April fool's mystic messenger DLC endings

Here is how to get the three different endings

Normal ending 1
To get this you can either not participate in any chats or just go with it. You mustn’t be supportive of Zen and you mustn’t break the fourth wall to get this ending.
The chat after the game branch is “Am I the weird one”

Normal ending 2
To get this one you have to break the fourth wall and not be supportive of Zen.
The chat after the game branch is “Epiphany”

Good ending
Be supportive and don’t break the fourth wall.
The chat after the game branch is “Messenger under maintenance”

Random thoughts of the day:

- I’m reblogging a bunch of smutty fics today. Some may be a little heavy on your dashboard but I don’t give a fuck, read them 👌

- I’m pretty sure my client noticed “cowgirl.psd" on my recent files list as I desperately looked for his wip illustration

- That DLC was…wtf WAS that dlc I don’t even 😂

- I may or may not have convinced an innocent (?), proper fan to join the dick side today


I’m playing the new MM April Fool’s DLC and honestly… the first chat reminds me of how my conversations with @zenshousewife and @motherish are like LOL


Zen literally made my heart skip a beat. This fictional character in a freakin’ dating sim game literally made me blush and smile and cover my face with my hands in embarrassment because this line caught me off guard. This flirt. I love him.