it’s not a GT or anything GT-adjacent, here’s what it is. 

you get an Aerostar van and four ex-police Crown Vic interceptors from the police auction. fabricate two custom crankshafts, high torque transaxles, and heads. weld your blocks together to create two 9.2 liter V16s from your four 4.6 modular V8s. mount the engines side by side where the seats would have gone, put one transaxle in the passenger seat and the other somewhere behind where the third row was. repurpose the air conditioning system as a NOX fogger

now you’ve got yourself a 32-cylinder AWD drag beast and it only took the fabrication of two incredibly powerful bespoke engines and the development of compact and durable transmissions to go along with them, and you don’t even have to deal with the unwanted attention of having it look fast after you’re done!