Weed day (9/3):
- Reggie, the gardener, holds a weed day festival when the gardening shop is open.
- Pick all the weeds to get a special present handmade by Reggie.
- Reggie counts the number of weeds left to be picked.

Harvest Festival (11/4):
- Totally different from previous Animal Crossings.
- Franklin the chef comes and will treat you to food if you help him out and gather ingredients.
- Gather ingredients yourself or through trading things with the villagers.
- Franklin will give you a special present when the food’s ready.

Christmas Eve (12/24):
- Different from previous games.
- The Mayor (the player), dresses up as Santa Claus to give the villagers presents.
- Meet up with Jingle while dressed as Santa Claus to get a sack of presents for the villagers.


Reminder that Gracie Grace items go on sale TODAY.

Sale Prices:
15th - 20th  20% off
21st - 25th  30% off
26th - last day of the month 50% off

This also means, if funds permit, you’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive items!
Some items include:
Card Series (you may have heard of this series being referred to as the “Trump Series”)
And a Wedding Cake (pictured above)

Some exclusive clothing items will also be available at Gracie’s.

*None of the exclusive items are at sale price*

Update post!!!

Hey everyone! So as you can probably tell by the new tumblr url and picture, we’ve been doing a little updating here at AC3DSNEWLEAF.
Some of the updates include:

  • URL switch! We are no longer ac3dsnewleaf, instead we are princessescrossing. So if you’d like to tag us in anything be sure to use the new url. 
  • Updated links! I finally got around to updating our blog with links to guides, qr codes, an updated about us and other fun stuff. Be sure to check out all of our new updated tabs on the left side of our blog.
  • New picture! Yes..our iconic raging resetti is now gone. (rip) Unfortunately, princesses and moles with anger issues just don’t mesh very well. 
  • New posts! I know we’ve said this over and over again, but we will definitely be posting more personal town posts soon. I’m excited for you all to see my new town! So stay tuned for that, as well as an ‘About our Towns’ tab added to the left.

Thank you so much for the on going support! (We’re at 4,400 + followers now!!!)

- Mermaid (Mayor Bunny)

Perfect Town

So today my town, La Lune, achieved perfect town status. To be honest, I was quite surprised, as well as excited. It happened so quickly, and I’ve never gotten perfect status in previous games before.

So how many of you have gotten a perfect town in New Leaf?
Or, what are some achievements you’ve gotten that you’re proud of?

- Mermaid


Animal Crossing New Leaf Trailer posted by Nintendo on February 14th