Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Trevor Morris
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Ambient

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.

Final Fantasy XV: Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto playable in the DLC.

Last week, Square Enix unveiled us the titles of  DLC included in the Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV. This time the publisher goes further and reveals the contents of each DLC.

As expected by Anagund three DLC will allow you to play with the companions of Noctis, that is to say, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. In addition we now know more about the sixth DLC, DLC Expansion Pack Online. The developers promise us with this add-on the prospect of a complete change of the game, a brand new Final Fantasy XV. Here’s the official list :

  • Booster Pack : Get powerful weapons giving you the advantage on the battlefield and make them the fights even more exciting.
  • Episode Gladiolus : An original episode dedicated to Gladiolus, a companion of Noctis. This will allow you to control Gladiolus.
  • Holiday Pack : Get a pack of items that will make the game even more dazzling.
  • Episode Ignis : An original episode dedicated to Ignis, a companion of Noctis. This will allow you to control Ignis.
  • Episode Prompto : An original episode dedicated to Prompto, a companion of Noctis. This will allow you to control Prompto.
  • Online Expansion Pack : An expansion pack that allows you to play a completely new Final Fantasy XV.

If the detail has the merit of clarifying most of the DLC, the Online Expansion Pack remains mysterious and one wonders what is meant by the developers “a completely new Final Fantasy XV”.

Recall that Final Fantasy XV will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the September 30, 2016, and that the season pass should be marketed around € 25 ($ 27,94).