ac3 countdown

{17.} And yet it would all end with you.

Thanks for following the countdown, everybody. I would have uploaded it yesterday but I spent most of the day in class, in offices, and in my room being sick.
Since the rest of the world gets their AC3 fix today, I suppose it works out.

Back to your regular programming of tumbleweeds and posters.

i realize that it might actually be release day for some of you guys, but i’m west coast so uhhh just to keep in spirit of the count – here’s a rejected drawing because that’s all I have in the middle of exams and studying!!  @__@

anyway, I’ll probably finish the drawing later and add Aveline in some version of Connor’s outfit.  The idea was an AU where Connor was born an aristocrat and Aveline was…. not. So basically maybe mentor/father switching idk.