Assassin’s Creed Gothic
  • A friend suggests the Assassin’s Creed series to you. You decide to try it. You like the first game a lot, but wish it got remastered. It never does. Altair’s American accent rings in your head for the rest of the year.
  • You think that Ezio Auditore is alright, but you’re confused at the sheer amount of merchandise he has. There are Ezio figures, Ezio posters, Ezio clothing, Ezio dinnerware, Ezio blankets, and Ezio pillow pets. You’re disgusted at how much merch Ezio gets. When you go home, you slip into your Ezio pajamas and slide under your Ezio sheets. You have no idea when you got them, or who gave them to you.
  • After playing Assassin’s Creed 3, you decided you liked Connor Kenway. When you researched the series, you found out that they decided not to make a sequel around his life. At first, you’re confused. The more confused you become, the angrier you get. The Connor Kenway fans come for you then. The next time you check your Facebook, you’ve made over a hundred posts about Connor Kenway. You own a replica tomahawk. The Hamilton soundtrack is blasting at full volume. You have tears running down your cheeks. 
  • Aveline de Grandpre and Shao Jun have their own games, you insist. You friends just shake their heads. When you search for pictures online, your only results are more pictures of the male protagonists. However, the first picture is always the Ubisoft logo. It stares, watches, judges.
  • Black Flag is the best game, they say. You play it. You wake up in a bar three weeks after finishing it. Every single image of palm trees transports you to the Caribbean. At work, you hum sea shanties to yourself, never answering your co-workers when they ask the names of your tunes.
  • While playing Unity, you bring a red rose to a random gravestone every single day. It’s never the same one. Should you pass a site you visited, the rose is never there. Your watch has stopped. Still, you bring the roses. There are more graves. There are always more graves.
  • It takes a bit, but you notice that birds seem to flock to you after you finish Syndicate. They’re usually crows. They hunt you down during lunch, during your car rides, during your dates. You’ve named them Jacob, Evie, and Greenie. When they crow at you, you nod knowingly. You always have such interesting conversations.
  • You swear that you’ve seen Desmond Miles walking down the streets of your city. You call out to him. He turns, but doesn’t respond. A week later, a man in a white hoodie goes missing. You don’t know him. You miss him.
  • You pop the newest version of Assassin’s Creed into your system. The graphics are 144 pixels, just squares of color moving across the screen. You beat the game in 14 hours. A week later, you discover that the game has becoming the 8th best selling game in history. You aren’t even surprised.

assassin’s creed series: a summary

  • daddy issues
  • dead girlfriends
  • beggars and minstrels are clingy af
  • first civs are absolute shit don’t ever trust them
  • desmond deserved so much better
  • the jerusalem bureau is the only one that matters
  • george washington is actual trash
  • the hookblade has two parts: the hook and the blade
  • pirates
  • plot twist: everyone is actually arno
  • *desmond voice* what the fuck

Some drawings I made with watercolor pencils! It was very relaxing ~ 

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Connor Kenway x Reader - No Man’s Property

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[Part of the prostitute series I will be working on featuring select characters from AC2/AC3/AC: black flag/ AC: Unity/ AC: Rogue/ AC: Syndicate. This one will have the reader and Connor—my first time to attempt to write to this lovely man, and I hope I can do him justice—where Connor is a bit confused about what a prostitute really is when running into the reader as one.]


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You couldn’t say selling your body was much of a life to live, but it was one you lived to the best of your ability nonetheless. People looked down on you, sure, but you had money to get by in this wretched world and what else could be said about that? It wasn’t the wisest decision you made that day—taking to the streets late at night—but most men looking for sensual pleasures usually roamed about the late hours (drunk or sober).

The brothel girls had taught you everything you needed to know and what to look for in trying to weasel money from a man. Most drunks were easy to coax into the notion more than sober, but some could be angry when foggy headed with whiskey, so you had to make sure you choose who to approach wisely.

Bottom line: picking the wrong man could end your life.

As you stood your ground in the cold caress of night, you watched the very few men that wandered the streets. One in particular caught your eye…but not in the right way. He was Native American, from what you could make out in the dimly lit streets, and that alone made you pull from the idea of even approaching him even if he cast you a look of interest.

You were told such awful stories about the natives in the land that all you could think were that they were savages. He was still staring and that alone made you try to act disinterested as you didn’t desire his company at all. Besides, he probably wouldn’t even pay you. Keep walking, barbarian, you thought to yourself irritably.

Regardless of your thoughts, the nameless man adorned in rather intricate clothing began to approach you. Swallowing harshly, you backed up out of instinct. You had never had to see these people up close such as this, and why this one was so far into the town was beyond your understanding as they usually were kept outside the town limits unless owned by some man as a slave. The weapons upon him would easily tell you he was a free man to do as he pleased. The wall behind you made you realize you couldn’t go much further than that, and you were stuck with this man soon looming over you.

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Altair died locked away alone. Ezio died in public. Connor probably died in the woods. Edward and Adewale were both slaughtered by those they trusted. Haytham got fucked up by his own son. Shay probably killed himself after he killed Arno.


New Connor Kenway Info!

Hello there AC Fandom. Well here is a big surprise for everyone! I want you to look at something here. So a fan made a speculation on if Connor’s Assassin shirt Uniform was remnants of his grandfather’s Edward’s robes, as they look so alike, just that Connor’s shirt uniform looked faded and aged. 

Yup! Its officially canon. As seen on Alex Hutchinson’s twitter, the Creative Director of the game Assassin’s Creed 3, and by Ashraf Ismail, the Game Director of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, they confirms this as true..

Connor inherited his grandfather’s, Edward Kenway’s Assassin robes! Now the question is how did Achilles get his hands on these robes? Well here is one strong theory right here: 

I mean Connor did learn of his grandfather of being a Pirate-Assassin from Achilles right? Makes sense the tale was told by Edward’s Quartermaster himself, Adewale not to mention that the robes were given to him on that day! It was mentioned that when Connor first were given the robes, he modified them to reflect his native heritage. 

News of this is still developing, but as of now, it is official canon! Go nuts everyone.